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request thread Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 21:46:12 No. 120
Open file ( 16.90 KB 314x400 )
post requests.
you never know if some kind anon drawfag will fill them.
Just be kind, courteous, and try not to be uber specific.

If you want "x fucking y in z position", get a commission.
If you want "x because there's not much art of it" or "y because it'd be cool to see more", then ask away.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 23:25:18 No. 121
Not really Morenatsu related but I want someone to draw me a gay blue jay and black cat pairing doing anything. Kissing, playing vidya, fucking, whatever.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 00:52:27 No. 122
Open file ( 78.25 KB 1148x876 )
probably just me in here for now.
dunno how many people check /ck/ as frequently as I do…

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 01:02:17 No. 123
Can we get a cute naked shota dragon?

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 01:03:48 No. 124
gaku getting hugged

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 01:14:44 No. 125
never drawn shota… give me a moment I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 01:45:55 No. 126
I'll be back later, not done with shota dragon because fuck I cant draw for shit right now.

maybe a different artist will step up?

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 02:34:33 No. 127
Kounosuke finding somebody to love

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 20:28:52 No. 128
shota dragon.png
Open file ( 377.21 KB 2207x3000 )
ugh its not even cute

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 22:25:20 No. 129

Hmm. Try a brighter colour, making him smile, showing his feet and maybe his dick.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 22:46:19 No. 130
and also try not making circles as the head.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 17:09:30 No. 131
I think it's p cute but get rid of he lines for the separating the grey of the legs and the gray of the crotch. Looks like he was sown together. Other than that and the head, it looks real nice! Try some qt paws next time too.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 22:14:39 No. 132

I really dig his design!

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 08:37:03 No. 146
gaku hug.png
Open file ( 475.58 KB 500x750 )
A little late, but I tried.

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 02:26:31 No. 149

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 05:03:02 No. 150

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 22:01:01 No. 155
okay will try maybe with luck I can get something, I would like to see torahiko wearing a jockstrap with a big bulge

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 23:12:22 No. 156
too much.jpg
Open file ( 338.44 KB 2000x2000 )
I haven't drawn anything morenatsu related in a long, long time.
It all sorta came out in a few random sketches of SHun, Tatsuki, and Juuichi in the background. And some thought/text bubbles.

too much! *trombones playing*

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:56:03 No. 157
wow look awesome thanks anon

love the tumor

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:56:49 No. 158
he should let someone inspect it.
juuichi looks interested

Anonymous 09/29/2014 (Mon) 00:18:32 No. 280
Open file ( 340.35 KB 824x782 )
Tried drawing something to this somewhat open ended request and ended up with this somehow. Just pretend he got fit and started looking for love on some chan.

Anonymous 11/01/2014 (Sat) 01:12:20 No. 303
I just found your dA and Tumblr. Your art is just so incredibly gorgeous and pretty to look at! Hope to see more from you.

Anonymous 11/05/2016 (Sat) 17:13:19 No. 676
Open file ( 840.16 KB 915x886 )
Requesting art of the Oreos Wolf.
He only has 2 lewds, and they are by the same dude.

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