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Share the love for Soutarou's sporty shota booty

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who wins

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You can date only one of the 3, which one do you choose?

Damien Darhk for me, he is the best husbando, he is just so sexy and manly and deadly efficient, I could t handle all the sexy

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And i just found my perfect husbando!

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>Alin will never be real ;_;
Why live

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Haha fools, while you squabble over mediocre husbandos I shall claim the truly perfect husbando

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Official Husbando List
An official list detailing the husbandos in terms of tiers has been established by the Morenatsu commission, itself composed of world-renowned scientists - ranging from physicists, medical researchers, neurologists,statisticians, psychologists, etc. -, philosophers, and an assortment of professionals (executives, marketers, developers, authors/writers, artists, etc.). The findings/results are conclusive, and based on years of evidence and rigorous testing.

The list is as follows:

God-tier Husbandos:

Good-tier Husbandos:

Decent-tier Husbandos:

Bad-tier Husbandos:

Terrible-tier Husbandos:

Worst 'lowest of the low'(i,e, Utter Shit)-tier Husbandos:

The findings are not up for debate: they are scientific fact, and to deny otherwise is pseudoscience.

Thank you.

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No thread for best husbando yet?
Let's count the ways:
Sophisticated and intelligent
That perfect age between shota and adult
Comes from money
Will make you delicious treats
Gets adorably flustered
Skinny but still has a good ass

Plus you can [spoiler] rape this pussy [\spoiler] if that's your thing

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Why is he so perfect?

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Shun is superior shota. All who stand in his way shall fall!

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what the fuck did you say about my husbando?

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Supreme Yanderehiko
Here's the TRULY best husbando.

The only non moralfag one, the one able to murder for you, the one that love for you surpasses everything!

The one that will kill all his opponents in called blood, the EDGIEST of husbandos!

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this takes the cake b0ss

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Best husbando is an actual boyfriend but all of you are too lame to have one

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Husbando WAAAAARR!!
Ok this place is a disgrace. Why isnt this place filled with the corpses of the faithful? Why arent people fighting in the name of their husbando?


The process is simple.
1)You post the best husbando and a few reasons he is the best.(Of course you dont truly need to use logical arguments to state the obvious, but for the sake of war, let's pretend the best husbando isnt common knowledge)

2)When someone posts the wrong husbando(probably by mistake or to troll since there is only 1 best husbando) you take the reasons he called him the best and dismantle them, in the most violent, deadly and insulting way!(Examples on the bottom)

I ll start.

Best husbando is obviously pic related.
It is sacrilege to say that he is not and he will smite you!

He is the best for obvious reasons i will point out!

1)Most faithful after he deals with his internalized homophobia

2)Best body

3)Knows how to fight and deal with people who could be a threat to you

4)He loves you more deeply than everyone else!

Go, though such iron tight arguments cannot be stopped, since after all Juuichi is the best husbando!!

You can find ammunition and weapons for the war here

But please, be a GOOD scientist and invent new insults and attacks to attack our enemies!

And remember, never waste all your ammunition at once!

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Daily reminder that Tatsuki is the best husbando and that he's perfect, whereas all the others are pieces of shit.

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Are you Team Build-Toast or Team Woo-Tiger, /mg/?

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Rouen is the best husbando!

Let us post husbandos from comics, VNs, doujinshi and every media and create the first Universal husbando war 1

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Halftime Sharks
Left shark or right shark?

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Claiming Bill Cosby as mai husbandu~

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The only husbano that matters