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Creative Board
This is the board to get creative.

Topics include drawing, writing, programming, and making visual novels and vidya, but doesn't limit itself to those categories.

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Reaction Images
was debating whether to make a thread in the first place
ill just dump them all in here, dont mind me

of course you're free to use them, they're reaction images in the first place

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I made sushi a couple days ago. What have you cooked lately?

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request thread
post requests.
you never know if some kind anon drawfag will fill them.
Just be kind, courteous, and try not to be uber specific.

If you want "x fucking y in z position", get a commission.
If you want "x because there's not much art of it" or "y because it'd be cool to see more", then ask away.

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/mg/ Mixtape: 大島虎彦
Hello /mg/. Long time no talk.

I made this mixtape on the occasion for Torahiko's birthday today. It's something I've been planning for months and constantly reworking to get it right, but I'm quite happy with finishing it. I'm pretty out of right now, but here's my foreword included in the file:

"This mixtape is something I had wanted to do since we first collaborated in the /Morenatsu General/s several years ago. The plan was to do the rest of the 7 characters when the routes came out, but unfortunately the Morenatsu Project came to its demise, people dismissed the VN, hype died down, and it never came into fruition.

"The concept of this mixtape was originally to be 31 songs for each day of August, but it was difficult to create a playlist of songs that would keep the entire thing cohesive and, at least, barely, interesting to listen to. I found that digging into my own high school years of songs I listened to was really helpful. The truth is that it’s much easier working with a collection of songs from others than your own. I apologize in advance as I could not find translations for all the songs. Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the four other ones we made.

"Coming up with a mixtape for Torahiko had challenges to consider: 1) people interpret and like/hate him more differently than others. 2) There is little canon to take from his dialogue and interactions with the other characters and MC. More importantly 3) we never got to see him fully develop as a character showing his true colors to love or despise him in the end.

"In a way, it's a mixed blessing to leave the conclusions of Torahiko's canon to his fans that still cling on. I hope this crappy collection of songs brings some answers, spurns creative impulse into more mediums of artworks, and gives closure to the excitement of the Morenatsu Project we talked about not too long ago."


I still owe you guys the other one. I haven't forgot.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Morenatsu Fanfiction
I haven't really seen any Morenatsu fanfiction on here. I've written one, and I want to share it.

Let me prove my love to you - Juuichi's Alternate ending.

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general draw thread
kemono or not
lure out some of you drawfags

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Morenatsu novelization attempt
Hey. Newb Anon here.

Following the news of the devs nailing the final coffin on Morenatsu, here's something I've been attempting in the past couple of weeks:

No guarantees on when it will be finished, though the rest of the days already have planned outlines.

As for the image, just needed it to post this one :P

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Suggestion about vg idea
Hi guys, I'm working on my free time on a videogame. Since I'm still in the early stages of story writing and characters dev I wanted your opinion about the small insight of the story I'm making.

Setting is a world where two large nations are at war, during a time where "a new world order" is trying to set peace between humans and anthros. Warriors uses melee weapons and magic to fight each other, different elements are binded and controlled by different emotions. While humans are capable of learning and control all different elements, anthros can only use one of a kind power.

The story is about two friends, Axel and Pierce, whose friendship is torn apart by the war and the never ending fight between equality and diversity. Axel and Pierce are two human state soldier still in their training, when one night Pierce just disappears. Axel begin to travel in search of his lost friend, while still working as a state soldier.

The main story is split in two:
Axel: His story is about "Meet other people, to solve your problems you have to help others"
Pierce: His story is about "Opening your eyes, to help others, you have to help yourself first"

Anthro's style is the one of jap kemonos, at the beginning of his story Pierce is turned into a black anthro canine.
I'm still writing the story, but Axel seems to have mixed emotions about his friend.

I'm starting to like the story, but sometimes I wonder: "should I change some thing to not make people mark this game as gay or for furries?" I just want to tell a story, and target most of the gamers, I don't want to make it enjoyable to only a fraction of the possible players. (I know no one would like the game anyway)

So I need your help, what do you think?

Posting some picture of the characters in development
(I can't draw well, I'll have someone else do it)

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Kouya Mixtape
I'm bored. Anyone want to make a Kouya mixtape with me? Also, does anyone know what happened to the last mixtape?

Here are some songs I think would go well on it

Weezer - Say it Ain't So (about Kouya and his father)

Drive Like Jehu - Human Interest (about Kouya into Hiroyuki lol)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Kai Koh (I love this song!!!)

You can send me songs here [email protected]

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Super Mario Bros. X

I just got into making levels for this recently. It's p fun.

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Youtube/Video Thread

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Street art thread?

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New year thread
General chit-chat is welcome, post your new years resolutions, just fill the thread with stuff. This will be one of the first "free format" threads on the site, hoping to get the dispersed lurkers into a single bread once in a while. I'll announce these in big red text on the whole site whenever they happen to see how they'll work out.

Also, creative thread for the end of year / new year. Draw thread, draw requests, etc. Draw your husbando. I posted this in /ck/ as any related stuff on the rest of the site is fair game. Hopefully it will catch on.

I should have started this a few days ago to get a head start, but we could just run it for a little while after January 1st anyway.

Some poll:

Also quick mention of anon's mixtape: >>318

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/mg makes a vn
Hi guys, we discussed on /mg the possibility of making a vn before.
Let's use this thread to talk about it and see if it's still possible.

Thing we agreed:
1) This should not be e big project, really few content but good quality
2) Characters: four in total, but I can't honestly remember who won the pool, something like a shy bat, a build sportive tiger, and maybe a shark and a wolf?
3) Basic plot: 5 friends meet up after a year in a pub, the game is based on a night and the morning after, every character has a problem, feelz etc etc. I remember some anon talking about a character having trouble in university or some stuff.

I don't remember anything much, but the project looked interesting.

I can't draw or write, but if we have resources I can make a good engine for the vn that is more customizable and can run on mobile too.

let's see how it goes

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Morenatsu fan art
Long time since draw something morenatsu related but anyway was bored and stuff

have a bulky tora

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OpenGL Grimgram
Sure why not

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I was bored and did a thing.

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Programming thread
screwing around with SDL2
learning some stuff

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anon's kemo quest rpg
[spoiler] first topic on /ck/ hype [/spoler]
For right now I'm gonna make this here, if we get a board that's more relevant I'll move it there.

But I got bored and decided I'd make an RPG type thing in RPG Maker, mostly to dick around, but I thought it'd be a fun idea.

Main thing of it is you're trapped on a desert shoreline because some asshole sailor wont let you on his boat to take you home because
>tfw no money

So you go to town and do quests. Except you are a weak piece of shit and have to hire some adventurers to take with you.

Each of the adventurers is a kemo you could have a relationship with, based on factors such as what quests you take them on and choices you make. I eventually hope to do some nsfw work for it, but until that time it's gonna be sfw.

So I'm posting this here to see what you guys have to say on it, since I want the Morenatsu audience.

Hope to have a demo up shortly, probably tomorrow to just playtest a few things.

Quest ideas? Adventurer ideas? Questions? Concerns? Insults?

Picture somewhat related, because right now the title screen… looks terrible. Most custom assets I have right now look terrible, actually. But only temporarily.

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Anyone else do this?