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1. Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates local or United States law.

2. You have to be 18 or over to view or post on this site.

3. Do not spam or flood.

4. Please try not to post file sharing links for pay visual novels or dump doujinshi materials (these have known DLsite, Digiket, alice-book, etc. paysites).


The activities sometimes known as "husbando fights" and some egregious types of "shitposting" might not be as well received in the /kvn/ and /kemono/ boards (depending on the thread) as they may be in /hw/ and perhaps /oft/ depending on the thread. Get a feel of the format by reading previous posts.

Things of note

Visual novel discussions, updates and fan works from within the community will generally be found in a thread in /kvn/, and catalogs of pictures of fan art from other sources of said Visual Novels will generally be found in a thread in /kemono/. (This convention just sort of happened)

Despite the presence of a creative board, certain creative activities such as "drawfriend requests" (also "drawfag requests") are better sought from within /kvn/. Posting a thread in /ck/ risks it being overlooked by lurkers.

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