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Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:14:28 No. 1305
Open file ( 21.29 KB 718x196 )
A Chew Edition

Thread Rules:
>Keep it SFW at all times (includes spoilered porn and lewd images)
>Keep it civil. No husbando fights
>No arguing about shit unrelated to this thread (/v/-drama)
>Do NOT respond to detractors
>No tripfagging, namefagging, avatarfagging, roleplaying, or shitposting in general
>Be Funyuu to each other

>Official Site

>Morenatsu Torrent
(Rename both .eXe and .cf files to Morenatsu.eXe and

>Patches & Translation
(Download "patch.xp3" from this link and then place it in the Morenatsu folder you downloaded from the above torrent)

>HF Apploc
(HF pApploc is a free alternative to Applocale. Start this program then use it to run the Morenatsu .exe)


MTL Forums:
Script downloads:
(Password: FuckOffMTLNooneLikesYou)

IRC: #/mg/ @
Steam Group:

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:15:08 No. 1306
Open file ( 62.05 KB 875x199 )
How to get on #/mg/ on IRC:

Web chat method:
>Enter a nickname for Nickname
>Enter #/mg/ for Channels
>Leave password blank, you don't need it.

IRC client method: RECOMMENDED
>Get an IRC client, and connect to
>This is the preferred method for idling in the channel for long periods of time.

The IRC is good for /soc/ and non-related discussion.

Creative, art, writing, etc: #/mg/ck

Polar Bear: #/mg/cafe

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:35:33 No. 1307
Open file ( 66.28 KB 880x1024 )
finally back

I hope that guy that promised more big booty Shin in the last thread delivers here.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:53:21 No. 1308
Open file ( 30.93 KB 479x750 )

Here's something I requested by an awesome drawfag on here. I won't post his thing though cuz I don't know if he would like me to.

And goddam fuck captcha up the asshole. Ah well.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:54:18 No. 1309
Oh by the way we need someone to unsticky the old thread and sticky this one.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 04:57:43 No. 1310
done. just for u, homie

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:00:51 No. 1312
What are your thoughts on Torahiko's dad

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:00:57 No. 1313
Open file ( 90.59 KB 900x1000 )
hi ive been workin at it dont worry

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:08:45 No. 1314
tank u sir

I'm thinking more of a more refined guy than Tora, definitely really muscular, but a touch away from becoming as playful as Tora at any given prod.

Thank you based anon.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:12:36 No. 1315

it's wonderful so far

thanks anon~

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:15:59 No. 1316
>worse captcha than google's

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:39:17 No. 1317
tora juu.jpg
Open file ( 180.58 KB 482x388 )
What the fuck we have captchas now? Also im finaly done with this shit

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 05:59:16 No. 1318
Open file ( 501.29 KB 1000x734 )
Did you really think wed get away with no sort of protection? Nearly all chans need them.
Also not too bad.

Also nice.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 06:26:12 No. 1319
The CAPTCHA is garbage tier

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 06:28:23 No. 1320
Open file ( 174.06 KB 893x789 )
I knew from the day mgchan was made it would become necessary one day.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 07:07:17 No. 1321
Open file ( 262.98 KB 900x1000 )
K hope this suffices
its 2am im tired, sorry for the haste

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 07:08:33 No. 1322
Open file ( 223.01 KB 1000x1300 )

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 07:09:54 No. 1323
Do you have like a furaffinity or tumblr? I like your stuff

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 07:12:27 No. 1324

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 13:23:03 No. 1325
>all that femshit
No wonder you're drawing Shin.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 13:41:53 No. 1326
das mean

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 14:03:44 No. 1327
Oh wow anon, you've improved Tora's face so much ! The proportions are just right! 10/10 !

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 14:23:34 No. 1329
Im the faggot who drew that

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 15:42:24 No. 1330
Open file ( 23.90 KB 689x445 )

>he will never sit on your face

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 16:51:08 No. 1331

He weighs like two pounds that isnt substantial at all for face sitting.
Plus half his weight is his ass in that picture. It's pretty disgusting. Like those people who inject weird oils into their butt only to have it fall off years later.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 17:00:17 No. 1332

>He weighs like two pounds that isnt substantial at all for face sitting.

So face sitting is supposed to be a 400 pound slob crushing you skull and suffocating you? That'll cause brain damage, though.

But then again you barafags already have that.


Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 17:05:56 No. 1333
Them fightin words.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 18:23:38 No. 1334
Shota Torahiko.gif
Open file ( 599.05 KB 500x526 )
Kid Torahiko's a qt.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 19:19:15 No. 1335

This makes me nervous.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 21:36:46 No. 1336
That's because you know you crave the shota.

Anonymous 07/25/2014 (Fri) 21:50:48 No. 1337

No. It's because people will probably masturbate to that.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 00:22:59 No. 1338
Shota Tatsuki.png
Open file ( 190.96 KB 725x825 )
I find it more adorable than anything. There's even one of Tatsuki and one of Juuichi by the same guy, just not animated.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 00:23:33 No. 1339
Shota Juuichi.png
Open file ( 163.17 KB 591x731 )

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 00:27:34 No. 1340
So god damn cute. :3

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 02:13:39 No. 1341
these are all neat

how did we end up with more drawfriends /after/ the great rektoning of 2014?

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 02:37:26 No. 1342
Open file ( 249.75 KB 659x825 )
I love Tatsuki, but I don't think I'd bottom for him - an entire foot is just too much to take in.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 02:38:46 No. 1343
I just started getting into drawing 7 days ago

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 02:46:08 No. 1344
I'm sure he could choose how far his cock sticks out of his slit

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 02:48:31 No. 1345
dopey-looking Tatsuki.jpg
Open file ( 76.14 KB 800x600 )
I hope so or else i'll die from internal bleeding. Mind you, it wouldn't be so bad to die with your big dragon husbando on top of you and a foot deep inside you

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 03:01:32 No. 1346
i just got into moren like last week
im not really gay (i guess thats obvious now) but i dont mind cute things

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 03:09:56 No. 1347
I'm pretty sure it's topping if he's frotting with you in his slit

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 03:59:40 No. 1348

>im not really gay

Keep drawing Shin and you're allowed to stay, otherwise we'll beat you up.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 04:14:45 No. 1349

that's the only one people who aren't really gay can go after.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 04:26:45 No. 1350
i like shun and kouya

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 04:45:19 No. 1351
Worse tastes

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 05:05:20 No. 1352
Well maybe not shun. It's like just above worst.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 05:22:21 No. 1353

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 06:20:25 No. 1354
Did we just come close to having our first husbando fight here? talk shit, get hit

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 06:26:50 No. 1355

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 08:32:05 No. 1356
Had a dream with Kouya a couple nights ago. Odd because I'm not even a Kouyafag, but we didn't do much except meet him in church(?), walk to his dorm(??), and meet his roommates, who I assured wouldn't be getting very much sleep that night. We did get to share one amazing hug though.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 09:15:58 No. 1357
who were his roommates?

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 09:17:48 No. 1358
I don't remember the last two generals having any husbandos being called a shit besides Kouno.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 09:34:54 No. 1359
Open file ( 146.39 KB 950x679 )
guys I can't stop the macro shin art

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 10:35:39 No. 1360
>macro shin still having his clothes on

Breddy gud anon, but come on.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 12:54:53 No. 1361
This captcha is terrible

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 15:18:38 No. 1362
That's what you get with the Internet. Faggots who ruin it for the rest of is.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

This is the third time I typed this in. Is it 56T5. Nope. 5GT5. Nope.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 15:19:57 No. 1363
Open file ( 5.57 KB 320x120 )
Forgot pic

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 16:05:30 No. 1364
Nobody fuzzy, I remember his roommate looked Mexican though.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:15:08 No. 1365

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:16:16 No. 1366
I had a dream about Tatsuki last night. I dreamt we were having a picnic by the beach and talking about things and then we kissed and I fell asleep on top of him. And then a whole bunch of random non-sensical events occurred before the dream returned to Tatsuki again. It was the two of us in bed, and he was watching TV, while I pressed myself against him.

Pretty great dream, 11/10, would dream again

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:18:01 No. 1367
Open file ( 105.23 KB 500x500 )
Ive never had a dream about a Morenatsu.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:37:49 No. 1368
Open file ( 110.43 KB 500x337 )
What's hotter; rimming or taking the knot?

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:37:54 No. 1369
Or you know, implement the typical Google CAPTCHAs since everyone and their dogs are accustomed to it.

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 18:43:51 No. 1370

Why knot both?

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 21:28:59 No. 1372
why have the devs forsaken us

I just want a sotato

Anonymous 07/26/2014 (Sat) 21:45:36 No. 1373
Open file ( 47.30 KB 500x500 )

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 02:09:16 No. 1374
ded thread is ded

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 02:16:22 No. 1375

why dont you resuscitate it

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 02:17:26 No. 1376

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 03:29:41 No. 1377
I want to pick both. It really depends if i really like the artist or not

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 03:57:14 No. 1378
I dont support PK because shes terrible, but her products are fiiiine

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 04:16:55 No. 1379


Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 04:17:09 No. 1380
How would your husbando's ass smell/taste like?

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 04:59:57 No. 1383
Probably like Wint-O-Green lifesavers cuz he keeps it so clean.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 05:03:44 No. 1384
why the fuck would anyone want intellectual property to be strictly free? That completely eliminates all incentive for content producers

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 05:11:09 No. 1385
Open file ( 113.23 KB 229x251 )
and here we have anon teaching eco 101

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 05:33:17 No. 1386
Open file ( 53.92 KB 500x632 )
If that were true, we wouldn't have people comissioning artists.
Commission programmers.
The software industry is built around developing and selling a product.
What it should be built around is selling time and energy to develop a product
wouldn't let me post without an image

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 06:40:36 No. 1387
I'd pay if like, I could read moonrunes. Donating to western artists I like however I do about once a year. Probably donate to Japs too but can't navigate their sites to even know if they take donations. first captcha I can actually read

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 10:42:26 No. 1388
Open file ( 323.95 KB 720x663 )
Guys im done with my first Shun drawing.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 14:05:32 No. 1389
Ain't half bad!

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 15:18:37 No. 1390

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 16:24:21 No. 1392
Like manly musk mixed with a tiny hint of shit.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 17:01:24 No. 1393
I want an age regression comic with torahiko

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 17:22:05 No. 1395
Don't even mention that blasphemy in this household.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 17:33:31 No. 1396
How would you go about physically and emotionally abusing your husbando?

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 17:44:06 No. 1397
buff sotato.PNG
Open file ( 49.24 KB 295x394 )

You better not abuse my sempai

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:06:13 No. 1398
I want to give Shotora emotional scars that will never heal

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:14:12 No. 1399
Open file ( 64.15 KB 500x845 )
Would you tell your parents?

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:19:01 No. 1400
Why is his dick so thick

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:23:56 No. 1401
IF your husbando were real, would you introduce him to your parents?

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:37:08 No. 1402
I dont even know if ill introduce my bf to my parents
theyre kinda homophobic

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 18:38:09 No. 1403
jesus where's he put all that

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:04:21 No. 1404
Depends a little on how normal animal men are here, but I'd probably introduce him sooner or later.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:07:46 No. 1405
shin fukt.png
Open file ( 145.83 KB 900x1000 )

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:20:08 No. 1406
>You will never introduce your husbando to your parents
>You will never see their looks of shock as they realize you're being pounded nightly by a big burly beastman twice your size and bulk

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:22:16 No. 1407
Open file ( 43.36 KB 403x463 )
absolutely not

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:24:23 No. 1408
I can't event immagine a more horrendus situation.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:45:33 No. 1409
>You're having butt-fun with your husbando
>Your parents walk in

What do?

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 19:51:02 No. 1410
Ask them is they want in on it.

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 22:31:43 No. 1411
Open file ( 95.21 KB 806x1000 )
/r/ing some Shin x Bus

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 22:38:43 No. 1412
there was none.png
Open file ( 113.10 KB 500x574 )
god no

Anonymous 07/27/2014 (Sun) 22:57:54 No. 1413
please sir, could I have some more?

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 01:10:25 No. 1414
My husbando is the best husbando.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 04:17:30 No. 1416
ach, du.png
Open file ( 78.32 KB 253x235 )
Sorry, but it's MY husbando that's best, and that's a fact.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 06:10:31 No. 1418
How do you fags feel about hazubando ERP?
I don't know how anyone can get off to text; it's hard enough fapping to pics

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 06:54:33 No. 1419
Open file ( 101.14 KB 1036x1280 )
Whatever floats your boat

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 09:28:12 No. 1420
Open file ( 112.78 KB 556x424 )
I've a macrophilia/size difference fetish
I think that's exactly me in that comic.

how sad.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 10:35:11 No. 1421
sh un.JPG
Open file ( 28.94 KB 353x371 )
Macro is one of those fetishes I just don't understand. But you shouldn't feel bad about what you're into, especially macro which is pretty tame. Really don't think anyone would care that you're into giant characters.

If we're confessing fetishes then I love me some knot and ephebophilic art, Shun is pretty much the floor so I guess I just like young mid-teen looking characters but both of those is only about 20% of my fap folder.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 12:33:08 No. 1422
Open file ( 689.07 KB 300x284 )
>especially macro which is pretty tame

Y-yeah… if you look really hard I guess…

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 14:10:04 No. 1423
Open file ( 835.72 KB 300x212 )
>liking macro

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 14:12:17 No. 1424
Bigger is better's what I always say.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 17:27:51 No. 1425
Open file ( 191.58 KB 500x664 )
>Bigger is better.
I uh, don't think you've fully thought this through, anon. :^)

That being said: >>1420 who cares. It's just art. I've personally got a penchant for non-lewd Shun fanart and the like. There's something really cute about that sort of thing. Also, facing tentacles and basic animal necessities porn, I don't really think people need to worry about fapping to animals the size of buildings.

Like, if you're really that anxious and unsettled about fapping to this, then there's probably something else that you're attaching the feelings of guilt to. Something that you bring into the subject subconsciously, even if it only became subconsciously after you've made an effort towards repressing it for a while.

So yeah, I think there might be some underlying motive for getting that upset over something.

Perhaps you should consider revising your whole emotional process: Does fapping to cartoons already upset you in the first place? if so, to what degree?
Is it ludicrous, the concept of a 50 story tall animal? is fapping to it over the line? If so, to what degree?

I'm not telling you to fap to macro, I will, however, state my opinion on the matter as being the following:

If there's something that damages you when you perform it, then you'll only damage yourself further at every punctual repetition of the act.

t's not that fapping to Kemo is a bad thing in general nor to the generality of people. It might be, however, an harmful addictive experience that you're subjecting yourself to.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 17:34:03 No. 1426
Open file ( 116.92 KB 454x642 )

If you feel hurt from doing it, just consider what good it'll accrue to you to stop harming yourself:
(1) You stop harming yourself.
And the rest is pretty much direct consequence of the former, the biggest prize being:
(A) feeling happier and accomplished.

In order for you to accomplish that, I can see only 1 option: you just have to accept either side of the argument (fap vs no fap) and go down that path with no remorse, and the only way to rid yourself of remorse is by meditating and reflecting on the decision that faces you. Only then can you act, in a way that is not only true to yourself, but frees you.

These are just my 5 cents bro, but it wouldn't hurt if you were to give them some thought!

Just stay positive during the whole process, never allow yourself to feel down and remember: Have a good one !

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 18:12:45 No. 1427
Thanks for the words anon. I don't think there is a particular reason because I like this kinda of stuff, I remember since I was little that I was "interested" in cartoons that showed shrinking/growing characters. For me I usually feel sad for two reasons:
1)What the hell am I doing?
Right after fapping you really don't feel that stuff interesting and you look at the picture for what they are.
2)Oh shit I'm so alone and I would never have a special moment with an awesome muscle dude because I'm ashamed of the fact that I'm a faggot.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 18:55:56 No. 1428
Fuck off Buckley

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 19:43:09 No. 1429
I see. Perhaps you know the answer deep inside you, anon. Tap into it.



>My head.
Sorry bro, do you feel like clarifying that?

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 20:15:22 No. 1430
Open file ( 135.61 KB 1300x1300 )
You're autistic, but god damn do I love macro Shin

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 20:42:44 No. 1431
I think he just thinks your posts were a bit "wordy", seeing how Buckley is well known for making long statements about the jokes in his webcomic.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 21:34:02 No. 1436
Hiro just looks, deformed.

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 21:37:17 No. 1437
wait that wasnt a bunny OC

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 21:43:53 No. 1440
I want /v/ to leave

Anonymous 07/28/2014 (Mon) 22:08:39 No. 1441
Looking kinda macro there, Tora.

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 01:42:55 No. 1443
Open file ( 152.48 KB 639x447 )

>Sanic Tora


Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 03:25:29 No. 1445
this needs to stop

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 04:07:40 No. 1446
Tatsuki best husbando

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 05:48:26 No. 1447
Open file ( 13.61 KB 218x231 )
gosh guys, we wouldn't want to derail a dead thread on a stillborn website

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 06:10:48 No. 1448
Don't even remind me of that fucking wiki.

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 07:11:45 No. 1449
>TFW missing out on deleted posts.

I thought derailed /mg/ was better than dead /mg/.

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 07:14:59 No. 1450
Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 07:16:22 No. 1451
Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 07:19:14 No. 1452
We dont care everyone knows you're shit

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 09:01:36 No. 1453
I want to see Sanic tora, for science
and laugh

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 10:04:50 No. 1454
>loves macro.
>loves shin out of all the husbandos.
>calls me autistic.

Hehehe, how can just one post be so wrong on so many levels?

Remember, you're hasubando a sub-optimal choice!

Shin has plenty of redeeming qualities that make him an interesting husbando!

>Captcha : HUEX2

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 13:25:45 No. 1455
>all those deleted posts

Really? Laughing at bad art is shitposting now? What else are we supposed to do here?

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 16:43:16 No. 1456
I couldn't help
but read this in a william shatner voice

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 20:13:18 No. 1457
Better stop /v/ infestation than let it spread.

>That posting style

Weren't you perma'd a long time ago?

Anonymous 07/29/2014 (Tue) 21:15:36 No. 1459
just look up the newest deviation for morenatsu in DA

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 03:15:30 No. 1462
Open file ( 495.51 KB 250x188 )
I want Tatsuki to hug me.

Every night I go to bed and I hug my pillow and close my eyes and pretend that it's him, all the while imagining scenarios where I'm living happily with him. And then all day long I feel sad because he's not real and I'll never get to hold him.

God, I'm pathetic

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 03:22:21 No. 1463
It's okay, me too. ;_;

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 04:55:01 No. 1464
Pretty sure that isn't healthy bros.

>TFW I don't even love my husbando anymore

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 09:16:36 No. 1465
Just make my route.jpg
Open file ( 87.46 KB 581x397 )

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 14:12:20 No. 1466
I do. I've been pining away for him for almost a whole year now

Please make him real, I can't go on without him

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 16:19:48 No. 1467
Open file ( 159.76 KB 478x355 )
Ha, look at this faggot being overly emotionally invested in his husbando.

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 21:52:12 No. 1468
I'm sorry, I can't help it

>not being emotionally invested in your husbando

Do you even love him, faggot?

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 23:43:16 No. 1469
Open file ( 206.92 KB 934x422 )
>min : 1
>max : 9
>roll twice

Hiroyuki comes back to minasato the following summer to find that the two husbandos you rolled have hooked up.

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 23:47:00 No. 1470
I rolled 4 twice, what does it mean?

Anonymous 07/30/2014 (Wed) 23:54:46 No. 1471
3 and 4.
Does not seem like a likely couple.

and_is_w!kemono.6JM 07/30/2014 (Wed) 23:59:32 No. 1472
5 & 7

He never leaves his house and masturbates all day.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 00:00:44 No. 1473

>5 and 4

Uh…. okay

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 00:48:04 No. 1474
>Tatsuki and Juuichi

I am okay with this

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 00:50:57 No. 1475
I love him enough to have vivid lewd fantasies with him, nothing wrong with loving your husbando.
Just… don't let it negatively affect your real life in any way, you might be doing something wrong otherwise.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 01:12:58 No. 1476

Never gonna happen

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 01:27:41 No. 1477

>3 and 9


Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 01:35:56 No. 1478
Open file ( 48.54 KB 260x221 )
>even random number generators can't pair up kounosuke

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 01:43:56 No. 1479
3 and 2

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 02:16:52 No. 1480
1 and 6

I imagine this left quite a few broken hearts

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 02:30:44 No. 1481
Open file ( 457.33 KB 773x923 )

My favorite crack pairing

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 02:38:21 No. 1482
Open file ( 788.55 KB 444x272 )
>Shin and Kouya

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 04:04:28 No. 1483
>Shun and Takahara-senpai
Poor Sotato

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 04:32:10 No. 1484
Open file ( 216.31 KB 1000x1000 )
7 and 9

Twink fantasy come true. My dick pierces the heavens.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 06:25:52 No. 1485
Open file ( 159.02 KB 1000x1000 )
Oh hey, /mg/.

Didn't see you there.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 07:08:14 No. 1486
Open file ( 250.41 KB 581x597 )

3 and 1

The classic

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 07:47:57 No. 1487

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 12:02:39 No. 1489
jappons are too busy eating sushi and masturbating on mentakio
fuuck, they where my husbandos, but still that's my fav non canon couple

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 12:02:58 No. 1490
Open file ( 86.37 KB 192x255 )
forgot pic

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 13:18:03 No. 1491
hidden billy corgan route with shin and his clone.png
Open file ( 509.13 KB 452x587 )
I forgot the picture lmao

Billy Corgan route when?

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 15:32:03 No. 1492
1 + 9 = kitty tag team.

It's actually a good pairing as they are both super cheerful and highly unreserved in sports.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 15:35:30 No. 1493
I don't even know who that guy is. :/

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 17:03:29 No. 1494
Smashing Pumpkins guitarist and vocalist. Also RCIA certified asshole.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 17:48:57 No. 1495
So, literally no one?

Ok. :/

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 18:47:32 No. 1496
That's quite a good attempt at making ol' Shigure attractive.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 21:09:04 No. 1497
Open file ( 77.16 KB 600x750 )
A lot of characters look better in fanart than in the game.
But yeah, >>1485 looks delicious in that.

Anonymous 07/31/2014 (Thu) 22:32:36 No. 1499
when the toras cry.jpg
Open file ( 58.19 KB 640x480 )

>Holding a grudge on someone because their parent's made them move away at the age of 10 and your brother had a crush on them but they were too dense to notice.

I don't even like Hiro that much, but I hope Tora walks in on that.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 00:38:14 No. 1500
Open file ( 96.75 KB 600x750 )
What if someone weak like Shun walked in on it?

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 00:55:43 No. 1501

He'd call Ten over.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 02:49:18 No. 1502
Woah, what is happening here. Why is Kenji entering rage mode. I hope Juu ships his hippy ass. >:(

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 02:50:13 No. 1503


Autocorrect, go sick a dick.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 03:38:27 No. 1504
Cuz he's Kenji.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 05:04:10 No. 1505
Open file ( 390.73 KB 757x759 )
I want to breed Kenji so hard that he moos my name

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 07:13:27 No. 1506
What if Morenatsu was set in South Korea?

Please, no macro bullshit.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 09:37:00 No. 1507
wut? and why would that be?

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 11:12:07 No. 1508
I mean, what made you think that?

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 11:50:32 No. 1509
I don't know why morenatsu has that strong yandree factor

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 12:41:58 No. 1510
Possibly due to so many beastmen fighting over one guy.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 14:02:44 No. 1511
Beastmen are nothing but filthy savage animals and their personalities reflect that.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 14:02:44 No. 1512
Beastmen are nothing but filthy savage animals and their personalities reflect that.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 17:35:30 No. 1513
hugged by your husbando.jpg
Open file ( 26.87 KB 450x375 )
>You will never be crushed by your husbando as he gives you a hug and forgets his own strength

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 19:37:30 No. 1514

>You will never sniff Juuichi's sweaty butt

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 19:42:58 No. 1515
Have you ever rimmed a fresh sweaty hole before?

It's actually pretty good. I can only do it to someone that has a hairy ass though. Hairless or shaved I just don't even want to put my face down there. But if they have a nice hairy ass… Fuck. Best thing to do to your bottom before you fuck them.

Anonymous 08/01/2014 (Fri) 23:26:36 No. 1516
Open file ( 267.98 KB 361x691 )

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 01:13:46 No. 1517

That's disgusting.

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 03:37:52 No. 1518
Heterosexuals not welcome

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 08:51:09 No. 1520
He was the brains and talent behind the rise of one of the most prominent bands at the time.

His… undesirable trait arises from the fact that he was justified in thinking himself mighty. He wrote and designed every component of the most sucessful songs, on his own.

Melon Colie is pretty much a God tier album. And his band either turned obscure from the fact that he couldn't turn his self-obcession down a notch, or from the fact that he led the band towards a strange new kind of music so out of touch with today's pop trends. I mean, what other band from grunge times is still successful today, outside of linkin park? -they're the only ones who realized their musical expression was the result of the era they lived in, and carried on, following times. They didn't try to set the new thing or impose themselves upon the culture. That would have been the last reduct of un-inovative washed out bands.

He also kicked out every other band member, so it's pretty much a Billy Corgan kind of show, and he wasn't all that popular outside hardcore fans (who still are quite a few today).

Just goes to show us how even if you're the most gifted person in the world, if we're not people smart (which in itself is another facet of inteligence) , then we're pretty much set to fail. Even in success.
This sort of sentiment is outdated in yolo culture, but it still is a nice song.

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 11:45:11 No. 1521
That's just like, your opinion bro.

But seriously, nothing finer than having a man present their hairy hole to you when they bend themselves over. Kiss their butt cheek, gently lap their hole, rub your bearded chin on it, finger them a little, aggressively rim their hole. Always nice to pinch the but sack skin below the taint and move their heavy nuts up and down. Grasping their balls and moving to wank them off. Unf.

Would rim Juu's big bear butt no questions asked.

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 11:48:58 No. 1522
Replace but with nut.

Thanks again autocorrect.

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 11:51:08 No. 1523
Thank you for the thorough explanation on the man. He seemed sorta kooky from his Wikipedia article.

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 17:17:20 No. 1524
Open file ( 429.91 KB 580x403 )
>heterosexual here

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 17:26:56 No. 1526
does anyone have that niconico video of someone reading shun/shin routes?

I need it for reasons

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 18:15:20 No. 1527
Hi mexishit!

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 18:25:36 No. 1528
ded thread is ded

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 19:26:27 No. 1529
Open file ( 105.35 KB 603x614 )
>bisexual here

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 19:39:18 No. 1530
ha ha funy meme!

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 21:48:02 No. 1531
no, ur ded

Anonymous 08/02/2014 (Sat) 23:18:44 No. 1532
Open file ( 491.62 KB 245x200 )

now I just have to figure out if that's a man or a woman

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 01:57:51 No. 1533
Every single chan that isn't /a/, /b/, or /v/ on 4chan is 2slow4me.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 02:01:38 No. 1534
Open file ( 29.90 KB 220x220 )
>tfw you baked a blackberry pie, but no husbando to share it with.

thanks obama

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 02:58:11 No. 1535
I want Tatsuki to hold me tightly with his big burly arms and comfort me and tell me that he loves me before engaging in some hot lovemaking

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 04:24:58 No. 1538
Open file ( 168.05 KB 389x910 )
>you'll never cradle Juuichi's balls
pdf where

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 05:18:58 No. 1539
My butt's hairy, if you want to take a sniff and pretend it's a fuzzy bear butt

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:04:12 No. 1540
>Alice in Chains

Linkin Park is nu-metal (and so is Korn), but those bands are still kicking it, albeit AiC has a new singer who still sounds kickass by the way. In fact, I just saw Korn last Tuesday and they still got it yo.

But you're right with SP carrying on past the times. Some of their stuff is still cool. LP just can't seem to get it together, and AiC is stuck in the same rut, plus their last album was so overproduced it hurt. At least Korn is trying out some new things with adopting a little more poppy sound and introducing dubstep in their songs, some which don't sound half bad. I don't know what Soundgarden is doing, I just stick to their old stuff.

You see this is why we need a random board so we can talk about stuff like this, not to mention /mu/ is utter shit.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:12:30 No. 1541
>Tfw going to go to bed alone, as usual
>Tfw you will wake up alone tomorrow
>Tfw you will never go to sleep by your husbando's side, or wake up to the sight of his sleeping face

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:16:33 No. 1542
>you'll never wake up to the aroma of musky fuzzy butt

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:20:49 No. 1543
But my husbando doesn't have a fuzzy butt

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:21:37 No. 1544
Sounds like a terrible husbeeble

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:29:39 No. 1545
well-dressed Tatsu-nii.jpg
Open file ( 34.20 KB 462x632 )
Take that back, Tatsuki is perfect.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:37:07 No. 1546
I'll fuck him for his slit and body.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 06:49:24 No. 1547
You are totally right. A direct result of grunge influence, and the grunge spirit is heavily present in their (early 00's) songs. I suppose this is why you introduced those bands? It was a nice touch from you, anon!


>Korn still got it.

Nice. They didn't get much of a welcome-back reception over here, but I'm glad they're faring well in their home country.

>LP just can't seem toget it together.

Not to disagre with you, but the feeling I got was that they overhauled themselves and attained higher international success than any similar band.

Their stuff turned from teenage angst to… well, I will be honest with you, all I pretty much know about them is they changed their style almost completely.

The way I see it, they're still good at what they do, albeit in a (now) more "grown up" and polished manner - In that they've all grown from experience an became different musicians. I really like a thousand suns.

>read "Last album"

>Google linkin park album.
>Find a new one.
>Over produced.
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I certainly hope that isn't a bad thing. Are you sure it's not just that they've pulled a new "We are strangers to the fans now" ?

I'm going to have to listen to this before I get back to you.

>Korn is trying new things and kicking butt.

Again, I'm really glad.

I'd have loved Limp Bizkit to have done the same.

Their last album still kicked ass by bringing back what made them famous but… Oh well, I'm just glad they did come back at all at this point, to be honest.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 07:02:07 No. 1548
Open file ( 236.63 KB 1130x809 )
Tatsu deserves someone who wants him for more than just his body and who wants more than just a fuck.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 07:05:02 No. 1549
Exactly; who said he won't be drunk out of his mind while I have my way with his slumbering mass?

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 15:46:55 No. 1550
Despite women saying they aren't crazed sex sluts, the books that are marketed towards them say otherwise.

I'd read that book, for the pure novelty of it. Is it sorta like beauty and the beast in that the bear is actually a human?

If I didn't already have a bf, and you lived within 100 miles or so… Yeah I'd give it a go.

Despite liking hairy musky butts, I don't think I want to wake up with one in my face.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 17:38:11 No. 1551
Open file ( 465.56 KB 600x848 )
>Limp Bizkit
To be honest, I've never actually listened to any of their stuff outside of Break Stuff because some of their band members like to mouth off. I'll take a gander at their stuff though when I get a chance. Spotify is a beautiful thing.

>not much of a reception "here"

Where you live holmes?

>more polished, grown-up

Wow I really agree with you there actually. Everybody despises the group because all their lyrics were about "oh poor me nothing ever works out i hate the world blah blah blah", but they are all those people's guilty pleasures, they'll just never admit it. From what I said about not being able to get it together, that was more of a personal preference more than anything. I know some people still like them a lot, but I just don't listen to their new stuff anymore. Doesn't get my motor running.

>looks up Linkin Park

>meant Alice in Chains
While it both are over-produced, Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands of all time, but I'm just not a fan of their new stuff. I'll admit there are a couple good songs on TDPTDH including some not played on the radio, but the blatant overproduction and lack of vocals without any effects on it just did me in. I'll get used to it later.

>Limp Bizkit is back at all

Man now you've got me interested in listening to them.

What other stuff you into buddy?

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 17:41:32 No. 1552
>[spoiler]If I didn't already have a bf, and you lived within 100 miles or so… Yeah I'd give it a go.
Who says I can't just show you it through other mediums
No my post isn't a robot; quit discarding it

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:04:21 No. 1553
Open file ( 132.55 KB 449x598 )
How lewd!

I don't do skype and that sorta thing because I don't have internet at home. If that's what you were implying. :([/spoiler]

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:08:27 No. 1555
Open file ( 138.97 KB 586x636 )
I was implying email
Damnit; there needs to be autoclosing spoilertags

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:13:01 No. 1556
Open file ( 224.36 KB 1280x1280 )
>not checking the email field stealthily.
Anon, please…

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:15:12 No. 1557
Open file ( 80.93 KB 451x451 )
Don't bully

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:18:06 No. 1558
If you have mgchan set to [Dark], it's hard to tell if some one posts their email.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:23:17 No. 1559
Yea, that's what I have it at.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:23:31 No. 1560
Open file ( 277.23 KB 1920x1080 )
Boo, it didn't upload.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:26:09 No. 1561
Yeah, that mild color shift in the green denotes an email. It's easier to determine if someone posted an email.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 18:58:59 No. 1562
Hey guys, anybody doing the challenge? Basically you just play the game on each day in August according to the days in the game. A little late, but all you gotta do is catch up two days.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 19:02:42 No. 1563
What about time skips?

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 19:10:25 No. 1564
I actually replayed my husubando's route earlier in the summer. So I'll just wait a while before I go through again.

You don't play? Go full on NEET mode. Gotta get into character and all that jazz.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 20:06:37 No. 1565
holy fucking shit guys, this time I fucked up real good. Time for a fresh shame story
>be me not out, reserved
>check some kemono stuff online and /mg
>close laptop and leave house with friends
>parents lately sorta figure out how to use my tablet and I let them use it with no problem but…
>now chrome has a tag when you make a new tab called: reading on pc or something.
>return home mother show me some lewld images of kouya
>what it is anon?

fuck guys, now my parents think I'm a kouyafag when I'm really a torafag.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 20:12:46 No. 1566
Screenshot (562).png
Open file ( 144.23 KB 1280x768 )
That didn't end how I was expecting. I guess show her the folder with gigs of tora lewds. You do have a folder with gigs worth of Tora right? If not, how can you even call him your husubando…

The shame of not having that large of a folder devoted to your husubando… And yes, Tom is my second husubando right behind Juu.

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 20:47:35 No. 1567
If August wouldn't have been interrupted by a long trip to Germany I'd be up for that.
It's only like what, 15 minutes a day of gameplay?

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 22:01:08 No. 1568
Keisuke- Sleazy.png
Open file ( 181.57 KB 434x594 )
Let's talk about the best side character

Anonymous 08/03/2014 (Sun) 23:11:47 No. 1569

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 00:01:09 No. 1570
>Limp Bizkit (never heard anything outside of break stuff).
LB is all about pure unadulterated (silly) fun for me. Like, Fred isn't the brighest performer out there, but he's got this authentic, fun, humourous vibe to him.

He's crude and simple in what he says, more so lyrically. Stuff like "Re-Entry" and "Creamer" from are pretty awesome for getting pumped up, in "re-entry"'s case, it's also good for getting a laugh out of the intro. The same goes for the intro to "chocolate starfish".

>Interested in LB.

I'd say, pay some attention to Wes Borland's work. His guitar technique is often criticised because he never pulls off a solo in concerts. However, his style complements Fred's energy by immersing it in this weird,carefree, trippy vibe.

His style is really simple, he admits that himself. All he does is repeating octaves (I only get the gist of what that means by that), but his style alone makes for a different experience altogether.

I guess LB is good for just laying back and having a fun time shutting your head off for a moment.

They don't even take themselves too seriously, their aim seems to just be having fun and experimenting.

their last album has a song titled "autotunage" and "shotgun", the latter has the weapon's sound effect for rythm at a point. Shotgun is a song I recommend for getting LB's spirit.

I'd love to get into more detail, but I don't mean to be a bore, my final say on this matter is : Please listen to "chocolate starfish" !

>Fred's a d-bag.

He… Kinda is. But is that all show business? I can't tell. You're right tho, he does mouth off a lot.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 00:03:09 No. 1571
>Doesn't get my motor running.
What do you listen to?

>No vocals without effects.

That's almost cheating! Doesn't it stop sounding authentic at one point?



What about you? Tell me something about the state you live in!

>Both are over-produced.

LP totally is… their last album sounds so noisy, but clean at the same time through all the distortion. I didn't really like it. I'll have to check alice's later.

>Get used to it later.

>listen to; tolerate slightly more; rinse, repeat; eventually like it.
The fate of any fan!

>What else do you listen to.

I uh, don't really know. I've been listening to a lot of Enigma, used to be a real fan of Gorillaz, but ended up throwing that up since it generally is too depressing a mood to wallow in; Foo Fighters for the occasional sass, I'll whole-heartedly agree with you: "Spotify is a beautiful thing": I don't know for sure what I've been listening to lately.

mainly ambient, lounge, easy going jazz, classical, that's the kind of stuff I've been listening to lately.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 00:07:52 No. 1572
You've got to admit tho, he was suave this time around. I wonder why he got banned, to be honest.
Based mods got tired of him, perhaps?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 00:15:35 No. 1573
If they'd only given him a hairstyle that didn't look like firework he'd easily been a 10/10 husbando.
He has a great personality at least.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 01:03:15 No. 1574
Is it sad if I don't think any of the side characters are husubando material?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 01:30:30 No. 1575
Nah. I think you're missing put though.
Some of them are pretty interesting, but that's probably also due to them not getting destroyed by bad writing in any way yet.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 03:28:04 No. 1576
>having multiples

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 07:32:46 No. 1577
Keisuke Hair.png
Open file ( 115.23 KB 434x594 )
I tried giving him Akira's haircut.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 07:34:07 No. 1578

Now he looks like a horse version of Egoraptor without the chins.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 08:15:09 No. 1579
Open file ( 77.67 KB 500x830 )
>It's August

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 08:39:30 No. 1580
hahaha, did you do this yourself?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 08:58:32 No. 1581
Open file ( 56.23 KB 720x480 )

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 09:48:04 No. 1582
god i love this image

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 11:23:04 No. 1583
Tom is for the part I me that want a big lovable cuddle bear, and Juuichi is for the part of me that wants a serious grumpy bear. They are both wonderful husubandos, but if I had to pick one it would be Juu

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 11:24:18 No. 1584
Open file ( 89.92 KB 640x1136 )
Tom is for the part I me that want a big lovable cuddle bear, and Juuichi is for the part of me that wants a serious grumpy bear. They are both wonderful husubandos, but if I had to pick one it would be Juu

Also, what the fuck does this even mean?!

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 13:50:13 No. 1585
Why don't you worship the cloaca?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 15:05:30 No. 1586
Because it is attached to a drunkard husubando. I'd rather worship the thick meaty schlong of muh bear husubando. Go worship your cloaca if you wish.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 17:39:00 No. 1588
Enjoy your one hole
Slit > cloaca

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 17:48:47 No. 1589
why did you guys drive away the drawfriends?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 18:17:45 No. 1590
Because they're begging to be coddled.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 18:46:33 No. 1591
That actually happened?

Can't beat Juu, right! :3

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 18:51:03 No. 1592
Open file ( 137.38 KB 692x693 )
>Tom is for the part I me that want a big lovable cuddle bear, and Juuichi is for the part of me that wants a serious grumpy bear.
But Juu's already a big loveable cuddle bear.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 19:34:47 No. 1593
Open file ( 225.89 KB 1280x898 )
Tom has the outgoing lovable sorta dumb personality.

Juu is more of a stoic, caring and intellectual.

I really enjoy both characters because they are both engaging, but in different ways. Juu would be fun to spar with, laze by the river with, and grow intellectually. Tom is more happy go lucky and would be fun horsing around, working on levitating vehicles, and what ever else he would want to do. Juu would be the obvious better choice for me in the long run, but if I don't get that chance a Tom is fine too.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 19:41:24 No. 1594
Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 19:45:53 No. 1595
Open file ( 323.97 KB 657x822 )
I guess.
I like Juu's personality and butt more; Tom's butt looks plain.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 19:53:26 No. 1596
Open file ( 35.69 KB 400x300 )
I like both butts. Both butts are rimmable

But how is Juu's butt better if they both have bear butts?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 19:55:42 No. 1597
Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 20:00:51 No. 1598
Juu'll have a nice butt composed of a fine blend of fat and muscle

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 20:08:37 No. 1599
Open file ( 192.05 KB 700x500 )
But how can you tell if tom's butt isn't the same. They are both bear butts after all. Sure Juu prolly lifts weights more, but it's not like a natural born anthropomorphic bear isn't going to be muscular.

I decree that Juu and Tom, as well as most other bears, have marvelous butts.

I really need more bear butt, as my folder is sorta lacking. Please help bolster my juu folder.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 20:50:40 No. 1600
Open file ( 69.49 KB 625x830 )
There's already sketches of Tom's butt; it's pretty ordinary.

I don't have anything fresh. My folder's recent pics are from June of last year

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 20:59:25 No. 1601
I was asking specifically for juu's.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:21:34 No. 1604
I'm saying Tom's butt is canonically ordinary.



Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:21:58 No. 1605
Open file ( 91.64 KB 500x504 )
To the guy that took the time to create a long post, I'm sorry. I didn't think you would actually delete your post, so I was gonna write back to it when I had time, so I just put that I didn't care. I apologize.

I know how much it sucks when you write out a long post, only to have it be ignored. I regret my decision on my troll post. Please forgive me…

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:40:11 No. 1606
Open file ( 71.05 KB 579x412 )
Of the Morenatsu cast…

Which one smells the worst wet?

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:43:24 No. 1607

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:46:07 No. 1608


He probably smells the worst in general.

Anonymous 08/04/2014 (Mon) 21:57:30 No. 1609
Nasty ass dog smell.

The only reason why Shun is fine is because he is a shota.

I bet Ten smells horrible wet too.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:02:03 No. 1610
So how does one go about washing a daki?

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:04:55 No. 1611

It's easy.

Throw it out, stop being a pathetic manchild, and get a real bf.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:14:18 No. 1613
Probably like anything else.

Unless you have been doing lewd things with your husubando. If so, you should be giving him a bath after every bout.

Check your privilege.

Not everyone can get a bf you know.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:14:45 No. 1614
>real bf
Hard to find a deliciously hairy guy that isn't thin as fuck or a whale

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:15:13 No. 1615
I promise I don't cum on him; I just cuddle

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:50:14 No. 1616
Open file ( 19.04 KB 407x286 )
>get a real bf
You make it sound like it's easy.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 00:51:09 No. 1617
Find someone that wants to get to the size you want. If they are big, see if they want to lose weight. Or if they are skinny, try and get them to hit the gym.

Or try and not be so picky about getting it just right. Body composition can change over the course of a lifetime. Unless you and your bf are hitting the gym often, then both of you are going to get chubby. So try to find a good personality with most of the physical attributes that you want.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 01:09:03 No. 1619
Reminds me of that skiny guy hugging the Juu one. Augh. I'm in a long distance relationship, and I don't think I would get one, lest my bf find it. :0

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 01:25:13 No. 1620
>Reminds me of that skiny guy hugging the Juu one.

I can be lenient with size; it's hair that's usually the issue.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 03:10:33 No. 1621
Open file ( 139.21 KB 500x351 )

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 03:46:27 No. 1622
Do draw requests go in Creative

Do drawfags and drawings go in Creative

Can drawfags post in this thread and can people make requests in this thread

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 04:10:25 No. 1623
They use shampoo though and evidently quite often.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 04:18:12 No. 1624
oh, you're still here <3

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 04:30:53 No. 1625
is it a bad thing?

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 04:50:58 No. 1626
No, we were sad because we thought you guys left.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 05:25:20 No. 1627
Either is fine. Having a thread in /ck/ has the advantage of keeping related posts all in one thread, which can be helpful for longer term/team projects.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 09:54:54 No. 1631
I was hoping you'd do that one anon, cheers.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 11:50:12 No. 1632
Haha, wow, thanks for that!

All is forgiven man, you're a great person. Again, thanks for that and don't worry! Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 13:50:09 No. 1633
>wanting to have bf

I'm fine with my perfect 2D husbando

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 13:58:20 No. 1634
impending rape.jpg
Open file ( 97.65 KB 800x850 )
I want to hot-dog my dick in between Tatsuki's butt-cheeks

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 15:23:36 No. 1635
Oh my gosh thank you for this.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 15:50:35 No. 1636
Open file ( 61.92 KB 914x1000 )
What dragon dildo would you have to buy if you wanted to accurately portray your husubando?

I guess what I'm asking, is there actual metrics for each of the cast's members?

I need it for science.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 16:00:21 No. 1637
I'd say… look up their heights and try to figure out the proportions?

Best of luck in your science project!

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 16:15:32 No. 1638
Why bother with hotdogging when you can fuck and frot with him at the same time

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 16:21:45 No. 1640
no I don't have it because I really didn't want to get caught.
Anyway the story is true, the last part was for fun.
Jeez guys I'm fucked.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 16:45:16 No. 1641
Well for one, they're pretty much human-like in the H-scenes and I don't think they have anything that looks like Tatsu's slit

BD needs to make a fleshlight with a cock in it.

Anonymous 08/05/2014 (Tue) 16:58:09 No. 1642
ahah this image is really cute.
tora's so cute :3

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 05:37:45 No. 1644
Hotdogging is fun as fuck you pleb

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 11:06:01 No. 1645
Not as much as plain old fucking though.

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 11:56:25 No. 1647
rap game ian watkins.png
Open file ( 76.70 KB 462x506 )
Let's try that again

Why is Gaku so fucked?

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 12:00:47 No. 1648
That is the point of hot dogging? If I was gonna frot, I'd rather them be on their back with their legs wrapped around me so I can kiss them. If I was gonna have them on their belly, I'd rather rim 'em and dick 'em.

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 16:19:37 No. 1649
I want to see a shota gaku getting railed by ten. Is that so wrong?

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 16:27:41 No. 1650
How much older is Ten in comparison to Gaku?

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 16:32:55 No. 1651
I want gaku backstory with him being thrown out of the family because he fucked with Ten

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 17:11:11 No. 1652

>What is foreplay

Anonymous 08/06/2014 (Wed) 17:14:35 No. 1653
Screenshot (577).png
Open file ( 715.30 KB 1280x768 )
I'm looking for and image to use for the Morenatsu soundtrack. Something subtle, and doesn't scream kemodating simulator.

Any suggestions?

Hoping for the morenatsu blue title theme on some blue sky and clouds. Sorta like on the title screen, but without tora on it. (not that I dislike tora)

Ok, I just thought it was implied as an endpoint. As foreplay, it is fine.

Anonymous 08/07/2014 (Thu) 02:53:26 No. 1654
would you let your husbando fart on your face

Anonymous 08/07/2014 (Thu) 03:18:15 No. 1655
why would i want pink eye

Anonymous 08/07/2014 (Thu) 08:35:38 No. 1657
I could've gone my whole life not knowing I want this too.

Anonymous 08/07/2014 (Thu) 15:56:50 No. 1659

Anonymous 08/07/2014 (Thu) 20:55:03 No. 1661
Open file ( 6.91 KB 720x720 )
Perhaps this? It was used for the second mixtape.

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 04:42:37 No. 1663
Describe the perfect evening you would spend with your husbando in your home if you could from the moment he walks in till sunrise

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 08:53:40 No. 1664
mgchan is kill?

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 09:37:06 No. 1665
I guess we're the last ones left.
A husbando poll for the remaining 3 of us:

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 16:16:46 No. 1668
I would have thought that there would be more tatsuki enthusiasts since there are a lot of images posted of him. Slightly surprised that Tora is at the top as well.

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 16:41:15 No. 1669
>tfw only person to vote for Tatsuki

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 17:57:16 No. 1670
Bear butt best butt

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 20:31:14 No. 1671
This is the truth.

Bear butts are love, bear butts are life

So rimmable.

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 20:35:42 No. 1672
Seems we left the shinfags behind somewhere.

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 20:49:36 No. 1673
Open file ( 213.52 KB 997x956 )

I'm always here, silently judging your pleb tier husbandos

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 20:52:59 No. 1674
I defected to sou master race

I suspect you'll all do the same in 2018 when his route comes out

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 21:00:14 No. 1675
rip mg.png
Open file ( 336.46 KB 1000x750 )

Anonymous 08/08/2014 (Fri) 21:11:17 No. 1676

Wow that soon?

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 03:19:11 No. 1677
Festival Friends.jpg
Open file ( 179.61 KB 500x700 )
Make that two.

I'm still around. Just mulling between stuff I've been trying to draw.

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 03:21:15 No. 1678
Open file ( 505.69 KB 317x285 )
back once more

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 07:13:03 No. 1679
Any idea why its been particularly slow the last few days days?

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 07:14:01 No. 1680
Not sure.
Maybe people have just lost interest

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 07:20:13 No. 1681

its best to try and get new faces in here, maybe promote somewhere if you want to keep this moderately active

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 11:06:25 No. 1682

i will get a TV commercial made.

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 13:20:02 No. 1683
aww yeah

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 17:03:48 No. 1685
We webm now

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 19:35:34 No. 1686
>Your request looks automated, post discarded

Suck my fucking dick

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you

Eat the fullest extent of my ass

That looks pretty cute.

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 19:48:47 No. 1687
Open file ( 87.03 KB 581x348 )
>write a paragraph long post
>get automated request over and fucking over until you give up

I hate this, what even causes it anyway?

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 21:00:12 No. 1688
I think one of the cases it happens is when a post is done quite a while after loading the page.

Anonymous 08/09/2014 (Sat) 22:06:13 No. 1689
Usually refreshing works for me.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 01:01:38 No. 1690
[thinks of breakage].jpg
Open file ( 119.71 KB 900x900 )
here's a shitty gaku headcanon i whipped up

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 01:11:09 No. 1691
Open file ( 1.17 MB 1000x800 )
Would you turn Juuichi into your underwear, /mg/?

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 01:55:08 No. 1692
Open file ( 75.13 KB 462x506 )
Not if it was permanent.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 01:55:48 No. 1693
Id rather BE his underwear.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 02:06:27 No. 1694
Open file ( 1.29 MB 1200x1200 )
And I thought I have seen everything. :/

And no, I wouldn't turn my husubando into underwear.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 04:35:33 No. 1695
No thanks

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 06:46:59 No. 1696
Maybe if that was the only way to bring him into our reality, and then I'd wear him as a hat

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 06:55:23 No. 1697
I wanna put my WEEEEner in'm.png
Open file ( 118.90 KB 581x668 )
We still posting lewds?

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 12:47:31 No. 1698
Open file ( 1.74 MB 826x684 )
the fuck. no.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 15:29:07 No. 1699
don't you know that gay furry dating sim imageboards default to sfw? Kappa

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 19:25:39 No. 1702
Open file ( 785.45 KB 4092x4092 )

M-muh dick.

There's more to this picture, right?


Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 19:28:12 No. 1704
1319942 - Morenatsu Soutarou_Touno.png
Open file ( 235.39 KB 1250x813 )

Since lewd seems to be kosher round these parts if spoilered, here's the full image

>you will never spurt your seed inside Soutarou's lion boy hole

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 19:35:51 No. 1705


Needs more balls. Where are they?

Did he get testicular cancer and have them removed, or something?

Whats the point of drawing a character in that position if your going to leave out the balls.


Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 19:53:29 No. 1706
I'm still occasionally lurking. Don't have much time right now.

what was ? or what will be ? summer was the theme for the last one. speaking of which, what happened to it?

No, man. That's an incredible pic, tho!

What happened to the "parents found lewd Kouya pics" anon?

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 23:11:18 No. 1708
I like Tatsu's big butt.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 23:20:19 No. 1709
I love you.png
Open file ( 248.03 KB 500x374 )
I just saw the poll, and was saddened to see only two people had voted for Tatsuki. I voted for him now, driving the number up to three, but I wish the big guy had a bit more love.

Anonymous 08/10/2014 (Sun) 23:52:59 No. 1710
Open file ( 859.48 KB 800x980 )
It's basically me (Sunbro), the Chariot drawfriend (Meek), and presumably you who are left. Unless there's a fourth, but it's likely a certain someone who used to foul up the threads when they were still back on /vg/.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 00:01:44 No. 1711
Open file ( 188.87 KB 600x800 )
Only you two, besides me? What a shame - I remember he had so many more fans back on 4chan's /vg/. I wonder why such a decline?

He's so huggable and lovable, after all, and has a pretty cute butt

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 00:17:33 No. 1712
midday snooze.jpg
Open file ( 132.05 KB 500x750 )
There were a small number of us, but I think most either left out of disinterest/lack of news on the upcoming routes or just didn't wanna be associated with the one Tatsuki fan who constantly insulted everyone over liking the more popular husbandos.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 01:25:22 No. 1713
Open file ( 71.21 KB 540x720 )
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROTHERS Tora is also acceptable but he's #1 in my heart

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 02:00:57 No. 1714
What does Kazumi-san look like?
I sort of wish she had a sprite, along with Shuns dad

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 02:15:19 No. 1715
Why is he so beautiful?

I'd kiss his mouth and wrap my arms around his big burly dragon self

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 05:06:53 No. 1716
I'm the Tatsuki fan who - according to you - "insulted everyone else's husbando". What? I was tired of the Kouyautists and weird Juuichi fans.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 05:41:59 No. 1717
Open file ( 2.00 MB 400x172 )
>your husbando will never cuddle with you

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 05:43:28 No. 1718
Open file ( 1.60 MB 260x195 )
>you will never scare your husbando with a vacuum

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 09:14:34 No. 1719
Having less hard bara friends is good in my opinion.
I'm not the only one who remembers the time when any other husbando than Tora, Juu and Tatsuki were ridiculed like there was no tomorrow, am I.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 09:52:13 No. 1720
>All these husbandos not even getting a hipster vote.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 11:29:58 No. 1722
criss angel as a mailman.jpg
Open file ( 56.57 KB 650x429 )

>captcha: YYHW

>we yahweh now

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 13:28:15 No. 1723
No one has openly admitted liking Kouya in months.
I don't blame them, seeing as Kouya is instantly assosciated with furfaggotry.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 15:17:37 No. 1724
>weird Juu fans.
U wot m8?
D'awwww… I'm jealous!

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 18:00:33 No. 1725
Open file ( 165.68 KB 1280x1707 )
sharks have best eyes

debate me

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 18:02:09 No. 1726
but anon, you are correct

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 18:20:00 No. 1727
>m-muh feeughlz
Fuck off

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 21:08:06 No. 1728
Open file ( 53.32 KB 462x632 )
>You will never have a husbando whose mission is to protect your smile

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 21:18:33 No. 1729
Open file ( 787.36 KB 250x175 )
>notice me sempai
>no notice me sempai!

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 21:19:07 No. 1730
As cute as this is, what is the probability that the tiger will ever get angry enough with you that you and maul you to death?

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 21:58:43 No. 1731
It's always there. They're not bred enough to be fully domesticated, and will always have a wild side.
Of course if it was a husbando with human intelligence the chance of mauling would be slightly lower.

Anonymous 08/11/2014 (Mon) 23:00:14 No. 1732
Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 02:15:30 No. 1733
>Juu being a macho bear and showing off

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 05:51:09 No. 1736
gamma did it its canon.jpg
Open file ( 26.55 KB 500x667 )
Would you a Torahime?

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 09:08:25 No. 1737

Oh yes.

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 10:44:27 No. 1738
What are you? Bi or a translesbian

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 11:02:58 No. 1740
haha nice, can we get a female version of juuichi, Tatsuki and kouya and a male version of shin?
it is gonna be hilarious

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 11:49:46 No. 1741
Bi. I'm not whatever mental disease translesbianism might be.

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 12:01:01 No. 1742
i think that is called autogynephilia. Unlike normal trans people they have a sex change and still like women instead of men

and_is_w!kemono.6JM 08/12/2014 (Tue) 13:14:24 No. 1743
Open file ( 44.73 KB 900x600 )

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 13:54:15 No. 1744
I wouldn't mind a Tatsuhime

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 14:07:11 No. 1745
woo long 2.jpg
Open file ( 363.71 KB 519x737 )
>You will never have double-cock privilege and fuck Tatsu-nii's ass and slit at the same time in order to induce a massive orgasm from him

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 15:58:54 No. 1746

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 17:59:23 No. 1748
I hope Gamma G decides to draw rule 63 of the rest of the Morenatsu cast.
Also, that Tora should be a bit more muscular.

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 18:56:05 No. 1749
Open file ( 152.97 KB 421x500 )

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 20:46:01 No. 1750
That's real cute, but I like men

She seems like she'd be a good tomboy companion though

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 21:53:02 No. 1751
Open file ( 24.39 KB 398x500 )
yeah i would yeah

Anonymous 08/12/2014 (Tue) 22:30:21 No. 1752
Open file ( 301.39 KB 860x538 )

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 00:08:14 No. 1753
Kinda interesting to see Gamma go out of his kemohomo norm like that. That said, I ain't into the female form, even if that IS technically Torahiko.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 02:59:09 No. 1756
Open file ( 101.25 KB 500x500 )
I like men

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 08:55:13 No. 1758
What does mg look like? Anyone willing to show their face? Your husbando might be dating a ugly neck beard

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 09:08:01 No. 1759
Open file ( 452.40 KB 720x960 )
Guys a made something lewd. Shameless tumblr link

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 09:46:00 No. 1760

Outside the shock that such a thing actually exists, anyone else shudders at the thought of even remotely surgically touching their penis?

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 11:34:50 No. 1761
Yes. Even thinking about circumsition makes it hurt down there.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 11:42:15 No. 1762
Open file ( 12.40 KB 480x360 )
>showing your face to a bunch of fellow sexually frustrated virgins


Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 11:59:25 No. 1763
never ever do that!
I uploaded mine once, and an anon did horrible things to the picture

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 12:04:43 No. 1764
Well some people feel like the opposite gender inside and want to become that, and a penis is in the way. I dont see how surgery creeps you out, it isnt like they are gonna force YOU to have a sex change. You might value your penis but they dont value theirs

But i guess traps are way too popular on 4chan and subsequently here

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 13:00:54 No. 1765
They thought you were qt and fapped to it, didn't they.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 13:46:39 No. 1766
I don't fear they'd force anything on me. I'm just stating I don't want my junk hurt.

>they don't value theirs.

That's… More eye opening than I thought. I guess I just like my parts too much to even fathom why someone would want to get rid of theirs.

But at the same time, it isn't healthy, in it's purest definition, to do away with your privates. It just isn't.

Your psychological health is of the utmost importance… And something IS wrong with them.

But just because there is no alternate method of dealing with it and correcting the situation without resorting to surgery, it doesn't make it … the ultimate fix.

It just reeks of desperate "band-aid fix" to me. In a time where political correctness and sexual liberation is such a priority that it supersedes caution.

Lobotomy earned Egas Moniz a nobel in medicine, and years later, there's patient's families proposing for his prize to be revoked.

This just gives me pause. Pause and hope that we will one day be able to correct this at the root. That's all.

I will admit, I'm not always so serious in this matter. So it's okay if you got mad

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 13:59:10 No. 1767
Is your husbando pure?

prove it

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 14:32:36 No. 1768
Shun stopped being pure a long time ago… He's now my personal fuccboi and he keeps begging me to fill up his boi pussy.

In fact, he's under the table, blowing me as we speak.

Begging me to blow my load on him already… god, he's grown so impatient…

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 14:48:16 No. 1769
That's what repressing your sexuality until you're 16 does to a frail young mind.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 16:15:53 No. 1770
Kouya is heavily implied to have been with boys and girls before he met Hiro.
Considering what virgins here believe is "pure", he isn't pure at all.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 16:31:54 No. 1771
Three routes left. Which of the three will be the biggest slut?

kouya and kouno can't be the only ones

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 16:39:29 No. 1772
Open file ( 254.24 KB 878x708 )

>one time comment about how girls thought he was good looking in school

>heavily implied he's fucked them

are you autistic

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 16:41:40 No. 1773
>not seeing the small hints when he's talking about the past and the cheeky comments between him and keisuke
Are you? Can't handle your husbando being anything but a sweet maiden?

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 16:49:02 No. 1775
Open file ( 235.76 KB 1085x992 )


c'mon, son

also he's not even my husbando

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 17:34:03 No. 1776
Open file ( 557.14 KB 1500x1000 )
>Kouya was in a relationship before being with the main character? With Keisuke?

Please stop

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 17:41:47 No. 1777

I don't give a shit if he was, but you have literally no evidence to support it.

I know most of you autists on here have no friends, but believe me, teasing each a buddy doesn't mean you want to ram him ass full of your dick.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 17:44:46 No. 1778
Open file ( 225.76 KB 650x644 )

Tora with glasses is a miracle of the universe


>Teasing each a buddy doesn't mean you want to ram him ass full of your dick.

I-it doesn't?

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 17:57:50 No. 1779
Whatever you say bub, he clearly fucks like someone with at least minimal past experience.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 17:59:17 No. 1780
Open file ( 562.58 KB 600x700 )
>but you literally have no evidence to support it that I'm not going to plug my ears and scream "LALALALA" at

Keisuke and Kouya were implied to be a thing, it's not the end of the world, cry about it

The world could always use more husbandos with glasses.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:06:58 No. 1781
I refuse to believe any of the husbandos are biscum.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:16:03 No. 1782

can you hyphenate that

biscum sounds like some kind of ointment or something

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:26:46 No. 1783
guys tease one another constantly.

For all we know, kouya could have been actively been a bottom and the horseguy was making fun of him.

>you're such a ladiesman.

>but I secretly know you crace the horse meat *wink* *wink*.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:53:12 No. 1784
>you will never have yourself with kouya and his female groupies

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:55:40 No. 1785
I kinda like the idea of Kouya not being a virgin. It gives him that "experienced" feeling that Tappei has.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 18:56:25 No. 1786
I thought canonically, he slept with that horse.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 19:07:46 No. 1787
>tfw you really want a threesome with kouya and tora
>tfw not pure

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 19:15:59 No. 1788
The popular headcanon is that Kouya totally took the horse cock because that's a great thought

But the game just implies they were together, it doesn't really say anything else or even if they had sex

I hope they did though, lots of raunchy sex

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 19:52:01 No. 1789

That's a normal healthy thought, anon.

Throw in Juuichi and Kyouji too, for a full blown cock festival.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 20:41:41 No. 1790
Feels good having a pure maiden husbando like Tatsuki

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 20:49:45 No. 1791
Except all the times his dad touched him in his childhood.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 21:00:48 No. 1792
Laughing Tatsuki.png
Open file ( 146.79 KB 462x632 )
Tatsuki is a chaste and pure maiden in white, don't compare him to some of the other less reputable husbandos.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 21:30:14 No. 1793
He won't be for long when I'm done with him.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 21:53:10 No. 1794
I won't let you take his purity and chastity away, degenerate.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 21:55:57 No. 1795
Too late faggot.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:00:53 No. 1796
I indirectly shown a good majority of my bod.

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:06:48 No. 1797

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:11:36 No. 1798
Not in /mg/; I have some decency

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:16:56 No. 1799
so eternal dysphoria and hate of their body is what they should do? Because people feel removing your privates, one of the sources of the problem is bad?

trans people dont transition for fun, my sister is trans. All that dysphoria and hate for you body is forcing them to change body and any other male feature including the dick. Dysphoria cant be repressed since it will just come back and bite you in the ass even harder.
Think of this, people are able to change bodies with the new technology, an accident happens and you are put in a female body while you are still 100% male mentally. What is easier? to change your body back to the correct one or keep trying and failing to somehow change the mind? And remember, repression doesnt work, it is as bad as straight camps

I can understand why it feels weird the you, but those people NEED to go through that, nobody wishes they were transgender since it is a terrible burden. Just try to understand that only transition makes such people feel good and normal again and thus HEALTHY!

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:42:24 No. 1800

they should just kill themselves

you too, or at least fuck off to tumblr

Anonymous 08/13/2014 (Wed) 23:42:29 No. 1801

It is the best we can do about it right now. I sincerely do agree with you in that respect and I won't be adding anything further out of respect. Which is not to say I disagree, because I really don't.

I apologize if I was at any moment inapropriate and please do farewell on this. Best of luck to your sister.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 02:31:59 No. 1802
Are you the guy with the Juu daki?

You have nice hairy legs, but you are too twink.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 03:15:04 No. 1804
I know, and I do eat

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 03:55:43 No. 1805

Wait, there's a Juu daki?

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 04:02:06 No. 1806

shh he's perfect


don't listen to that dork

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 04:58:59 No. 1807
I want to cuddle with my husbando so bad. I want him to hold me with his big burly arms and tell me with his reassuring and manly voice that he loves me and appreciates my existence and enjoys my company; I want to smell his scent and fall asleep enveloped in the warmth of his body.

God, I wish he were real so badly…

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 05:20:26 No. 1808

>and tell me with his reassuring and manly voice that he loves me and appreciates my existence and enjoys my company

God damn, you and me both.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 05:56:11 No. 1809
Why isn't he real, Anon? I'm never going to find someone who loves me - nobody could ever be as perfect as my burly green dragon hasubando.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 09:40:18 No. 1811
top kek, go but to tumblr faggot

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 11:06:26 No. 1812
I'm in the same situation, so don't take it too seriously as I was just joking around. You are perfectly fine, and at least you have hairy legs! I'm not very hairy, and am blonde, so that exacerbates the situation.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 14:04:39 No. 1813
Won't it be easier for twinks to find big burly guys tho?

I just… imagine that'd be a recurring pairing, no?

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 15:22:26 No. 1814
You would think so, but it always seems like big burly guys and big burly guys, unfortunately.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 15:48:35 No. 1815
Open file ( 25.19 KB 500x333 )
His arms look too short, specifically the fore arms. Legs don't quite seem meaty enough either. It's a good start though! Please keep practicing, as more juu art is always a good thing.

Also, Is this you?

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 15:54:41 No. 1816
From what i've found, that sometimes happens. My bf is bigger than me, in that he is a chubby bear. I think for the most part I have found that it's all sorta luck. Just have to find the lid that matched the pot. I've heard twinks bitch about not wanting bears, and bears not wanting twinks, but there is always the ones that one the opposite. I also believe it to be more personality than anything, in that you both have to correlate there and have some sexual chemistry as well.

Just keep looking. Start hitting the gym, even if it's for cardio. You have to go to places where the man you want would venture if you are going to get him.

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 18:22:53 No. 1817
Yup; only one in the world.

For me the problem is that there's barely any/so fucking far away and even from the palty sum, they barely show the goods

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 22:23:18 No. 1818

/v/ getting blown the fuck out

Anonymous 08/14/2014 (Thu) 22:31:56 No. 1819
Open file ( 111.31 KB 300x200 )

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