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/mg/ - Morenatsu General #202 Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 06:31:17 No. 1824
Tappei needs his fix.jpg
Open file ( 43.64 KB 480x640 )
Dragon daddy husbando edition

Official Site

>Morenatsu Torrent
(Rename both .eXe and .cf files to Morenatsu.eXe and

>Patches & Translation
(Download "patch.xp3" from this link and then place it in the Morenatsu folder you downloaded from the above torrent)

>HF Apploc
(HF pApploc is a free alternative to Applocale. Start this program then use it to run the Morenatsu .exe)


MTL Forums:
Script downloads:
(Password: FuckOffMTLNooneLikesYou)

IRC: #/mg/ @
Steam Group:

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 06:46:16 No. 1825
Which of the following would you rather like?

>you meet your husband, but can only be with him one day before he fades away forever (yes, he likes you)

>you obtain your husbandos pants, along with all of his clothing, and the musk and warmth never fade away

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 06:57:46 No. 1826
>It's Tora's birthday and all of the husbandos gather at his place for cake and presents
>Time to cut the cake
>"Oh you shouldn't have to cut your own cake Tora" says Shin, taking the knife.
>"How about a nice big hug for my pal Tora" said Tatsuki, pinning him to the chair from behind.
>Suddenly, Shin takes the knife and stabs Tora in the gut, then proceeds to pass it to around so each of the other seven can follow suit.
>After about 5 minutes of a stab-fest, Tora's on the ground in a fetal position, whimpering in pain
>Time for presents
>"Looks like he can't open them guys. Let's help him"
>Various tools of torture and sadism emerge from the wrappings and bags; rope, a hacksaw, gasoline and many other dangerous articles.
>Tatsuki picks up Tora and ties him up with the rope and then throws him in the back of his truck.

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 06:58:21 No. 1827
Open file ( 2.07 KB 102x125 )
>The husbandos all ride over to a tree hanging over a cliff near a river of hungry alligators.
>They re-do the rope around him so that he's tied to a pole.
>They then proceed to hoist the pole over a campfire, douse Tora in gasoline and watch him roar in agony from the heat of the flames.
>20 minutes later they cut him down and he's barely clinging to life.
>In order to soothe his burns they all take turns pissing on him.
>Kouya then takes the hacksaw and saws off Tora's hands.
>Kyouji then ties the remnants of the rope around Tora's big toes and hangs him from the tree
>What's a party without a pinata?
>The husbandos all take turns bashing Tora with the pole from earlier.
>Tora is about one more hit from death at this point
>They decide to finally put him out of his misery and cut him down so he falls off the cliff into the river below, scraping himself on the rocks before being devoured alive by the hungry alligators.
>As his bones crunch in the mouths of the alligators. they all sing to him the Happy Birthday song

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 11:59:23 No. 1831
1 day isnt enough and parts of him can cause obsessions.

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 14:17:49 No. 1832
Uh…right…good morning to you too mr . psychopath

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 14:43:29 No. 1833
No fur allowed.jpg
Open file ( 58.61 KB 750x291 )
Thread's off to a good start, paisanos!

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 17:34:38 No. 1834
Open file ( 270.77 KB 647x842 )
A great start indeed…

Ah well. New Tatsuki art from Matsutzu. I would raspberry that belly.

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 17:39:18 No. 1835
>You rejoin your husbando after a rough night at the study.
>The soft and cheery piano keys of Debussy's best works greet you as you silently enter the parlor.
>Juu's figure is visible where the back of the leather sopha ends. As he's comfortably resting, staring at the crepitation of the undulating fire
>inspired by the setting, feeling cheecky, you move in closer to surprise him.
>As you're about to greet him, you notice a spilled flask of honey on the rug, right next to his honey-covered paw.
>After his duties at the judo club ended, he lost some weight, but a reduced, slightly plump and adorable belly still rests gently pressed under his right arm.
>You don't mind it tho. Because lifting up his arm, joining him in the sopha, leaning in close to kiss his sugary lips, and finally drifting off to sleep, you are ever so comfortable, warm and happy.

you're husbando will never into real!


Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 17:49:23 No. 1836
>You will never go vacationing in Cancun with Tatsuki

Feels bad, man

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:00:54 No. 1837
Friendly reminder that if he trully loved you, he'd tinker a… dimension(ing?) machine to meet you!

Just… wait a few years anon, I'm sure he's busy building it to meet you as soon as possible, but that takes some time!

horrible Captchas, adminbros. Can you do something about it? A "new image" button would be nice!

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:08:06 No. 1838
Open file ( 460.28 KB 1366x768 )
>Tatsuki/Tappei thread
Aww yes

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:21:53 No. 1839
tatsuki a shit
juuichi a shit
bara a shit

get some taste, losers

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:36:37 No. 1840
Open file ( 28.13 KB 639x355 )
What the fuck did you just say about my husbando?

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:39:06 No. 1841
Open file ( 231.47 KB 500x443 )
Why do you bother responding?

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 18:40:29 No. 1842
Open file ( 77.52 KB 800x640 )
Because I'll defend Tatsuki

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 19:07:32 No. 1843

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 19:18:22 No. 1844

>if you don't like fat ugly slobs you must be heterosexual

what it like having autism?

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 19:28:35 No. 1845
eren's got the right 'tude.png
Open file ( 142.20 KB 530x377 )
>being this pleb

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 20:10:26 No. 1846
>tfw you will never drink Tatsunii's wonder-filled cloaca juice or fry an egg in his cloaca.

Why is life so unfair…

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 22:15:10 No. 1848
Open file ( 28.09 KB 450x293 )
I want to go with Tatsuki to a nice beach where we can have fun together by bathing in the sea and building sand castles and lying side-by-side under the cool shade of an umbrella or palapa, watching the ocean and kissing each other's mouths to cool the smarting from the salt water

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 22:46:19 No. 1849
why am I laughing uncontrolably at that pic?

Anonymous 08/15/2014 (Fri) 23:25:11 No. 1850
tfw no gf thats why

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 00:56:05 No. 1851
I'm not a piss fetishist so I'll never know this feel.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 00:58:55 No. 1852
Ah, but you see.gif
Open file ( 502.31 KB 400x300 )
But, Anon, his cloaca water is wonder-filled and great tasting.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 01:55:57 No. 1854
Like the sake he drinks?

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 04:03:57 No. 1855
Holy shit /mg/ is alive? I remember waking up one day and seeing that the threads had been pruned from /vg/. How long have you guys had this site now?

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 04:14:18 No. 1856
A month almost, or so it seems.

The only reason we got kicked out was because of german lolis.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 04:35:31 No. 1857
Please do tell.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 07:45:41 No. 1858
Exactly, Anon!

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 07:56:45 No. 1859
You will never be beautiful again.gif
Open file ( 435.46 KB 372x500 )
I want to feel asleep holding my husbando and enveloped in his warmth. I want to feel his warm breath on my forehead and nuzzle my head against the base of his neck, taking in his reassuring scent. I want to wake up on a lazy and bright weekend morning with his sleeping face being the first thing I see; I want to just lie in bed for a while, holding on to him as he sleeps on, before taking a shower and preparing breakfast for the two of us. I want to have a nice nourishing breakfast with him, while we have conversation and discuss what we should do for the day over a steaming cup of coffee.

God-damn, I wish my husbando was real, so God-damned much.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 08:43:02 No. 1861
Anon, is all the desperation in this post for real? No offense, but that's so sad…

Positive thoughts, anon. Positive thoughts.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 08:45:00 No. 1862
some german pedos were buttravaged that their general was purged from /vg/ so they spammed our general with bannable content and, generally speaking, prompted shitstorms in the threads.

The threads stopped being about hasubandos and was more of a heated argument about random stuff and butthurt general.

So the mods purged it as well.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 08:57:47 No. 1863
do you know when the next blacksad will come out?

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 10:20:22 No. 1864
Yurocomics usually take 2-5 years to make and publish, so don't expect anything new to come out before around 2018.

At least it'll be out before Morenatsu.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 14:59:16 No. 1865
cute sad frog.jpg
Open file ( 67.88 KB 387x429 )
>is all the desperation real?

Yes, Anon. Every day I wake up sad that he's not real. I wish he were, though - maybe that way I'd be able to have a friend and someone who could love me and talk to me and tell me that I matter

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 17:19:28 No. 1866
Open file ( 167.56 KB 660x660 )
I don't want to be mean, but Tatsu-nii doesn't strike me as a guy who'd take interest in a lump of sorrow so… If that's the kind of hasubando you'd like, why not mold yourself suitably?

Again, I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but you need the right bait for the fish you're trying to hook - You don't try to make the fish suit your bait as you're invariably met with failure. Instead make the bait suit the fish. - And this applies to all inter-personal relationships.

So yeah, toughen up, lighten up, and become a better person all-around so that you may bait dat special guy into your life!

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 18:01:42 No. 1867
Open file ( 33.71 KB 450x614 )
That sucks, guess I'll have to wait a while longer for a new dose of Weekly.

Anonymous 08/16/2014 (Sat) 20:29:58 No. 1869
Weren't you banned ages ago?!

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 08:53:12 No. 1870
Open file ( 85.61 KB 734x413 )
Real curious, how much of /mg/ is in the fnaf generals? If you're unaware it's the gfurriest that board has been since we left. And the game ain't half bad either

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 11:09:26 No. 1871
I recognize much of the posting styles from here in the threads. Especially the ones fantazising about red rockets.

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 13:13:48 No. 1874
[spoiler] I bet it was macro shinfag that fantasized about macro Foxy a wile ago, you motherfucker.

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 15:52:38 No. 1876
No because I like to keep my video games and my furry shit entirely seperate

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 17:08:57 No. 1878
Open file ( 193.56 KB 1024x1024 )

/v/ is probably gayer than all of /mg/ combined.

Anonymous 08/17/2014 (Sun) 23:05:35 No. 1879

Nope. Too spooky for me.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 01:17:23 No. 1882
>knot jokes all over the place

/mg/ is there alright.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 01:45:43 No. 1883
That's what gave it away for me too.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 01:59:23 No. 1884


I can't help myself

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 02:11:12 No. 1885
How did you know

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 02:33:39 No. 1886
I've been in the general from time to time and people won't shut up about Foxy's dick. Not that I mind.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 02:47:14 No. 1887
Seen the generals
I don't really care for the game.
Seems like a bunch of viralling
Only reason I lurk them is for the fox porn.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 03:19:18 No. 1888
Open file ( 175.12 KB 657x552 )
this pic made me laugh

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 03:23:43 No. 1889

i would oil his gears

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 05:42:58 No. 1890
I miss /mg/ being not dead

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 06:03:33 No. 1891
it's late in clapistan

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 06:23:23 No. 1892
Come on now, in a [email protected] thread, shortly after you posted it on Steam, who else was it gonna be? ;^)

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 14:55:34 No. 1895
I don't understand

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 15:10:29 No. 1896
Open file ( 36.00 KB 800x494 )

you don't need to understand

you just need to accept the knot

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 21:53:09 No. 1897
Okay, this general went from lewd to a realm beyond lewd.
Wanna know why this place is ded right now? It's because everyone of you fucks are posting over there right now.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 1898
I'm not. I'm just browsing, if anything.
Got banned back in June for three months.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 22:01:33 No. 1899
Jillsandwich? is that you?

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 22:03:31 No. 1900
No it's Prophet.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 22:36:25 No. 1901
I still lurk.
Nobody ever responds to the threads i'm in.
ck is fucking dead.

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 22:40:06 No. 1902
idk man, im still trying to assist in helping mg create a VN, but no one really likes to give suggestions

Anonymous 08/18/2014 (Mon) 23:26:49 No. 1903
What a mansion!

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 00:58:31 No. 1904
Toras birthday today in japan

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:13:31 No. 1905
cat face.png
Open file ( 89.35 KB 500x443 )

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:33:48 No. 1906
No, but this is.
Who wants to know/why

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:37:41 No. 1907

>on vacation with family

>posts on /mg/ instead of spending time with them

ur gay, nerd

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:40:41 No. 1908

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:47:04 No. 1909

>says no

>replies, which proves that it's true

what a dweeb

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:50:49 No. 1910
Don't you have a knot to take

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:52:05 No. 1911


Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 04:54:30 No. 1912

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 08:51:58 No. 1913
Open file ( 6.31 KB 150x150 )
happy birth day best husbando!
still no game update even after his birthda y

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 09:25:01 No. 1914
Open file ( 59.55 KB 800x600 )
Happy birthday big guy. Wish I could give you the biggest hug ever and rub my face against those glorious fuzzy sideburns of yours.

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 12:41:40 No. 1915
pics like that make it incredibly hard not to rate Tora #1.

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 14:02:51 No. 1916
Open file ( 354.92 KB 1440x1200 )
Mornin'! & Happy Birthday Tora!

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 19:56:42 No. 1919
Open file ( 1.13 MB 1000x1100 )
Why is he so perfect?

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 20:17:17 No. 1920
tora has no route

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 20:18:59 No. 1921

M-maybe next year?

Anonymous 08/19/2014 (Tue) 23:20:25 No. 1922

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 05:23:29 No. 1924
What a birthday

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 08:10:14 No. 1925
his best birthday yet

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 08:11:10 No. 1926
Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 18:18:57 No. 1928
Open file ( 365.92 KB 1348x1172 )
we're so ded right now

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 18:31:26 No. 1929
Open file ( 135.54 KB 462x506 )
I wonder where sprite-edit anon went. He made good stuff.

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 19:03:41 No. 1930

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 19:33:34 No. 1931
Yes it was.

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:17:57 No. 1932
Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:23:16 No. 1933
Open file ( 79.03 KB 312x312 )

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:47:58 No. 1934
Open file ( 232.54 KB 600x730 )

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:50:27 No. 1935
C-can this be a thing?

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:53:29 No. 1936

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 21:58:10 No. 1937
now I'm curious

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 22:07:04 No. 1938
You will never know

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 22:36:51 No. 1939
it was one of the Tappei ones

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 22:52:26 No. 1940
those all look really good but the muscley kouno made me laugh

Anonymous 08/20/2014 (Wed) 22:57:39 No. 1941
>no more than two pics with collars
>no pictures of shin
>no picture of shin with collar

You have failed me, /mg/

Anonymous 08/21/2014 (Thu) 00:56:36 No. 1942
Open file ( 119.01 KB 477x295 )

Da burr and da tigurr.

Anonymous 08/21/2014 (Thu) 02:57:17 No. 1943
>No more sprite edits
RIP good OC

Anonymous 08/21/2014 (Thu) 04:08:35 No. 1944
Open file ( 142.33 KB 693x664 )
At least he did Sou

Anonymous 08/21/2014 (Thu) 22:02:27 No. 1945
five nights at fantasio's.jpg
Open file ( 249.79 KB 419x681 )
>five nights at freddy's comes out
>morenatsu general goes completely quiet
>freddy's general is full of knot puns and lust after the male animatronics


Anonymous 08/21/2014 (Thu) 22:12:09 No. 1946
I don't even know what that game is. :/

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 00:11:56 No. 1947
Open file ( 106.92 KB 374x357 )
We have so much we can discuss in these threads. If only people would post.

Part of it could be these fuck-terrible CAPTCHAs.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 00:37:02 No. 1948
If its the main factor for the slow activity I've now changed the font to something more familiar.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 00:42:40 No. 1949
To further reduce ambiguity the zero was picked from another font.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 01:16:59 No. 1950
Welp that did a whole lot of nothing.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 01:24:36 No. 1951
why does the font look like comic sans

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 01:26:08 No. 1952
because it probably is comic sans.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 02:59:46 No. 1953
Open file ( 118.83 KB 500x812 )
havent played it yet, but from what ive seen on tumblr, i can get a jist of what the plot is

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:14:01 No. 1954
I really wanted to shut the site down because nobody comes here anymore.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:26:14 No. 1955
I come here. So at least you got one.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:28:58 No. 1956
Also we had 60 people vote on that strawpoll a few days ago. That's a good amount.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:37:09 No. 1957

I come here. But only come here to check what Chariot-friend is up to.

Maybe we should try and go back to /vg/ and see if the mods calmed down.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:38:30 No. 1958
They probably didn't, but I guess we can try.

Anonymous 08/22/2014 (Fri) 23:43:47 No. 1959
Thanks for having stuck around.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 01:01:44 No. 1960
Oh fug site's back.
I've been around /mg/ for quite awhile. I'll be here.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 01:06:05 No. 1961
im just lurking now and then, since im not a talker

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 01:16:56 No. 1962
Lurker here, mostly on weekends

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 01:21:24 No. 1963
I've been here since /mg/ died. Don't make it die again.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 01:41:05 No. 1964
does anyone have a scan of morefuyu?
the doujin of the moren guys but its winter time? Just wondering

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 02:54:31 No. 1965
Open file ( 151.42 KB 418x280 )
you can find it if you look for it hard enough, it doesnt require that much of an effort
plus i dont we can post doujinshi here

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 06:07:47 No. 1966
Get us a random board so I don't have to worry about derailing threads with the kind of shit posts we had in /vg/

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 06:17:53 No. 1967
I still come here even though I practically left a shit ton of times

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 11:08:40 No. 1968
>tfw no Juu to hold me when I doubt myself and panic from the work I still have to do, or cuddle with.
>tfw not even worth a busbando of that caliber, since I took the dishonorable neet road and damaged my life prospects.
>namely, I'm going to miss another deadline to present papers at a scientific workshop in Brazil in September.
>tfw muh husband wouldn't want me.

well, I tried posting on-topic, but it all boils down to :feeling bad and having a childish notion or expectation of what I want in a relationship.

sooo, trying not to just be a waste of time posting bullshit in here I'm just going to add: there's wonderful life improvement tips in some threads in /fit.

what changes to your life do you guys reckon would qualify you as husband material, have you worked towards obtaining a husbando, what have you guys been up to?

great work on captchas, admin bros

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 12:10:51 No. 1969
Looks like the blackgate VN guy kept working on his VN after all, seems he didn't know where the general went so he posted it on barachan. His dropbox link went over traffic quota though.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 12:16:10 No. 1970
Open file ( 415.96 KB 933x619 )
That's sorta how I feel, in that I want to improve to find a good husubando. I want to try and motivate myself, but I sorta lack the time management skills as well as the long term goal seaking that is required to become successful. I'm fine with short term goals such as finishing coursework, but pretty bad at sticking with going to the gym or reading regularly.

I agree with the notion of a random board. So we can chit chat about miscilaneous topics withought bothering the main thread. We could just switch /vg/, and move the threads in vg to the new random board.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 12:23:29 No. 1972
I looked at a few vids of it on youtube, and it seems interesting. Horror is one of my favorite genres, but those games have been sorta lacking as of late… So I might have to pick this up!

I don't understand all the furfaggotry surrounded by it though. :/ The characters want to murder you, not cuddle you.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 16:40:04 No. 1973
the whole foxxy deal is hilarious Tho. Like the stories about how he runs to the sec guard for a cuddle but ends up bashing his head on the door while the rest laughs at him.

pretty much everything foxxy related cracks me up and nope. Never going to pick up that game. Seems like an awful amount of stress.

seems fun tho. I'd watch some one play it for funsies.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 17:50:46 No. 1974
I could perhaps host the zip file on the mgchan server.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 17:56:53 No. 1975
A random / general topic board is fine. A /b/ tends to allude to rather gross things so perhaps /oft/ or /k9k/?

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 18:19:03 No. 1976
He'll never marry you if you keep posting blogshit

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 18:43:03 No. 1977
Yeah, and /oft/ sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 18:59:15 No. 1978
General topics board

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 19:56:35 No. 1979
To get things rolling again, I think it would be good to confine to few ongoing threads on each board.
For /ck/ the main threads are >>>/ck/98 (programming) and >>>/ck/70 (drawing)
For /oft/ we'll need a "Ongoing General Topics General" thread.

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 22:59:14 No. 1981
Open file ( 72.13 KB 480x656 )
I missed you, /mg/

Anonymous 08/23/2014 (Sat) 23:36:57 No. 1982
I didn't.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 00:14:20 No. 1983
/mg/ mods are the best.

Fixed captcha, fixed spoiler ctrl+s, makes new boards upon request.

Love you mod-kun~

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 00:17:47 No. 1984
>fixed CTRL+S
It's still garbage that doesn't have the closing tag in front of the cursor.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 00:20:20 No. 1985

All you do is select the text you want spoilered and hit ctrl+s.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 00:41:31 No. 1987
You can't hit CTRL+S prior and then type in it like a sane person.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 03:07:01 No. 1988
I have never honesty thought of doing spoilers that way, as I have always typed it out, then did the sections that I wanted. Wouldn't you need a command to start, then a different command to end? Is taking your hand off the keyboard that much of a problem? Or you could just type out the [spoiler ].

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 07:03:22 No. 1991
Holy shit, /fnafg/ made me glad that /mg/ never went that low, and that's saying something.
>sharing with straightfags
>circlejerking without tripcodes
>tumblr drama and leaking
>hurr fuck off /v/
>actual donut steel
>boogeymen that wasn't as small as a piss fetish

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 07:05:36 No. 1992
Damnit I listed donut steel OC twice. Don't bully me

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 07:47:58 No. 1993
It's a general thread for furries circlejerking but the game itself is supposed to be a horror game about spooky animatronics; which it is, and it was great on /v/ for a while, but now it's just horny furries

Instead of bitching about that though, post best husbando

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 10:46:33 No. 1994
>/mg/ never went that low

Eeeh, we've been pretty fucking low ourselves at times. The biggest difference is that we never had as much traffic as /fnaf/ has right now.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 12:00:45 No. 1995
Did we ever have that much oc and activity? I don't think I found the threads until they started winding down…

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 16:47:56 No. 1996
There was a bit of OC here and there, but nowhere as much as that.
After thread 100 most OC creation pretty much died down and the general started the downward spiral into shitposting and husbando wars.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 16:55:23 No. 1997

/mg/ was never this bad. It might've felt like it at times, but at least we had guidelines and regulations to prevent things.

You're mixing OC definitions. Original content is fine in most cases while it's not necessarily original if you trace over something or make a comic of a spongebob episode of le laffs. I'm talking about original character, OC as in nothing personnel except it's not satire.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 16:56:29 No. 1998
>this bad
As bad as*
That bad*

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 17:03:10 No. 1999
Eh, lighten up. I can assure you the general would be dead by now without the extra stuff. It will be dead soon enough anyway, there's not much to talk about before Scott releases a sequel, which will still happen long before Morenatsu is done.

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 17:57:17 No. 2000

Torahiko route

Just you wait

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 18:06:14 No. 2001
Open file ( 10.03 KB 225x225 )

>mfw torafags will never ever get a route

also >tfw you accidentally posted this in [email protected]/ instead of here

so embarrassing

Anonymous 08/24/2014 (Sun) 23:23:08 No. 2008
theres a >>>/ck/120 request board now it seems

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 00:34:15 No. 2009
Open file ( 30.59 KB 353x446 )


Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 02:05:59 No. 2012
My husubando obviously isn't kouno, so the first and last gripe are not applicable. The voice thing… I don't know. I have a shit voice, so I could put up with that from my husubando. But if he had a faggy lisp, he gets the pipe that is a joke, Juu couldn't possibly have a lisp, right?

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 02:42:19 No. 2013
Open file ( 5.71 KB 189x271 )

>bad breath

>implying Shin doesn't smell like freshly baked cake and strawberries

As for the voice thing, I could deal with it.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 06:33:40 No. 2014
site posting was broke for a little while. it should work now.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 07:35:48 No. 2015
>Really deep gruff voice
>With a lisp

Would that even work

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 09:31:17 No. 2017
What happened to the morenatsu rpg? I was seriously going to write a 2 part lewd for otter qt if I found out more about the story and villains' motives.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 10:34:54 No. 2018
it kinda just stopped.
I drifted away because I didn't want to work on it anymore. If you want, I can give you details on the villaibando's motives considering I created them

might pick up again some other time, ya never know.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 11:30:43 No. 2019
Yeah, might make me actually write it out. I made a lot of assumptions in story and gameplay which are probably way off.

So the villaibandos was spiritual demons of the world that became corrupted by something and were out to change their feral version's natural habitats, Otter would have the river that the husbandos played in. And I was imagining the H-scenes are accessed from your band of prisoner/defeated villainbandos that follow you around. Since they're corrupted sluts lel they would try to seduce Hiro or his companion while he was forced to pull them along.

Part one would be Hiro getting seduced by Otterboy with propositions to give him head. Hiro then turns on him, instead forcing him to bottom pretty much rape. While his companion is aware but not participating.

Part 2 is gentler and more involving with the companion who trys to help Otterboy after Hiro was too rough with him.

Part 3, haven't though about too much but might be set up to be a repeatable event involving an actual threeway with companion.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 12:07:57 No. 2020
Some of the villainbandos read: most aren't inherintly evil.
The otter was the spirit of a child who drowned, and although not evil is just angry that he's dead and acts as a kelpie (Scottish water-dwelling demon who pulls people down). My idea for that fight was that you had to beat him before you drowned, as Hiroyuki was pulled underwater and was trapped there by the spiritual power. When he gets defeated, Otter-boy follows them around since Hiroyuki pulled him from the water and gave him the ability to walk on land again. A lot of this probably would be changed should the game actually come around sometime, and none of it is established.

Otter boy is also a shota (the other being the much loved Red Panda from the polls.)
If you want a more seducing character, then the Red Panda would be better since I kinda made him as that. Although there'd be conflict with Panda.

Anonymous 08/25/2014 (Mon) 20:21:44 No. 2024
>implying I wouldn't cuddle with a real bear
His breath would consist o a blend of honey, berries, and salmon

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 02:29:38 No. 2026
If it was possible to fully domesticate a bear, they would literally be the best snuggle partner. Big and fuzzy. Uguu~

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 02:53:11 No. 2027
How shota is he? The concept art looked like he was atleast 14, I thought 16.

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 05:51:47 No. 2028
Otter was 17, Red Panda was 16. Panda is 16 too, he just looks a lot older than he is.

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 08:21:38 No. 2029
Anyway, back to brainstorming for me. Otter would require different scenarios. If he's more ghost than natural element what would he know of his past life and experiences?

As for pandas I imagine it'd be hard to do one and not the other, yeah?

What does hiro think of them now that theyrr following him around after they tried to kill him? Are they helping againt the other villainbandos?

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 09:06:19 No. 2030
All this talking about otters

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 14:06:52 No. 2031
Open file ( 99.82 KB 496x452 )
It's too cute.

Anonymous 08/26/2014 (Tue) 18:06:32 No. 2032
He knows about his past life and how he died he actually drowned. in concept it explains somethings, but how the flying fuck does an otter drown?

And yeah. Well, if you try to do Red Panda. Panda doesn't take kindly to that but Red could convince him. If you do Panda, Red wont care much considering that's just how he is.

Hiro? He's the rolling ball of autism, isn't he? He blindly trusts the villainbandos after they turncoat. A majority of the villainbandos do help; Eagle, Otter, Spider to name a few. A couple either don't care (Rhino, Red). Only one outright hates you (Bat), but he's blind and has to rely on you at first to get things done.

Sorry for the wall. I like talking about things I've worked on :>

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 01:05:06 No. 2035
Well where are the pics?

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 01:52:05 No. 2036
Forever saved on my hard drive.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 02:12:22 No. 2037
Is [email protected] the guy with the Juu daki? I exchanged some emails with him. Short of words, but likes showing off.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 02:21:43 No. 2038
Yea, that's me.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 02:33:17 No. 2039
Oh you.

From what I remember of the original images of a guy with a Juu daki he had hairy legs, skinny, and fair complected. From your vids you look darker, a little chubby, and not as hairy But I should really go back and review. :0

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 02:45:58 No. 2040
Nah, both are me. Even then, what are the odds of two fags with a Juu daki?
[spoiler]I don't know about darker; using my window as a light source versus ceiling fan/shitty front cam pseudo-flash might've made me look darker.
And the chubbier thing is something I sorta like; for whatever reason I can look thicker, at least my ass and stomach, things I show more than my arms and legs and torso.
Then again, I know for sure I got slightly thicker, at least in those regions; maybe a bit of hair spreading, but that's from what I noticed.[/spoiler]
And how's that for not being laconic/short of words?

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 02:50:34 No. 2041
Whelp, spoilers broke.
Thanks mods.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 04:11:08 No. 2042
Spoilers needing to be on the same line was something I've been meaning to fix for a while.
Now fixed for the next post.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 04:43:35 No. 2043
bear butts.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 13:58:24 No. 2045
Open file ( 248.58 KB 657x920 )

I don't know if my extended family would be fine with me being a faggot, but I would still do it.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 15:26:15 No. 2049
No. Everyone in my family is homophobic except for my sister.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 16:13:31 No. 2050
They will probably disown me

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 16:55:19 No. 2051
My mom would dismiss it as me being "le randumb xD"

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 17:18:29 No. 2052
If we lived in a world where beast men were common, I know I wouldn't show off muh husubando to my parents due to the gay aspect of the relationship. Just as as my situation is now, I can't show my parents my husbear despite dating him for almost three years, as I am not self sufficient enough to stand on my own. I don't need my dad going haywire and destroy all of my things that I am storing at their place while I'm away for school.


Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 18:00:12 No. 2053

Would you run away to start a new life with your husbando?

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 18:17:06 No. 2054
Maybe. As much as I want to get away from my parents I wouldn't want to leave my friends behind.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 20:00:18 No. 2056
>leaving for selfish motives
What an edgelord.

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 21:14:35 No. 2057
You're like one of the characters in Romeo and Juliet that's not Romeo or Juliet

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 21:33:54 No. 2061
But where's the tits

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 21:38:19 No. 2063
Open file ( 17.76 KB 278x121 )

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 21:39:18 No. 2065
>double posting
>posting from an iPhone
>posting a gif converted into a jpeg
Someone's compensating

Anonymous 08/27/2014 (Wed) 23:18:33 No. 2066
Hey, I was just trying to say it was a legit funny comeback. I'm not even the one that pissed you off…

Also, I have no clue why it didn't post as a gif, so I tried again to no avail. And how did you know I was on a iphone? Because it didn't post the gif?

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 03:45:03 No. 2067
I think it's app dependent, since puush uses iPhoneUpload.jpg and Chrome/Safari uses image.jpg

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 12:45:39 No. 2068
I'm using chrome on an iphone 5 though, and I've never had issues posting gifs. Sorta disappointing. Oh well.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 13:14:00 No. 2069
Open file ( 726.17 KB 1000x702 )

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 13:30:52 No. 2070
My family is used to the whole gay aspect thanks to my uncle being gay, so I would have no problem with doing so.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 16:52:33 No. 2071
They'd be like "oh no not again…" most likely.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 19:12:27 No. 2073
Could have wild suspicions of uncle causing the gay to spread.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 19:14:09 No. 2074
I think the reason why my father vehemently despises gays is because he has several gay brothers. And another brother that was a rapist, not of men though. I just think that dad had to play the masculine role or he would be queer or something in his mind. It doesnt help that he was born incredibly late and his father (my grandfather) died when he was in his early 20's, and even when he was alive he didn't really get to bond with him. So maybe he had a gay streak hidden away or something.

But not really my problem, cause he started the cycle again and didn't interact with me growing up instead if self inflicting and raising his son different from the way he was raised. So that's probably why I like the d.

So, when you feel comfortable, you should tell your family about being gay. It would be nice to have family that was accepting. And at least you aren't tumblr crazy pansexual otherkin with two other head mates.

Negative nancy, coming through. :^)

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 19:53:35 No. 2075
Nah, my close family is pretty carefree. Only thing mum cares about is me getting a well paying job so I can pay for her retirement, which I hope is a tounge-in-cheek joke from her.
I'm not thinking of coming out before I have eventually settled down in a relationship for a bit first.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 21:47:02 No. 2076
I've always thought about coming out, but I would need to get a stable job first, there is very likely chance my parents would kick me out.

Anonymous 08/28/2014 (Thu) 22:54:07 No. 2077
>you and your hazubando will never release all their pented up sexual urges that slutting online won't ever solve

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 01:24:33 No. 2078
Can we get a pros & cons of telling your parents you're gay vs them finding out on their own eventually?

Only reason I'm not out is I don't want hear from mother "Anon, why you so gay?" all the time, and "Don't you think this girl is pretty, I could set you up".

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 01:54:12 No. 2079
>you will never come home from a long day of work to find your husubando eager to give you a massage that leads into some other types of stress relief.

*seeing the truthfulness of your family (loving you for you vs what you "should" be)
*being truthful to yourself and telling the people you care about how you are different than expected

*possibility of public scorn

For me it's always been a non issue. I don't need to tell anyone my sexual preference unless I wanted to get sexual with them, or they were barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 03:44:59 No. 2080
Open file ( 1.10 MB 2000x1578 )

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 05:31:57 No. 2081
>Juuichi's route will never be interesting enough to actually warrant this kind of fanart

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 07:11:47 No. 2082
hey anon, I think I recognize you from way back. Did you make any progress with your dad?

I come from a similar background, and accepting that I can't turn back the clock to get what I wanted and that my dad wasn't really at fault for his own circumstances allowed me to take the initiative: going fishing with him, drinking some beers hanging out with his friends…

It was awkward at first, but you know… Genuine interest and care took care of things.

I'm not going to say it completely satisfied me, but it was the next best thing to what I wanted which was Impossible (the longing for early bonding), and I'll take it.

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 14:58:22 No. 2083
You seem like you need a hug.

I like the way you go about your actions, the way you type and such.

My father has always had a distant relationship with me and recently it has went from impartial/distant to distant/warm. I moved about three months about to a place two hours away, so I don't think I'll have much opportunity to try and do some bonding with him. I have been contemplating sending him a letter of some sort to try and say things I could never say in person, but have yet to take the time to do so.

I'm glad that you have the courage to take the initiative and start bonding with your dad. Small steps are always better than none. I wouldn't even know where to begin with that man that used to live in the same house as me, called my father. I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 18:46:13 No. 2084
How would each character's family react to finding out their son is gay? I imagine it might not go over well with Shun's family, for example.

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 20:38:46 No. 2086
Well Kouya already got kicked out of his house

Tappei is just as much of a homo as Tasuki

Shin doesn't live with his parents and Amaki doesn't care

Shun can be whatever sexuality he wants when he becomes the head of the family

Torahiko's uncle is Professor Buttertoast so that whole family must be used to it

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 20:41:33 No. 2087
They don't exist.

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 23:13:20 No. 2088
>Didn't play Tatsuki's route
>Doesn't know about Kenji
>Implying that Ten isn't related to Shun
>Thinking that Torahiko's uncles and dad aren't going to be in his route

Anonymous 08/29/2014 (Fri) 23:15:05 No. 2089
Kenji's only canon from Juu's char description.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 00:46:15 No. 2090
Open file ( 360.25 KB 720x540 )
>Kenji is canon
Yes, that's how it works

Don't nitpick over nothing

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 00:56:18 No. 2091
You're the one nitpicking because I said his parents are nonexistant and Kenji is only mentioned through meta.
It's pretty implied that Kenji is also a slut.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 01:05:10 No. 2092
>It's pretty implied that Kenji is also a slut.

This is some low quality bait brah.

I bet this is you trying to start shit too.

What's bothering you lately anon?

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 01:06:11 No. 2093
>bait for calling my hazubando a slut
Stop posting

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 01:50:35 No. 2094
So it's not nitpicking for
>"Kenji is canon"
>"Yeah so he's canon"
>Trying to start some sort of "Kenji a slut" shitposting as if it matters
I mean we're talking about the guy who jerked off his brother and watched Torahiko and Juuichi have wild sex, so what if he's a slut

I just think Juuichi's route is pretty garbo.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 01:54:52 No. 2095
>that strawman
You're basically saying it's true if the manga adaptation added it. There's zero occurances of Kenji throughout any routes.
Stop posting.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 02:10:49 No. 2096
So what is everyone tryin to say here. :/

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 02:29:40 No. 2097
It's one person shitposting and being butthurt that Kenji is canon while other anons try to discuss, unaware he's shitposting

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 02:36:16 No. 2098
Sounds like you're talking about yourself

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 03:13:00 No. 2099
Broad sweeping generalization that no one exists

Evidence supporting that there family members to the husubandos.

>Kenji's only canon from Juu's char description

Why would you even mention this, to try and say that all other information about Kenji is an unknown since he isn't seen in game? The question was if Kenji existed or not. Not examining his character. So this goes along with his existance.

If he is mentioned in game, he exists.

Post agreeing with previous statement saying that Kenji exists.

Starts talking about how the parents are nonexistant (which is true) and that Kenji is only mentioned in material outside of the game. (Not true, mentioned in juu's bio)(his character was not fleshed out however in the game. And there have been several diojin about Kenji being a slut outside of the game, but that could probably be said about all of the characters.)

>bait for calling my hazubando a slut
The other poster was probably trying to say that you were diverting atrention away from the actual argument of "Kenji isn't canon" (Kenji being only mentioned in meta despite Juu's bio saying otherwise) with "Kenji is a slut". (>It's pretty implied that Kenji is also a slut.)


Attacking character instead of the argument.

You are correct that Kenji doesn't exist in any of the routes, he does exist in Juu's bio however. If it's in the game, it exists.

Can we all agree that Kenji exists now. The point of this post was just trying to tease apart all of you people's posts.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 03:33:18 No. 2100
>he took the time and effort to serve as this "great unbiased mediator" with a bunch of baloney and fallacy fallacy
epicus ulimita

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 04:03:45 No. 2102
I thought we left most of the shitposting from /mg/ behind when we left 4chan

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 04:05:09 No. 2103
I thought we left blind accusations after Salem.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 11:33:00 No. 2104
>sidestepping arguments by just calling them bologna or fallacy fallacy.

That is exactly what you just did with your post though. Instead of coming up with counter arguments or reiterating points, you spout off that what I say is automatically "bologna" and a "fallacy fallacy". Your charge of bologna I'm going to ignore, because it's just silly as you didn't even explain why my post was bologna. Your opinion that I disapproved of arguments because they were purely a just fallacy is incorrect. I apologize for my lack of logic knowledge, but I would like you to point out exactly where I committed this fallacy so I can understand.

But I am curious, I'm under the impression that you appear antagonistic. Why did you come to this site just to attempt to rile people up? You obviously have some knowledge of rhetoric and logic, and by now understand basic reasoning skills. If time is a limited resource with multiple uses, why do you use your time attempting to make others angry on an anonymous image board devoted to homosexual anthropomorphic husubandos? There are a myriad of other ways to spend your time.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 16:23:28 No. 2105
>backseat therapist
>"lofty" diction without any substance
Stay cute

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 17:10:26 No. 2106

Thanks! I will certainly try my best!

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 17:13:33 No. 2107
Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 17:16:47 No. 2108

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 20:48:38 No. 2109
What are you, a homo?

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 21:00:54 No. 2110
More than likely you aren't my type. ;)

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 21:12:20 No. 2111
void* me_p = (void*) &me;

Now what

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 22:40:40 No. 2113
Too bad I don't know what the hell that is.

Is it computer language?



I wonder what it would be like having a cloaca?

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 23:21:14 No. 2114
It's taking a very generic pointer to a variable for type casting to other types.

Anonymous 08/30/2014 (Sat) 23:22:26 No. 2115
Looks like my intelligence stat isn't high enough, sorry Mitsuru~ ;_;

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:00:00 No. 2117
I need a tablet.jpg
Open file ( 150.29 KB 810x1080 )
[somwhat apathetic response to demean myself]
Bully away

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:04:34 No. 2119
What's wrong with wanting to fuck and frot a slit that could fry your sausage?

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:12:40 No. 2121

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:13:51 No. 2122
Why is Juu wearing his hat tilted like a negroid?

Other than that, pretty good. Would take a dip in the ocean with.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:19:10 No. 2123
a fucking whore look at that face = IMG_5815 (2).jpg
Open file ( 363.08 KB 1151x1600 )
But white bitches wear these.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:20:17 No. 2124
Open file ( 19.26 KB 430x288 )
Nevermind, just figured out it was one of those silly ffisherman's hats. Lel

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:23:43 No. 2125
But shin has a penis anon… Maybe if you would have said trapfag it would have been more applicable. But the entire gag has lost it's luster, if you ask me…

But seriously, how can you fuck a cloaca if there is a dick in there? Wouldn't that stretch it out?

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:25:49 No. 2126
Speaking of color, has anyone ever done a re color of Juu to make him white like a polar bear? I think it might be cute. :3

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:27:52 No. 2128
>But Shin has a penis
>how can you fuck a cloaca if there's a dick in there?
You just do.
And that's why I want to

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:31:45 No. 2129
If I could I would.
foreverially stuck in pencil and paper phase

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 14:41:23 No. 2131
Open file ( 342.76 KB 790x593 )
If the artwork by Gamma of Tatsuki and Tappei cramming their shafts into their slits is any indication, there's enough room for them to rattle their dicks around.

Although with me, I'd prefer to stick it in Tatsuki's stink, but maybe I'd be adventurous and try his scabbard out once in a while. Way I see it, it's another orifice of his to play with.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 15:09:33 No. 2132
But shin doesn't have a vagina. So he can't have a clit. He has a penis. And testicles. And an ass hole. He is a man, even if he is sort of effeminate.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 15:13:46 No. 2133
>both my bf and I will never have a cloaca and experience what it's like to simultaneously fuck and get fucked by one another

I didn't know they I wanted this as bad as I do until now. I just want it so I can feel that much closer to my partner.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 15:14:26 No. 2134
There is no way that this is the actual translation for this, right?

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 15:20:13 No. 2135
And Gamma sure as hell knows how to make it look appealing, too! He's pretty good at making me desire unorthodox sexual antics. It also explains why the Build Tiger series has been such a tease to my libido.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 15:25:47 No. 2136
That was a riveting thread on /v/.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 16:17:34 No. 2138
Wow, that was helpful. :/

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 16:22:23 No. 2139

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 16:47:47 No. 2140
Open file ( 55.68 KB 462x506 )
>That was a riveting thread on /v/.
Says there was a somewhat interesting thread on /v/, but doesn't post the thread, or what was in it, as if we are all omnipotent and know about all the threads ever.

>Wow, that was helpful. :/

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 17:10:43 No. 2141
What an epic meem
it was a facerig thread

z1423big 08/31/2014 (Sun) 17:42:19 No. 2143
Wow, I didn't even know that was a thing anon. I don't even want to know all the depraved things people are gonna do with it.

I bet a bunch of furries raised the $300,000 for the project.

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 17:43:15 No. 2144
>forgot to take off my name from the videajame id thread

Anonymous 08/31/2014 (Sun) 18:39:45 No. 2145
Open file ( 1.44 MB 1024x768 )
>Not posting the sequel pic

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 14:58:33 No. 2148
does that mean they get to both frot and penetrate with their penis/cloaca combo?

That's… quite the thing to be jelly of!

Tatsu-nii confirmed for having a vagina!

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 15:07:50 No. 2151
>women confirmed to be defective males.
>Tatsu-nii confirmed for next step in evolution.


my sides, anon! that gif's too hilarious!

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 18:59:20 No. 2162
Open file ( 121.42 KB 729x473 )
>shit storms
The only thing we have left?
Come on guys, we are better than this.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 19:12:42 No. 2165
It's just that you can't really ban anyone permanently due to her being able to reset the router and swap ip addresses. And if you do a blanket ip ban to get rid of the whore, you might ban legitimate posters. (I know a while back I became banned for no reason due to this)

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 19:15:33 No. 2166
juu cuddle bear.jpg
Open file ( 156.83 KB 800x800 )
I don't think you can do away with people for good.

In the off-chance that they ban the entire country mexi-kun's from (in order for a router reset not to allow him to come back) , there's still plenty of other ways around specific IP (or range) bans.

plus, in all honesty, I had a good laugh out of last 2 day's posts. Could it be that more people other than mexi-kun <3 are just having fun?

I've been away, so none of the posts from 2+1/2 days back are mine btw

I mean, look at >>2150. I understand if you're kind of mad for the Shin bashing, but the humour to the post makes it harmless. Or at least that's what I see from where I'm standing.

>ban legitimate posters.

yup! That definitely happened to me during the bot spam!

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:07:26 No. 2174
Open file ( 75.28 KB 1280x720 )
>Thread only gets filled with shitposting when the rules aren't posted in the OP

Somehow I find this hilarious.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:13:18 No. 2175
Shit posting is better than no posts, r-right guys?

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:24:24 No. 2178
Open file ( 54.24 KB 500x455 )
Anon, chill…

People like that feed off of other peoples suffering.
Get off the internet and come cuddle.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:27:48 No. 2179
pls link to a good way to read jojo

Some way I can just download the pdfs and not have to read off a damn website.

I can't torrent

ayy Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:39:46 No. 2181
ha ha , king tora.png
Open file ( 104.35 KB 375x375 )
Anon plis, I just had diner. My kidneys hurt, I'm starting to feel a slight indigestion.

stop making me laugh so hard!

>Current thread music

C-can I, if he doesn't want?

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:43:47 No. 2182
Cuddling is always open.

Except for shitposters


And those who laugh at others suffering.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 20:44:54 No. 2183
Also, that music. What?

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 21:03:30 No. 2186
In all honesty, I don't appreciate blatant personal attacks like >>2180 (which I hadn't seen before posting) or >>2184.

The other posts seemed pretty light-hearted.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 21:14:49 No. 2187
Be funyuu to each other please.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 21:18:57 No. 2188
Open file ( 101.47 KB 500x481 )

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 21:28:50 No. 2189
It's just how some people get their kicks.

So when I know that they are just being a troll, I don't get anally anquished, butt blasted, or even rectum ravaged! Either ignore the posts or troll right back, but never let them know that they are actually bothering you. Such trolling behavior is inherent with anonymous posting.

But just like some people desire to be an asshole, I can always act in the opposite side of the spectrum. And there is nothing we can do about either of us.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 22:24:43 No. 2190
Open file ( 627.62 KB 668x1248 )
We could just try discussing Morenatsu. Remember when that was a thing?

Good times.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 23:04:32 No. 2192
Open file ( 489.84 KB 480x198 )
Morenatsu is dead and so is discussion about it. Unless we get an update it'll stay that way and I don think that'll happen.

Like seriously, it wouldn't surprise me if the devs have completely abandoned it by now.

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 23:22:04 No. 2193
Sorry, it's just a random music I've been smiling like an autist while listening to, today.

>new thread music: /

>(dedicated to Shin fags)

>In honour of the victims of the great Hasubando War III (H.W.III):

To Tatsu-nii fags:
I learned today that carpenters used to have this real cool motto:

>home twice.

>cut once.

Seeing as he'd offer to make you guys a home, that seems like a pretty good sign!

Any photo shop anon here? I'd propose a sort-of inspirational poster for tatsu-nii with that motto. Perhaps one for each hasubando with personalized flavour?

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 23:22:48 No. 2194
Wanna cuddle, Tom?

Anonymous 09/01/2014 (Mon) 23:48:29 No. 2195
Open file ( 263.38 KB 789x630 )
Considering Duke Nukem Forever managed release after almost a decade and a half in development even though the end result was mediocre I'm sure we'll surely get the Morenatsu. Optimism is pretty much the best choice for good vibes around here.

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 01:11:16 No. 2197
I like the way you think.

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 01:35:27 No. 2198
why does hiro look like a babby

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 01:37:12 No. 2199
I think it's an OC

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 13:23:54 No. 2205
It looks like one of those blank slate characters you can use to self insert yourself better into the picture.

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 18:13:02 No. 2208
I'm glad I know those are your opinions anon. :)

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 18:22:49 No. 2209
But what if I completely disagree?

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 19:25:26 No. 2210

>look mom, I posted it again!

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 19:44:13 No. 2211
friendly reminder that every husbando is a best husbando.

friendly reminder that Juu a big mass of cuddle and warmth who'll protect you without a second thought. Just the same as Tatsu-nii.

friendly reminder that Kouya, shin, shun and kouno are all pretty cool and awesome in their own right.

friendly reminder that if you disagree with me, you a shentitled to it!

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 19:52:10 No. 2212
>secondary characters on the list
for such a terrible troll, could at least fix it to try.

Anonymous 09/02/2014 (Tue) 22:01:20 No. 2216
Daily reminder that I agree with everything you said in that post, and wouldn't mind giving you a hug.

I hate doing spoilers on my phone.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 03:17:07 No. 2218
/mg/ never changes, unfortunately

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 03:57:02 No. 2219
>Tatsuki and Tappei not in NTR tier
>their only personality trait is "slutty when drunk lol"

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 04:26:51 No. 2221
it is unfortunate
we could try to reel in more people

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 04:28:45 No. 2222
We've tried that but I don't think we've ever received much traffic from it. Plus we don't want to be advertising on places that would attract… undesirables.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 06:04:34 No. 2223
some people have promoted on barachan and u18chan i believe when asked where /mg/ went

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 06:58:43 No. 2224
People still post here? Impressive.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 08:08:40 No. 2226
Maybe the board would be faster if we had porn in here to discuss.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 11:26:25 No. 2228
tear jerker.jpg
Open file ( 4.36 KB 256x197 )
F-for real?

yup. that's so messy!

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 14:39:21 No. 2230
Open file ( 132.78 KB 472x477 )
I agree that tatsuki has one of the better routes, just from the amount of content. But Tatsuki isn't the best husubando, for me, because he is a drunk and seems pretty stupid aside from having manual labor skills. I also don't like drunks.

Notice how those are all opinions, so it is perfectly fine for us to be different. That's why there are separate husubandos.

I wish Tappei had more character to him. He doesn't have a lot of anything for a route. Are there any doujins that feature him?

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 15:03:47 No. 2232
I guess stupid was a bit harsh on my part. I guess I should have put it in that tatsu doesn't seem like the sort of guy to crack open a book. He js more likely to have fun learning more of his trade or fixing things. That is a trait, in my personal opinion, in what I would not like out of a partner.

I'm glad that we can have such a varied opinion on individual characters, as we both can like different husubandos in different ways.

I don't by any regards dislike tatsu as an individual, I just wouldn't choose him as a husubando. The only character I can't stand is kouno, and feel bad that he doesn't redeem himself in his route in any way.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 17:24:18 No. 2234
Open file ( 39.59 KB 480x320 )
10/10 post.


7/8 post. You might as well delete the spoiled text, anon… You don't want to make Juu mad, do you?!?

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 17:28:13 No. 2235
Open file ( 84.13 KB 500x500 )

I will never get how "had a crush on another guy long ago" turned into "slutty NTRing sex slave bear"

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 18:35:13 No. 2237
Shitposting, anon.

Same reason Kouya got all the Drake Bell stuff or how Shin is a woman etc.

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 21:19:17 No. 2239
daily reminder to report and ignore shitposters

Anonymous 09/03/2014 (Wed) 23:07:37 No. 2240
Open file ( 107.81 KB 788x800 )
I know you're here cloacafag

I can smell you

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 02:48:50 No. 2243

>Because Juuichi flat our warns you that if that crush of his ever reciprocated his feelings, he'd leave you in a flash to go with him.

Screenshot please? The only thing I remember is Kyouji saying "be careful, it may not seem like it, but Juuichi is really popular with the guys."

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 03:32:44 No. 2246
Open file ( 131.10 KB 446x377 )
What kind of coffee would your hazubeezebub like(or tea)?

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 04:35:03 No. 2248
Tatsuki probably drinks his Irish.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 04:53:08 No. 2249
Old Gregg.jpg
Open file ( 11.91 KB 236x254 )
D'ya like Bailey's?

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 05:28:52 No. 2250
Open file ( 91.46 KB 500x422 )

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 07:54:40 No. 2251
Black coffee.

No sugar.

With a tea-spoon of honey.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 11:45:57 No. 2253
Open file ( 153.26 KB 768x1024 )
Just plain black coffee.
It's not like he can afford much fancier stuff.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 14:33:17 No. 2254
Open file ( 429.42 KB 647x866 )
>after years of working as a firefighter, Juu decides to slow down the pace of life
>returns to Minasato Village to become a thoughtful and reserved barista
>Much like Brewster from the Animal crossing games, he always knows what to serve without inquiry, and gets offended if you let the coffee cool

I didn't know how much I wanted this until now, thanks for the image anon.

On a more depressing note, while looking for the retirement age for the typical firefighters I found this link. ( I don't know how true the information is, but I don't know whether or not to try to convince my husubando that becoming a firefighter is a good decision.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 15:56:20 No. 2257
I suppose all government jobs in Japan accrue to nice retirement pensions, don't worry.

which is why >>2255 wouldn't happen.

by the way, mexi-kun, I know what you'd drink, but what would Tatsu-nii have? I mean, we all know you'd be hoarding his great tasting, wonder-filled yellow tea into a cup and gulping it all down yourself the moment it came out the kettle at just about the right temperature, but that still leaves the question: what would he drink?

You don't suppose he'd be drinking his own tea, do you? he seems much more of a sake-drinking fellow to me.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 16:15:36 No. 2258
I can only hope that Japan has a better system set up than that of the United States as that website was implying. Also that nothing unfortunate would happen to him while trying to save someone.

What are the other husubando's future plans?

Kouya - Band
Juuichi - Firefighter
Shin - something to do with baking
Tatsuki - Woodworker

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 16:24:15 No. 2259
Torahiko - family bath house
Shin - he's from a well-established clan. In the context of the game, I suppose branch-clans would assist his household, together with public donations (festival, religious duties and all that)
Kounosuke - his doujin stand ? his family runs a comic book store, right?

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 17:31:26 No. 2260
Kouno's parents run a small appliance repair shop I do believe. Or he might try to do something with photography, but if he is so dense as to not even be able to enter into a photoshoot contest… looks like he is going to be a shop owner or NEET mode.

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 20:18:53 No. 2261
Open file ( 552.32 KB 1280x720 )
But that was a crop

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 23:38:01 No. 2262
juuichi-san juuichi-san
i want to sniff your musky butt

(in the tune of O Christmas tree)

Anonymous 09/04/2014 (Thu) 23:39:06 No. 2263
Back off he's mine

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 00:23:37 No. 2264
please move 11 feet away from here

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 01:16:23 No. 2266
Open file ( 82.59 KB 480x640 )
Juu's hole I would rim
Spread those perfect butt cheeks
Ecstasy for both

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 01:20:33 No. 2267
I don't even like feet, but god damn… that's a the facial expression to have to get your feet serviced. I'd rub them if it led to something a little more exciting.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 01:22:06 No. 2268
On a key note, I need more pics of juu's butt. Please post them if you got 'em.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 03:22:58 No. 2269
Open file ( 58.02 KB 800x535 )
DJ Rodney is pretty well-known for focalizing feet in his artwork. And burrs. Feet 'n' burrs.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 03:56:43 No. 2270
Open file ( 293.84 KB 1087x1280 )
Something about it being a bear makes it lewder

He needs more lewds and less macro

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 12:19:31 No. 2271
I remember people fearing he'd do some pretty heavy feet fetish art of Juuichi back in the days of /vg/.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 12:54:16 No. 2272
Open file ( 107.94 KB 462x506 )
I honestly wouldn't have minded if the artist would have made similar Juuichi pics if they were in the vein of

But here,
It just dominates the image too much for my taste, despite what I said here
I'd still do it though, cause bears.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 13:03:50 No. 2273
Guys, Juuichi's my stinky butt, stay back, nyukka

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 13:08:24 No. 2274
Fart-kun, stay on your containment thread on /oft/.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 13:28:46 No. 2275

i'm talking about musk, though, not farts

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 13:41:40 No. 2276
does feet odor qualify as musk? Just what is musk after all?

like, if we take for example a landehale's fat rolls, would his/her odor qualify as musk, in between the outer folds?

help me out. I want to understand.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 14:03:59 No. 2277
Open file ( 118.22 KB 881x739 )
Ok, natural man smell is fine.

Farting is borderline scat.

Smell of a man with fresh sweat, or after a day of hard work is fine in my book.

But that's all my opinion of course.

I think musk would be more sweat pheromones from the groin, taint, butt, and armpit regions. While feet can get smelly, they tend to have a different odor production than the areas mentioned. As in the smell from your armpits and crotch serve a different purpose than your feet smell.

Have you ever heard of the t-shirt study?

I wonder how compatible with muh husubando I am when it comes to pheromones…

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 14:06:00 No. 2278
But anon macro bears are the best.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 15:31:07 No. 2279
oh!! Thanks anon!

a friend once said that the million dollar-a-litter perfumes were loaded with pheromones to make them more appealing (that's also the reason cheap knockoffs don't work as well) .

I can't believe I never put 1 and 2 together before, like this.

anon, you've definitely sold me on this one. Musk sounds sexy… :3

still a bit gross I suppose… Sweat's not my thing

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 15:34:55 No. 2280
I think there's some art up at the drop box.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 15:53:05 No. 2282
stop liking what i don't like.png
Open file ( 95.46 KB 413x429 )
>Muh opinions

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 15:54:51 No. 2283
gilded burr.png
Open file ( 107.23 KB 727x799 )
It's depressingly devoid of dat posterior.

Found this though. Alternate reality blonde Juu. I sorta like it.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 16:19:12 No. 2284
feet/paw are not my fetish so i wont redraw it, sorry,,,

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 18:08:36 No. 2285
Winnie-ichi Pooh!

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 18:36:03 No. 2287
Oh you, you're just plain silly~


Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 19:02:42 No. 2288
How sweary would Shun be if he was an American on xboxlive?

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 19:26:23 No. 2289
>innocent shun playing on Xbox
He seems like he would be a nintenyearold to me.

And we all know that nintendo can't into online.

But as your question still stands, he prolly would say things like: flibertygibbet, dangnabbit, wienersnitzle, gosh darn it, and you darn tanooki! As kouno is as close to a nigger as he has probably experienced.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 19:31:56 No. 2290
>kouno is as close to a nigger as shun has ever experienced.

anon, my sides!

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 19:35:45 No. 2291
yeah he's more a nintendo fan thing.
even though I would see him as a sega fan, considering the shitty town and the fact that the story is in like 2002, he might have a dreamcast

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 19:41:46 No. 2292
Gotg is still cool right _29c67c_5273898.png
Open file ( 347.20 KB 600x767 )
ahahah oh god
that pic is so cute

oh hi kemofags! how are you doing?
I just returned from my trip at my old parents house. Shit was so cash and I actually got laid, I couldn't believe this sounded so much like morenatsu except the part where you fuck a dragon.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 21:02:29 No. 2293
Tom is mine bitch~. Stay back!

Joking, but they are so damn adorable.

For more of Tom and Ena, look for Ren'ai Seibi (love maintainance). There are four issues out of five out now. If you like them as much as I do, please support the artist. I know these are the only diojin I haven't just stolen off the Internet. And these were all personally translated by our own resident sex machine from the irc, molonsha!

Also, here is the artists tumblr:

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 21:06:28 No. 2294
I bought three dream casts at yardsales recently. One overheats, the other two work fine. They all have 1's at the bottom, so they are all good for burnt cd's.

Recommended games?

Also I still nintendo fan. I always though people who liked sega were edgy for liking the extra gore in mortal combat or for autistic for liking sonic past the 2-d ones. But I guess I have a bias because I arrived at the genesis party way late and can't find any games that held up really well for the system, while the SNES has a ton of classics.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 21:07:56 No. 2295
I still think he is a nintendo fan. I can't type. :/

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 21:11:03 No. 2296
>got laid, morenatsu style.

I'm só curious anon, please do share some of the story!

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 21:11:16 No. 2297
No, he's still mine.

Anonymous 09/05/2014 (Fri) 23:33:20 No. 2298
Sega was pretty strong in the master system era, but you're absolutely right:they sucked a lot in the Saturn era.

As for games, there's jet set radio and jet set reladio future, I think. I never played the game, but I remember thinking the DC was the best thing ever from watching the demos.

also, quake 3 arena.

Anonymous 09/06/2014 (Sat) 02:20:47 No. 2301
Open file ( 75.42 KB 806x1000 )
>fapped to plush stuff earlier
>there was this really qt guy goin down really lewdly on a big dog plus
>the remorse

Anonymous 09/06/2014 (Sat) 14:49:24 No. 2302
It's not that unusual to feel remorse after fapping no matter what.

Anonymous 09/06/2014 (Sat) 15:51:07 No. 2303
Come back and see me when you have fapped to egg implantation.

No regrets

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 02:00:35 No. 2305

/got/ pls, my sides

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 02:02:08 No. 2306
jeopardy threads.jpg
Open file ( 21.98 KB 479x358 )
You lost me at
>Nanafuse hungers

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 02:57:57 No. 2307
Open file ( 178.55 KB 448x564 )




Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 04:00:45 No. 2308
>banning OC

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 04:04:39 No. 2309
Open file ( 86.99 KB 420x358 )

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 05:14:31 No. 2310
btw, can a mod delete the old threads

Every time I try to post with a picture I get a "this file already exists" from a months old thread


Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 07:34:42 No. 2311

Mod, do this or lift the dupe file restriction!

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 07:50:45 No. 2312
Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 08:58:12 No. 2313
Open file ( 46.60 KB 500x363 )
Wow thanks, I'll check it out.
the yena is so qt
-Sonic adventure 1 and 2
-Resident evil code veronica
-power stone
-zombie revenge
-skies of arcadia
-propeller arena (never released, but you can find it and it's awesome to play with friends).
-shenmue 1/2
-jet set radio

I'll soon return and share, it's a bit long story and now I don't have the time

wow this is basically me.
how sad

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 18:00:05 No. 2315
So, just going over this with my piss poor understanding

>There was some kind of software problem and most of the team lost access to making the game or something similar, but it's not a huge deal since there's back-ups available

>Thank you for waiting patiently for Morenatsu, etc, it's getting worked on still
>Then it starts talking about Kounosuke's route and addressing that it's not popular/badly written- saying that it doesn't emphasize Kounosuke and Hiroyuki getting together so much as Nanafuse as a guardian angel of sorts
>There's some conflict of interests going on between the writer and another person, but not much to be done about it

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 18:30:39 No. 2316
Open file ( 1.99 MB 350x300 )
Should we get hyped?

and_is_w!kemono.6JM 09/07/2014 (Sun) 19:33:36 No. 2317
ss (2014-09-07 at 03.32.00).png
Open file ( 42.24 KB 655x745 )
From Rou.
Posting as images because there's a text limit.


and_is_w!kemono.6JM 09/07/2014 (Sun) 19:34:02 No. 2318
Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 20:11:20 No. 2319
thanks for translating, based molon

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 20:21:03 No. 2320
>From rou

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 22:31:59 No. 2321
>not even the writer like's Kounosuke's route.

Well, at least it's now established that it's nothing personal!

Kounosuke getting new route when? you guys hyped? I know I am hyped for that cute tanooki's route :3:3:333

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 23:14:23 No. 2322
Ugwaahh me too.

Anonymous 09/07/2014 (Sun) 23:15:32 No. 2323

>kounosuke gets a new route before torahiko gets his

I can feel the anger already.

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 00:23:16 No. 2324
Open file ( 95.32 KB 720x840 )
I want to habeeb that they're hinting at a reworked route for Kounosuke, but it's such a stretch given this latest news about conflicts of interest amongst the creators. It diminishes my hopes quite a bit that this bunch of Japanese NEETs can't manage it long enough to pump out the remaining routes.

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 03:29:03 No. 2325
I thought I read a long time ago that the writer for Kouno's route didn't like Kounosuke to begin with and halfassed the writing because he was saddled with a char he didn't want

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 04:30:56 No. 2326
Well, seeing as how the game is still in the works, redone/fixed up routes wouldn't be too bad. It would only take a bit of writing for extra scenes in Juuichi's case, and a few tweaks for Shun's route. Otherwise, the only one that should actually be given a huge overhaul is Kouno.

Shin, Kouya, and Tatsuki all have fine routes.

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 10:46:38 No. 2327
What would you change about Juu's route?

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 20:48:49 No. 2329
>No time skip, either omit it or give us Juuichi's POV during the time Hiroyuki is shut-in his house, like Kouya's route does
>Kenji pls
>More involved in what Juuichi's doing, helping him lose weight (that whole dropped subplot)
>Make Juuichi enjoy being with Hiroyuki more- the stoic thing is cute, but a few moments with Juuichi having fun, like the beach scene, would really balance things out
>Make scenes more connected, most of the Juuichi scenes August 1st to August 15th are kind of random meetings with him

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 21:00:18 No. 2331
Open file ( 188.78 KB 699x900 )
Ok I'll try to tell the story if someone is still interested.

When I was 5 to 14-15 years old I used to spend summer at my granpa's house, same granpa have another house near that where another family with other kids spent the summer. I grown up playing with these kids, one of them I was really friends with, let's call him Tora. At one point I moved out and I wasn't unable to go at my granpa's at summer, lost contacts with everyone. Tora got me on facebook, told me he was going to stay near that city for summer, but not with his family. I got in my car to spend 2 weeks at my granps and I saw again Tora (that really wasn't more built but had an amazing beard) and some of my friends, and It's amazing since we are now all 22-23 and most of them just happened to be there.
Tora really hasn't changed since we were kids, he's always joking and he loves playing with people, he started smoking weed and other stuff (things I'm not really familiar with) and told me he got in a fight with his parents for stuff and also he's jobless and it's struggling for finding a job (here in italy it's becoming almost impossible for everyone to find a good and stable job).
Time flies, we got to the beach a few times, gone partying (and even if I hate parties I had a lot of fun) and one day we just took some bikes and hit the road until sunset, I sorta felt like a kid again, except for the booze and the weed.

Anonymous 09/08/2014 (Mon) 21:00:41 No. 2332

In the last few days we spent a night camping at the beach with everyone (we were 5 people in total), there was a lot of booze, I fucking love rum. At one point we started talking about chicks, I'm a closet faggot and I never came out to everyone, I don't even know if I'm uncomfortable with it, the only thing I know is that most of the people in my life wouldn't approve me being gay, one thing I noticed is how Tora went silent for a while, joking occasionally, at one point I asked: "well, what about you?", reply was like:
"ahah, yeah I tried, but women just ain't my thing dude." and went silent for a while.
Weed and other booze followed, me and Tora walked into the pinewood because I had to pee.
I don't know why I said it, heart was pumping and I just went with: "I think I'm gay too".
After another joint he kissed me, I went awkward and then I kissed him back. It started from there, but it ended in 5 days, we spent the last night together (n-no homosex) and then we just left and took our own roads.

We call each other occasionally, still don't know how this story changed me.
Still there are a lot of things similar to morenatsu eh? Fuck. It's sad though.

>There's some conflict of interests going on between the writer and another person, but not much to be done about it
anyway I hope they are up to something, seems like they didn't work on the project for long if they had a software problem.

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 00:19:16 No. 2333
Open file ( 160.01 KB 1024x1280 )
>drawn edgy shit
>bowser x ryuuko
I hate things.
At least beat-kun does some decent megucas

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 00:34:41 No. 2334
that's a cute story bro! Best of luck ^^

his route does seem too disjointed and disconnected at times.

as for the time-skip, I'd also like to see additional content.

as a side note, could it be that the writer had in mind this whole thing planned out this way? Could it all have been intentional?

what I mean by this is that while Juu does initiate particular events with Hyro in more than one occasion, it's done in a way that could be interpreted as follows:
>juu wants the best for hyro.
>juu was told that being gay =illness.
>in one manga, they mention how whoever Hyro chooses to sit next to has dibs on him for the summer.
>Juu doesn't want to make Hyro a gay, so he doesn't hit on him too much.
>he's even clearly split in emotions when Hyro sits next to him.
>the times that come to mind where Juu initiates the event is always out of necessity to protect Hyro (such as at night with no light and during the rain).

then, during the time-skip, he again battles his feelings for both wanting Hyro and wanting him not to be Gay, so it's natural he doesn't engage Hyro as he's not in immediate physical danger or whatever.

I'm too tired to think anymore of this through but what do you think? And if this is at all possible, in what way could the writer alternately go about the time-skip?

[/spoiler]more often than not, I'm wrong, but I think the time skip might have been born out of necessity.[/spoiler]

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 00:38:42 No. 2335
as for the rest, you're right. The route could use a bit more fun!

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 04:14:55 No. 2336
Open file ( 104.25 KB 500x500 )

>Juuichi is trying to save Hiro from becoming gay by avoiding him.

That's so noble.

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 05:11:45 No. 2337
>Juuichi knows that anyone who gets an eyeful of his bear ass will go full homo for him, so he avoids contact with others
Truly a saint

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 05:34:02 No. 2338
Should've offered to suck his dick. If you're going to be closet homo to most people you know then it might be hard to get the D from someone you're already friendly with.

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 16:51:12 No. 2339
MyLawyerMadeMeChangeTheNameOfThisContent _a4b8d5_5272033.png
Open file ( 1.24 MB 1280x1039 )
I'm not a fan of sucking dick, he can suck mine though.

I don't know really know about being an homo and stuff, I don't die for doing dirty things with men, I'm more a cuddle type.

what about you guys? some nice story?

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 18:46:06 No. 2340
>I won't suck his but he can suck mine.
Too manly to suck dick! or is it too gay to suck dick?

just pulling your leg!

Anonymous 09/09/2014 (Tue) 22:09:55 No. 2341
no, it's just I don't find sucking dicks arousing, honestly I don't care about him sucking mine either. I don't know maybe I'm strange but I just want to feel him, his muscle, his hands and kiss.


Anonymous 09/10/2014 (Wed) 09:37:32 No. 2342
Have you even had your dick sucked before?

Morenatsu drove me into desperation overdrive and I lost my V card within a week (at 23). I wasn't ready for those feels. Drove an hour to this guy's house that I met on Grindr. We hung out for an hour, he sucked me off for 40 mins and tried kissing and he was really into my nips. He swallowed and we cuddled, he never let me see his dick though. We're still friends but we never did anything after.

Anonymous 09/11/2014 (Thu) 02:53:26 No. 2344
>tfw no fuzzy bear cock to suck and press my nose against his stiff fur

Anonymous 09/11/2014 (Thu) 02:56:40 No. 2345
Open file ( 105.31 KB 500x380 )

Anonymous 09/11/2014 (Thu) 05:17:38 No. 2346
Open file ( 16.10 KB 525x476 )

>drove an hour for a blowjob

Anonymous 09/11/2014 (Thu) 09:28:28 No. 2347
>tfw fuzzy bear guy with perfect character IRL
>tfw he is straight and has a wife
I really start to realize how being gay isnt such a great thing

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 02:38:48 No. 2349
You can always hope to use you as an outlet in ways his wife can't, then slowly convert him over

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 02:47:11 No. 2350
Married/bi guys are the worst when it comes to a relationship. They are a good lay, but I don't want a quick fuck from someone that doesn't give two shits about me. (And also is more than likely fucking other guys and has some sort of std.)

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 03:18:51 No. 2351
Open file ( 18.52 KB 164x162 )
You're ruining my fantasies like they are in my Chinese comics

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 11:43:48 No. 2352

Bi guys are just as likely to cheat on you as anyone else. They're not automatically sex maniacs.

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 16:35:12 No. 2353
You seem to be mixing preferences for life-partners ('till death do us part kind of partners) and unfaithfullness as well as promiscuity.

Personally, I am mortified at the prospect of being with another guy. And while I speak only for myself, certainly there's others who might think the same -I don't see myself going for a relationship with a guy given the chance of being with a girl. - I would NEVER cheat on anyone, however, nor am I STD ridden.

This pretty much validates half of your assessment. However, I can't speak for every guy, every situation or context. so this is, at best, an half-assed rule of thumb.

>create manhunt profile.
>curious in the description.
>log out.
>log back in a few hours later.
>people with 16/18 cm dicks, winking all over the place.
>fucking huge
>most sobering feel ever (like when you're pulled over by the police and suddenly become 100% sober and somehow pull off a poker face good enough to fool them)
>close tab
>never return

Is this normal? I've just gained a HUGE respect for people who not only face this sort of thing in their teens but "come out" as well. Shit's the scariest thing ever.

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 19:39:03 No. 2354
16/18 cm is huge and scary? Never been on Manhunt so not sure I understand.

But fucking kids these days, they're going to be top tier sluts or something with all these apps. That includes all genders and sexualities as long as they're not a total fugly.

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 20:24:45 No. 2355
that (the first wink was from a guy whose nick was "gifted" combined with the overt lewdness of it all I suppose. Too overwhelming an experience.

that, or I'm less curious than I thought.

which husbando is the most likely to be found on manhunt?

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 21:11:35 No. 2356
What did you expect from an app for homos

Juuichi if it wasn't for him pushing away Hiro because false feelings
Maybe he'll still have muh traditions or some shit that'll make him an improbable candidate

Anonymous 09/12/2014 (Fri) 21:55:09 No. 2358
From my personal experience, I have known and done things with three bi guys.

Sucked off a 20 yr old friend who was dating a bitch of a girl at the time.

Sucked off a 27 yr old friend who was married.

Fucked by a married ~50 yr old.

The first two didn't know about what happened, and the older guy's wife knew and let him have his fun on the weekends to keep the marriage together.

So I'm biased because I feel as though bi guys want dick and pussy at the same time. From my experience, they tend to cheat more often because of the dual "needs".

I know that there are guys out there that wouldn't do this, but that is my bias from my experience. I couldn't make a bi guy happy cause he would want the tits and pussy.

The above sexcapades happened when I first started to get some. After finding finding what I was looking for, love, I stopped being a little slut.

>horrified with being with a man

Why are you even here anon. Find a nice girl, settle down, and have some kids.

Why are you even on a website dedicated to homosexual kemos…

Anonymous 09/13/2014 (Sat) 15:51:05 No. 2359
Open file ( 94.60 KB 230x255 )
Dupes are now checked within the same thread only. (/kvn/ specific change)

Anonymous 09/13/2014 (Sat) 15:53:13 No. 2360

thank you mod-senpai

Anonymous 09/13/2014 (Sat) 16:28:31 No. 2361
Anon that tried to post earlier somewhere at some point (not sure where or when but you'll probably find this post, some day, or not) can try posting again, an old range ban from the floods was still active and is now removed.

You're welcome Anon

Anonymous 09/13/2014 (Sat) 17:13:30 No. 2362

Anonymous 09/13/2014 (Sat) 21:34:42 No. 2363
Open file ( 90.67 KB 600x600 )
>You will never kiss your husbando's bulge

Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 02:02:23 No. 2364
>you'll never feel the heat of his head and the warmth of his pre trickle through the very fabric separating your mouth and his member

Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 02:36:18 No. 2367
Hiroyuki please

Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 03:07:56 No. 2369
Oh right, that was a thing.
I know my prime numbers, so it's cool

Anonymous 09/14/2014 (Sun) 14:27:05 No. 2370
>but that is my bias from my experience

It's a common bias for a lot of gay guys. Which I find sort of strange because your sluttiness doesn't really change according to orientation, people generally commit to one person they love at a time no matter what you happen to be into.
I'd actually be quite surprised if it turned out that bi people are statistically more bound to cheat than the average gay or straight person are.

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 02:23:02 No. 2372
>opening a board requires refreshing to view new posts
Might be a cache thing with my phone; seems really silly


>not his slit
>not giving it tender pecks until a little surprise slips through two sets of lips

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 02:53:02 No. 2373
Open file ( 239.63 KB 347x462 )
>His long, long tongue in your mouth and throat and later, your ass

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 05:56:57 No. 2375
why are tatsukifags the biggest autists ever?

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 06:30:51 No. 2376
You heard him, everyone.

Time to stop discussing Morenatsu. Pack up /mg/, it's over. No one is allowed to discuss anything without being autistic, and we don't want to look like dorks, so we'd better all leave immediately.

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:17:23 No. 2379
Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 13:07:08 No. 2405


no more tunneling :^)

might have used too strong a language, but you're 100% right.

Anonymous 09/29/2014 (Mon) 01:32:34 No. 2694
I'd sure love to do that to Tatsuki or Tappei.

Anonymous 06/05/2017 (Mon) 20:48:33 No. 7087
Hey does this edition is a mod? O.O

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