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Suggestion about vg idea Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 21:31:31 No. 465
Nuovo documento_2.jpg
Open file ( 539.49 KB 2256x3088 )
Hi guys, I'm working on my free time on a videogame. Since I'm still in the early stages of story writing and characters dev I wanted your opinion about the small insight of the story I'm making.

Setting is a world where two large nations are at war, during a time where "a new world order" is trying to set peace between humans and anthros. Warriors uses melee weapons and magic to fight each other, different elements are binded and controlled by different emotions. While humans are capable of learning and control all different elements, anthros can only use one of a kind power.

The story is about two friends, Axel and Pierce, whose friendship is torn apart by the war and the never ending fight between equality and diversity. Axel and Pierce are two human state soldier still in their training, when one night Pierce just disappears. Axel begin to travel in search of his lost friend, while still working as a state soldier.

The main story is split in two:
Axel: His story is about "Meet other people, to solve your problems you have to help others"
Pierce: His story is about "Opening your eyes, to help others, you have to help yourself first"

Anthro's style is the one of jap kemonos, at the beginning of his story Pierce is turned into a black anthro canine.
I'm still writing the story, but Axel seems to have mixed emotions about his friend.

I'm starting to like the story, but sometimes I wonder: "should I change some thing to not make people mark this game as gay or for furries?" I just want to tell a story, and target most of the gamers, I don't want to make it enjoyable to only a fraction of the possible players. (I know no one would like the game anyway)

So I need your help, what do you think?

Posting some picture of the characters in development
(I can't draw well, I'll have someone else do it)

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 21:32:42 No. 466
Nuovo documento_6.jpg
Open file ( 557.27 KB 2368x3336 )

The game I'm making is a mix between a visual novel and a puzzle/rpg game. Also some sort of exploration, multiple endings/stories is expected.

I'm investing in the framework of the game I'm making, I'm currently experimenting different AI difficulties for the enemies.

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 21:34:12 No. 467
Nuovo documento_7.jpg
Open file ( 681.30 KB 3264x2448 )
Spamming some imgs

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 21:36:49 No. 468
Nuovo documento_4.jpg
Open file ( 380.41 KB 2316x3012 )
Do you think I should go on with the main story idea?
Should I just give up and totally change the subject?

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 22:00:56 No. 469
Nice how you include cute noses in the draws.
Something seems interesting, but other things feel just somewhat used and not unique. I am not good at criticism, so get other people to comment on the story.

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 22:56:51 No. 470
looks great story wise, i wish you best of luck

the anthro character from the drawings, seem to resemble Shun, including clothing and characteristics

Anonymous 03/09/2015 (Mon) 23:46:51 No. 471
Nuovo documento_5.jpg
Open file ( 262.15 KB 2332x2388 )
what do you think sound kinda reused?
thanks, the anthro should be more like a general canine of 23 years old, so I might adjust that is he looks too childish

in the img the human version of Pierce

Anonymous 03/10/2015 (Tue) 03:01:04 No. 472
I think it has potential if done right. Is it your first time attempt at a game by the way?

Anonymous 03/10/2015 (Tue) 08:39:10 No. 473
Nuovo documento_3.jpg
Open file ( 747.40 KB 3260x2376 )
I made others, but nothing special.
Because I always had to study and work I've often never found the time to do a game with a nice story. Even now I don't have that much of free time, but I want to start planning the game so that when I finally have the time I can work on this.

Anonymous 08/07/2015 (Fri) 03:01:47 No. 571
Ugly, 0/10 do not want.

Anonymous 02/07/2016 (Sun) 15:42:58 No. 630
Open file ( 649.86 KB 1280x960 )
>making a game

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