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anon's kemo quest rpg Anonymous 07/02/2014 (Wed) 01:48:57 No. 2 [Reply]
why is he dressed like a perv.jpg
Open file ( 41.83 KB 321x321 )
[spoiler] first topic on /ck/ hype [/spoler]
For right now I'm gonna make this here, if we get a board that's more relevant I'll move it there.

But I got bored and decided I'd make an RPG type thing in RPG Maker, mostly to dick around, but I thought it'd be a fun idea.

Main thing of it is you're trapped on a desert shoreline because some asshole sailor wont let you on his boat to take you home because
>tfw no money

So you go to town and do quests. Except you are a weak piece of shit and have to hire some adventurers to take with you.

Each of the adventurers is a kemo you could have a relationship with, based on factors such as what quests you take them on and choices you make. I eventually hope to do some nsfw work for it, but until that time it's gonna be sfw.

So I'm posting this here to see what you guys have to say on it, since I want the Morenatsu audience.

Hope to have a demo up shortly, probably tomorrow to just playtest a few things.

Quest ideas? Adventurer ideas? Questions? Concerns? Insults?
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Anonymous 07/03/2014 (Thu) 03:38:29 No. 26
Spent a long ass time working on the story that I forgot to make sure all the scripts were fine.

They weren't.

So now it seems that this may be dead. I was thinking about just making it a fantasy VN, but RPG Maker has such a small resolution that anything like a VN would be just… disgusting looking.

I'll try to think of something while I'm away the next few days.

Anonymous 07/04/2014 (Fri) 07:14:30 No. 39
Good luck!

Anonymous 07/06/2014 (Sun) 22:37:49 No. 50
>So now it seems that this may be dead
Nah, you'll just need to grab some attention back to it again. Are you anons going to use a steam group or IRC or something?

Anonymous 07/07/2014 (Mon) 15:46:08 No. 51
If I can manage to figure out what I want to do with this, either just make it an RPG or just make it a VN, then it might live. But, I dont have the skill or drive, it took Morenatsu… 11? years to make a VN.

This is a solo project, but I'm usually on the IRC.

Anonymous 07/13/2014 (Sun) 00:36:43 No. 55

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to create it in an API like SFML/SDL or a program like Unity/Game Maker.

Ruby or lua+love2d probably works, but it's been a while since I've coded.

3DCG Anonymous 07/03/2014 (Thu) 12:03:53 No. 30 [Reply]
Open file ( 137.01 KB 944x1002 )
Anyone else do this?

Anonymous 07/04/2014 (Fri) 01:32:47 No. 37
Open file ( 87.93 KB 959x1030 )

Anonymous 07/04/2014 (Fri) 06:39:03 No. 38
I'm learning zBrush at the moment. I don't have anything to post yet haha

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