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Official Husbando List Anonymous 04/10/2016 (Sun) 01:46:57 No. 573
Open file ( 22.30 KB 323x263 )
An official list detailing the husbandos in terms of tiers has been established by the Morenatsu commission, itself composed of world-renowned scientists - ranging from physicists, medical researchers, neurologists,statisticians, psychologists, etc. -, philosophers, and an assortment of professionals (executives, marketers, developers, authors/writers, artists, etc.). The findings/results are conclusive, and based on years of evidence and rigorous testing.

The list is as follows:

God-tier Husbandos:

Good-tier Husbandos:

Decent-tier Husbandos:

Bad-tier Husbandos:

Terrible-tier Husbandos:

Worst 'lowest of the low'(i,e, Utter Shit)-tier Husbandos:

The findings are not up for debate: they are scientific fact, and to deny otherwise is pseudoscience.

Thank you.

Anonymous 04/10/2016 (Sun) 09:43:03 No. 574
Open file ( 143.99 KB 1920x1080 )
Calling out the Midoriya group right now!

The only possible "true" tier list can only come from freelance Phd Scientists. Such a list has been compiled time and time again -without exception- as follows:

God-Tier husbeebabablabando:
>Nanafuta he's dead, afterall

wet-dream-fuzzy-wuzzy-furry-puff-ball-tier husbumblebeebando:

good-husbando tier:


fun-guy-tier husbeeb:


Hopefully I've cleared up the confusion on this topic!

t. Scientific American.

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