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Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 20:18:59 No. 7 [Reply]
Open file ( 381.62 KB 900x574 )
Shun is superior shota. All who stand in his way shall fall!
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Anonymous 08/11/2015 (Tue) 20:16:04 No. 531
I want to grab shun's tiny delicate body and hug it super hard and then pound his little twink ass
I bet he's super warm from wearing a sweatshirt in the summer

Anonymous 08/12/2015 (Wed) 00:06:47 No. 532
don't cut yourself on that edge, son.

moai!!Vpw.VX3XQQ 08/13/2015 (Thu) 01:28:50 No. 533
Lots of canines are pretty warm. I'm sure he is.

Anonymous 08/13/2015 (Thu) 02:09:28 No. 534
But he's super warm

Anonymous 03/04/2016 (Fri) 19:21:06 No. 564
Open file ( 224.07 KB 689x1018 )
Live, dammit!

Anonymous 01/24/2016 (Sun) 02:35:48 No. 570 [Reply]
Open file ( 28.13 KB 639x355 )
what the fuck did you say about my husbando?

Anonymous 01/24/2016 (Sun) 08:44:51 No. 571
Open file ( 1.07 MB 590x915 )
He is a fucking faggot, Dio is superior!

Anonymous 02/20/2016 (Sat) 18:32:39 No. 572
Open file ( 347.91 KB 500x458 )
Gay Priest will be arriving shortly.

Supreme Yanderehiko Anonymous 10/13/2015 (Tue) 07:20:19 No. 555 [Reply]
Open file ( 56.02 KB 500x375 )
Here's the TRULY best husbando.

The only non moralfag one, the one able to murder for you, the one that love for you surpasses everything!

The one that will kill all his opponents in called blood, the EDGIEST of husbandos!

ey gaysuperman 05/21/2015 (Thu) 01:05:08 No. 230 [Reply]
Open file ( 4.72 KB 300x168 )
this takes the cake b0ss

Anonymous 06/24/2015 (Wed) 03:02:59 No. 369
u got da pusi b0ss?

gaysuperman 06/30/2015 (Tue) 13:30:16 No. 394
i get pusi and dick

Anonymous 06/21/2015 (Sun) 05:17:30 No. 313 [Reply]
Open file ( 21.49 KB 240x240 )
Best husbando is an actual boyfriend but all of you are too lame to have one
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Anonymous 06/22/2015 (Mon) 13:20:33 No. 333
>Won't always love you
Maybe you are not worthy of their love and living in delusions is unhealthy.

But tbh if furfags existed IRL i would probably 100% ignore humans and focus on them, alas there isnt much of a choice here.

Anonymous 06/22/2015 (Mon) 14:32:19 No. 335
was this intended for the kouya thread?

Anonymous 06/29/2015 (Mon) 00:59:26 No. 391
hold the fuck up.jpg
Open file ( 72.00 KB 400x400 )
>will always love you
>not real

>not real

>capable of loving you

Anonymous 06/29/2015 (Mon) 03:28:11 No. 392

I want to hug all the people.

Anonymous 06/29/2015 (Mon) 03:29:02 No. 393
The character isn't real but my love is
Kouya loves me whenever I see him in my dreams

Husbando WAAAAARR!! Anonymous 05/13/2015 (Wed) 16:43:02 No. 188 [Reply]
Open file ( 951.30 KB 1024x1024 )
Ok this place is a disgrace. Why isnt this place filled with the corpses of the faithful? Why arent people fighting in the name of their husbando?


The process is simple.
1)You post the best husbando and a few reasons he is the best.(Of course you dont truly need to use logical arguments to state the obvious, but for the sake of war, let's pretend the best husbando isnt common knowledge)

2)When someone posts the wrong husbando(probably by mistake or to troll since there is only 1 best husbando) you take the reasons he called him the best and dismantle them, in the most violent, deadly and insulting way!(Examples on the bottom)

I ll start.

Best husbando is obviously pic related.
It is sacrilege to say that he is not and he will smite you!

He is the best for obvious reasons i will point out!
Message too long. Click here to view full text.
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Anonymous 05/17/2015 (Sun) 22:54:47 No. 226

Anonymous 05/18/2015 (Mon) 01:43:44 No. 227
Oh okay thank you Anon for pointing out what he said to me, but it is kind of is hot lol.

Anonymous 05/18/2015 (Mon) 01:45:20 No. 228
Also won't you have a black hole for an anus and cloaca when Juuuichi is fucking you?

So you might as well get used to it ^^

Anonymous 05/18/2015 (Mon) 12:23:35 No. 229
Jus has such a nice thick ass and legs. God damn, I would pound that hole into submission. Pls post more juu badonkadonk.

Anonymous 05/21/2015 (Thu) 16:13:31 No. 231
Open file ( 88.95 KB 462x506 )
That is even more proof Juu is the best and most superior husbando and all the others are TRASH in front of him!

Tatsuki Anonymous 10/07/2014 (Tue) 15:04:28 No. 24 [Reply]
Tatsuki Tatstar.png
Open file ( 170.53 KB 888x500 )
Daily reminder that Tatsuki is the best husbando and that he's perfect, whereas all the others are pieces of shit.
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Anonymous 04/29/2015 (Wed) 07:47:20 No. 163
Open file ( 203.09 KB 434x594 )

Anonymous 04/29/2015 (Wed) 07:50:07 No. 164
Open file ( 183.71 KB 434x594 )

Anonymous 04/29/2015 (Wed) 07:50:30 No. 165
Open file ( 300.36 KB 693x947 )

Anonymous 04/29/2015 (Wed) 14:00:11 No. 166
Open file ( 308.80 KB 693x947 )
When the fuck did he get such a big belly?

Anonymous 04/29/2015 (Wed) 14:17:19 No. 167
M preg

Anonymous 03/19/2015 (Thu) 01:41:16 No. 111 [Reply]
Open file ( 350.01 KB 720x1024 )
Are you Team Build-Toast or Team Woo-Tiger, /mg/?

Anonymous 03/19/2015 (Thu) 02:49:53 No. 112
muh wanna be fwb.jpg
Open file ( 54.89 KB 516x746 )
Prolly Team Build-Toast.

Dr. Buttertoast is my ideal…
An intellectual, horny, muscle cub tiger?
Sign me up!

Anonymous 03/19/2015 (Thu) 02:51:29 No. 113

Anonymous 02/27/2015 (Fri) 09:11:35 No. 76 [Reply]
Open file ( 156.88 KB 550x584 )
Rouen is the best husbando!

Let us post husbandos from comics, VNs, doujinshi and every media and create the first Universal husbando war 1

Anonymous 02/27/2015 (Fri) 19:24:22 No. 77
BP laugh.png
Open file ( 594.22 KB 831x623 )
>Rouen is muh husbando
>he hasn't heard Rouen's image song nor played Shinning Wind

Halftime Sharks Anonymous 02/04/2015 (Wed) 22:10:27 No. 59 [Reply]
shark moves.gif
Open file ( 4.29 MB 242x371 )
Left shark or right shark?

Anonymous 02/04/2015 (Wed) 22:16:33 No. 60
>implying there is any other shark but left shark

Anonymous 02/05/2015 (Thu) 02:00:24 No. 61
I wish I knew this meme shark better

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