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/mg/ - Morenatsu General #204 Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:16:08 No. 2378
Open file ( 260.73 KB 1500x2000 )
OP pics you never would have gotten away with on /vg/ edition

Thread Rules:
>Keep it SFW at all times (includes spoilered porn and lewd images)
>Keep it civil. No husbando fights
>No arguing about shit unrelated to this thread (/v/-drama)
>Do NOT respond to detractors
>No tripfagging, namefagging, avatarfagging, roleplaying, or shitposting in general
>Be Funyuu to each other

>Official Site

>Morenatsu Torrent
(Rename both .eXe and .cf files to Morenatsu.eXe and

>Patches & Translation
(Download "patch.xp3" from this link and then place it in the Morenatsu folder you downloaded from the above torrent)

>HF Apploc
(HF pApploc is a free alternative to Applocale. Start this program then use it to run the Morenatsu .exe)


MTL Forums:
Script downloads:
(Password: FuckOffMTLNooneLikesYou)

IRC: #/mg/ @
Steam Group:

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:25:05 No. 2380
Open file ( 22.77 KB 213x291 )
I want Tora's route so bad.

Dedbored Reanimation Committee Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:27:28 No. 2381

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:49:50 No. 2382
you forgot to include disdain for other users

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 14:51:07 No. 2383
There are 100 people in the Steam group. I don't think we ever mentioned this place in the Steam group. Is it possible there are people in there from our days on /vg/ that still don't know this place exists?

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 19:50:14 No. 2384
Open file ( 262.98 KB 900x1000 )
What happenned to the guy who drew a wide hipped Shin?

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 20:15:43 No. 2385
Open file ( 1.06 MB 1700x1300 )

I dunno, but I wish he'd do more

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 20:58:12 No. 2386
Open file ( 112.64 KB 458x500 )
I only post about 3 times a week but I guess I could be a degenerate some more on /oft/ and fuck captcha

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 21:26:22 No. 2387
>nothing about slutting

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 21:30:25 No. 2388
Do it

Anonymous 09/15/2014 (Mon) 22:03:07 No. 2390
If he sits on you, will you die?

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 00:54:33 No. 2392
You have a hard dick.

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 01:06:27 No. 2393
Open file ( 406.16 KB 997x996 )
For Juu
Wanna see?

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 03:17:51 No. 2397
What are you on your period about now


Only the sloppiest make-outs

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 03:32:27 No. 2398
We should have this huge orgy or some game night.
That usually brought /mg/ together and lively.

Too bad I can't stream

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 07:15:28 No. 2400
Threads sure do go a lot slower here.
I wonder what number we'd be on if we were still on /vg/.

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 07:17:50 No. 2401

It's slower because there's less shitposting and it's a relatively new website

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 07:19:52 No. 2402

We're also missing a lot of people who casual dabble.
I saw someone asking where the general went on /v/ yesterday. We also don't pick anyone new up.

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 09:12:13 No. 2403
oh god that would be FABULOUS.
If only i wasnt in the middle of the ocean and the ship had a non horrible internet connection

ye a dead site isnt much better really. Without advertising it is hard for people to find this site, and people do leave sites that are dead so population is going down for this site

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 12:45:06 No. 2404
Ew gross

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 16:25:35 No. 2406
It's not that dead tho

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 22:21:18 No. 2408
Kouya is best husbando

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 22:25:13 No. 2409
tatsuki tatstar.png
Open file ( 170.53 KB 888x500 )
tatsuki's okay

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 22:57:42 No. 2412

was shitposting part of your plan?

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 23:12:13 No. 2413
we should just start banning people who this.

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 23:28:29 No. 2414
He's already evading to begin with, so his record isn't clean.

Anonymous 09/16/2014 (Tue) 23:35:39 No. 2415
Draw-kun are you here?

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 01:35:08 No. 2416
hi, i could
im not great though sorry
i like the attn suck my epeen more pls

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 01:53:54 No. 2417

>not that great

my dick disagrees

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:04:28 No. 2418
Open file ( 354.00 KB 1000x1200 )
u2 anon, but
i have a thing for females

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:14:57 No. 2419

but they're gross and have cooties

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:23:52 No. 2420
nah brah

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:41:08 No. 2421
Open file ( 72.92 KB 536x489 )

aboslutely disgusting

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:50:15 No. 2422
oh no boobs

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:52:22 No. 2423

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:58:58 No. 2424
Open file ( 1.59 MB 250x209 )

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 02:59:19 No. 2425
I needed that gif again.

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 03:43:24 No. 2426
Joseph Joestar is the best husbando
Just kidding, Juuichi in tights is the best husbando

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 13:41:27 No. 2428
Open file ( 99.83 KB 960x698 )
I don't like alcoholics, sorry Tatsu.

I wish I was Hena, waking up with Tom everyday would be pretty good, but not as much as next to Juu. They are neck and neck for my heart.

Or maybe hit up the irc, it's active there in the evenings. I don't know about the other times of the day however. >>2420

So lewd, spoiler that anon. :0

This is a christian Imageboard.

Juu in jockstrap better. Accents dat ass. r'ing pics of juu in a jockstrap. I need that booty.


Do you want to cuddle anon?

And remember, at least you're alive…

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 13:41:38 No. 2429
anon, no offense. Is this pasta?

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 18:24:50 No. 2432
Open file ( 12.00 KB 250x336 )
kouno with those big balls

Anonymous 09/17/2014 (Wed) 19:48:08 No. 2434
>kouya + knot power joke in 3…2…1…

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 02:47:35 No. 2436
>Uncensored Shun scenes


Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 12:05:03 No. 2437
The ability to make every opponent near his stand's range to slowly feel ashamed of himself and kill himself or make him a full blown furfaggot

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 17:31:50 No. 2438
i love you /mg/

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 19:23:16 No. 2439
Yeah but he can play guitar, nothing can beat that.
nah, it's fun to see this kind of comments time to time

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 20:02:10 No. 2440
Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 21:01:45 No. 2441
if anyone wants, i can make a board somewhere to post all the reaction images ive made.. then again… i regret thinking about doing this

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 22:35:47 No. 2442
I don't get the joke anon…

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 22:36:41 No. 2443
Why would you regret it? You are a valuable contributor to /mg/! :3

Anonymous 09/18/2014 (Thu) 22:48:10 No. 2444
i made over 100

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 02:04:02 No. 2446
Open file ( 99.14 KB 768x1024 )
It's a cute pairing but I'm more of a Tora/Kouya and Aotsukicest fan myself when it comes to the baras.

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 06:04:00 No. 2448
Theres been talk of 8chan on /v/. What about a Morenatsu board or something on 8chan instead of this secluded place?

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 08:50:14 No. 2449

I didn't like it initially but it has grown on me tremendously. Ten/Shun might be creeping up though.

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 13:20:05 No. 2451
Oh you know.

We could have a drawfag art stream going this weekend or something. I think I've set up the necessary bits on the server.

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 13:54:41 No. 2452
>i'm from the irc and pictures scare me

Anonymous 09/19/2014 (Fri) 16:26:19 No. 2453
I think its been mentioned once a long time ago in the chat.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 00:07:57 No. 2454

Best pairings.
Husky strong.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 00:09:13 No. 2455
oh that would be fun

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 02:59:04 No. 2456
Open file ( 501.29 KB 1000x734 )
Mention too. I mean, its more well-known than mgchan anyway.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 04:54:51 No. 2458
Do you mean to mention us to 8chan, or mention 8chan to the Steam group?

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 05:47:15 No. 2459
Mention 8chan to the Steam group.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 05:50:12 No. 2460

I'll just see how it works out.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 05:51:43 No. 2461
i knew it was you

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 05:53:32 No. 2462
What do you mean you knew it was me? Yeah, Im me.
Both boards are built off the same premise: 4chan sucks now so lets move. 8chan is just already more popular. I dont think it'd be a bad idea to move.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 08:31:49 No. 2463
In any case there will be a Morenatsu thread up there regardless, and it wont be going anywhere, so its up to the individual.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 09:52:23 No. 2464
Moving too much and spreading us too thin might be our undoing. We do need exposure, tho.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 15:38:51 No. 2465
mgchan is sticking around this time so there's no worries about that, one of the things that will keep the community as a whole from evaporating completely (no matter the site) is OC which is why /ck/ was created shortly after /kvn/ (though OC is posted on both). I still have some board features geared towards OC to finish implementing. Little free time makes this tedious.

Anonymous 09/20/2014 (Sat) 16:27:47 No. 2466
I probably should also mention /lang/ was created for translation discussions (as its a kind of OC) but it never really picked up.

Probably because its a textboard?

Even the flooder avoided the textboards.

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 00:01:08 No. 2470
Open file ( 59.52 KB 500x500 )
please vacate from the premises

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 01:45:25 No. 2471
Where my Shunbros at?

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 02:15:37 No. 2472
Open file ( 24.25 KB 205x207 )
Reporting in!

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 08:28:46 No. 2473
Open file ( 183.55 KB 277x398 )
Shunbro wagging by.

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 11:25:03 No. 2474
Open file ( 2.22 MB 1198x1596 )
It's time to D-d-d-d-duel

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 17:06:14 No. 2476
nice meme dude!

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 17:07:52 No. 2477
>People still saying Shin is grill

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 17:34:17 No. 2478
__________ with Torahiko

__________ with Tatsuki

__________ with Juuichi

Fill in the blanks

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 17:50:41 No. 2479
hang out with Tora
get hung over with Tatsuki
fall in love with Juu

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 19:04:01 No. 2480
Flood minimum time has been changed from 120 seconds down to 10, I believe this should stop the "flood detected" error when posting a series of pictures, should be able to sneak a few pictures in between retyping new CAPTCHAs (a CAPTCHA is good and reusable for in between 2 and 4 minutes depending when it was generated)

Reduced CAPTCHA from 4 to 3 letters.

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 19:56:20 No. 2481
fuck with tora
drink with tatsuki
go jogging with juu

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 20:05:50 No. 2482
Open file ( 122.42 KB 383x358 )
Japan's massive earthquake makes the island sink in the sea. World economy gets ruined due to never happening torahiko's route.

Anonymous 09/21/2014 (Sun) 20:44:49 No. 2483
Tickle Tora
Slitfuck and frot with Tatsu
Marry and fall in love with Juu

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:22:12 No. 2486
Hang out with Tora
Go eat with Tatsuki
Get married with Juu

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:26:50 No. 2489
Nice meme, dude!

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:27:40 No. 2490
>But ban evasion is perfectly fine amirite?

Fuck off, spic.

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 00:32:18 No. 2492
Explain this, tacobreath


>Sometime later you continue posting your bullshit

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 01:49:32 No. 2494
>watching Tumblr: the Anime

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 01:53:31 No. 2495
>watching Tumblr: the Anime
>image of a comic panel

I know there's senseless anger being flung around right now, but come on.
Can you not see the text?

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 02:11:05 No. 2496
Look at this gaijin

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 04:34:42 No. 2497
it was Soutaros birthday today

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 04:45:29 No. 2498
Pls fuck off

Let's discuss qt lion who's route is next

Yandere or no yandere

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 05:07:36 No. 2501
tounge out.png
Open file ( 64.04 KB 500x500 )
only yandere to Kyouji-senpai

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 06:56:39 No. 2502
I feel like it should be very intertwined with Kyoji's route.
Some kind of elaborate setup where you can end up with one, the other, neither or both.

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 14:18:32 No. 2503
Don't get my hopes up.

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 17:08:07 No. 2505
Is being spit roasted with Juu fucking me in the butt, Tora fucking my mouth, and me fucking Tatsu's cloaca while also stroking his massive member an option?

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 17:11:34 No. 2506
Dude, I legit lol'ed from that post (>>2304
). It was actually well written, even though it bashed on my husubando. Thanks for dredging that back up.

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 20:27:39 No. 2508
Piss off; you're not worthy

Anonymous 09/22/2014 (Mon) 20:33:36 No. 2509
Man Tatsu's my husbando but I'm so hyped for Tora's route

Same writer, gonna be good

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 01:05:40 No. 2514
All I was saying was that it was somewhat humorous. I in no way shape or form said that it was in any way not distasteful, but from a pure rusing standpoint it was well written. I apologize for looking at it objectively for what it was, a post aimed at upsetting individuals.

I used lol'd instead of laughed heartily or a similar synonym as it was easier to type, and the parentheses was so I could direct attention toward the post I was speaking of. Sorry, I use husubando. I was gonna post the pic of Kamiya' Twitter post where someone asked him who his husbando was, and he said something along the lines of don't you mean husubando. If memory serves correctly.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 01:08:01 No. 2515
What is the approximate comfy level of a fundoshi? Is it as tight as a jock strap?

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 01:12:11 No. 2516
Maybe it feels that way cause, you know, he doesn't have a route yet?

And tatsu isn't my husubando, but fuck he had a well written and entertaining route.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 02:12:24 No. 2517
I made one of my own, actually. It feels… snug. Gotta wrap it in just the right way that you have control of your banana hammock without getting a wedgie, too. They're certainly exotic. And cute on thicker butts.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:30:38 No. 2518
Open file ( 86.33 KB 640x804 )
Which one of you faggots did this
>self-inserting as my hazubando
>having OC
>being an autist
>shitty tastes in vidya
>shitty tastes in anime
>plural anime
>thinks he's the tightest shit knowing shitty Java
>a fucking wannabe otaku
>probably a spic

Reminder that either this is the shitstain that lurks here or MTL

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:31:27 No. 2519
Open file ( 151.45 KB 640x813 )

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:31:46 No. 2520
Open file ( 178.45 KB 640x776 )

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:32:31 No. 2521
Open file ( 152.38 KB 640x825 )
No I'm not using this shitty app for actual hookups. It's nice for harvesting pics

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:45:33 No. 2522
I don't know what to do about it; part of me wants to pursue to assert my dominance over my claim over Juu, but what if shit goes wrong?
I looked into the abyss; all I saw was a grotesque version of myself

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 03:46:47 No. 2523
Open file ( 13.36 KB 220x176 )
Oh God that taste is killing me.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 08:51:08 No. 2528
His taste in games and anime isn't much to talk about. They're pretty mainstream/popular for his demographic. And Sonic makes a decent game almost 1/10th of the time

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 11:35:22 No. 2531
>bleach, naruto, Dragon ball z

The reason why I don't really enjoy these series is because they run on for ever. Instead of having a definite start and end point they just go on and on for ever, often times having the same sort of arc. (Oh no, a big baddy that beats my ass, let's go on a training mission or something and get stronger, the come back and beat the baddy. A few interlude episodes here and there.)

I'm in no way a anime know it all or anything, as I have just watched some of the classics or at least popular like samurai champloo, cowboy bebop, gurren Lagan, gundam wing, Trigun. I know it's pleb teir, but I just couldn't stand shit like dbz, one piece, bleach, hell even fairy tail because of the repetiveness and going on way too long.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 16:27:50 No. 2534
Worth watching is always subjective.

I watch gurren Lagan when I need some motivation. It's campy and predictable, but it was a fun over the top ride.

Gundam was sorta long, I remember my sister watching it on toonami a lot when I was younger. I enjoyed it.

Trigun I haven't watched in a while. From my recollection it was sorta goofy here and there but enjoyable. It obviously stuck with me since I was able to recall after all these years.

All in all, look at them a lil on Wikipedia. I enjoyed them, and didn't regret watching them.

I regret watching bleach, fairy tail, and a couple others u can't even remember what they are.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 21:27:09 No. 2536
i propose if you have a husbando you should be banned for being gay filth.
wait we're all gay here.

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 22:21:32 No. 2538
i propose we ban the goyims for not gibbing money

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 22:30:33 No. 2540
Open file ( 100.06 KB 480x603 )
Have you learned any new recipes /mg/? What would you cook for your husbando?

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 22:31:19 No. 2542

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 22:38:28 No. 2544
I love memes :)

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 23:00:06 No. 2546
me rite now.png
Open file ( 154.18 KB 454x306 )
oh i feel so upset

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 23:07:12 No. 2548
The only thing I know how to cook is various breads.
but I can make a really good pizza

Anonymous 09/23/2014 (Tue) 23:36:20 No. 2557
this fucking thread.png
Open file ( 60.88 KB 500x500 )
this isnt funyuu

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 00:19:11 No. 2564
nice opinion

anyways should i try making a board in ck to dump all my reaction images

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 00:20:07 No. 2565
Open file ( 67.35 KB 319x500 )
whoops forgot image

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 00:24:17 No. 2566
Yup sure if you'd like, your reaction images have kept the general going for a while, its an appreciated ongoing thing.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 00:46:28 No. 2568
>>>/ck/159 bah i made the thread

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 00:51:17 No. 2569
you have the funniest memes xD

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:08:41 No. 2570
Oh wow.

Is the shit storm over?

I'm glad that tatsu, shin, and Juu are all popular enough tho get shit all the time.

The rest of the cast needs "love" too us know.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:09:57 No. 2571
I'll imagine your face would look like if Juuichi sat on it with his huge plump bare butt.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:10:39 No. 2572
It would look disgusted because that is not my fetish.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:14:05 No. 2573
"Ah-Ahh~, Anon, Use less tongue and more mouth!"

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:19:26 No. 2574
Serious question… Are you supposed to use your mouth? I just lick when I'm rimming. Sometimes I rub my goatee on there and bite the butt cheeks.

Any pointers?

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:23:06 No. 2576
Not the Anon you responded to, but thanks for taking the time to post that. I'll give it a whirl if I have some time. :)

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:24:17 No. 2577
Hi Botabu

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 01:57:16 No. 2579
>your husbando is suddenly real
>you does the thing that gets the marriage
>husbando murdered

what do

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 02:08:50 No. 2580
Not be Chris Benoit

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 03:03:54 No. 2581
>not tapping out

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 04:33:38 No. 2582
on the contrary my dear, i find this very entertaining.
It breaks the boredom. Especially when people fall for it.

And to further add to this convo.

Juuichi is the best husbando. Because if your husbando doesnt have a big soft fur covered belly he isnt a true husbando :3

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 04:41:39 No. 2584
It always pain me to know that Kouno's route is shit and will forever be shit

had such high hopes for us together

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 04:42:57 No. 2585
on the contrary my dear, i find this very entertaining.
It breaks the boredom. Especially when people fall for it.

And to further add to this convo.

Juuichi is the best husbando. Because if your husbando doesnt have a big soft fur covered belly he isnt a true husbando :3

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 04:45:14 No. 2586
on the contrary my dear, i find this very entertaining.
It breaks the boredom. Especially when people fall for it.

And to further add to this convo.

Juuichi is the best husbando. Because if your husbando doesnt have a big soft fur covered belly he isnt a true husbando :3

is this the new may may?

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:09:45 No. 2592
Do you even sleep, dude?
I keep hoping that it's something interesting being posted instead of the same boring drivel from you.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:12:11 No. 2594
you just called tatsuki shitty.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:14:53 No. 2596
>you're just mad your husbando is so shitty
>my husbando is tatsuki

no, no
you called Tatsuki shitty.
Tatsu-nii hates liars.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:18:53 No. 2598
anyways…… i finished posting most of the reaction images ive made in ck

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:18:59 No. 2599
no he doesn't because tatsuki doesn't try to start arguments on purpose.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:27:04 No. 2601
>fighting for the honor of your husbando
>that now includes trying to start pointless arguments online behind anonymity

Oh man you're cool.
Tatsu would never pick you.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 05:30:40 No. 2603
Oh man, no, he'd find someone better than either of us.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 10:42:34 No. 2608
Trial board.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 10:51:21 No. 2609
Feel free to discuss the merits of a husbando war containment board as well here.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 16:29:59 No. 2629
>I still don't see what's bad about Tatsu drinking

>constantly drinks with no self control whatsoever

>smuggles drinks to gatherings with his friends knowing full well he goes full rapist while soused and has had to be stopped on enough occasions to know they don't want him to

>a reckless, incompetent driver even when completely sober

>implying Twatsuki won't be slapped with a multi-decade prison sentence for some combination of sexual harassment, manslaughter and public intoxication by age 25 minimum

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 18:05:35 No. 2630
Purge thread pls


Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 18:27:03 No. 2631
Jesus, how pathetic you have to be to shitpost so much on a dead board?

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 19:35:19 No. 2632
At first it was sorta cute, but then it just got sorta boring fast.

I especially love baseless arguments on both sides, with liberal amounts of shitflinging.

How bout we all just have a group hug, take some excstacy, and have a wild orgy where we fuck like rabbits for 12 hours straight.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 19:37:52 No. 2633
>mods in charge of moderation

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 19:40:39 No. 2634
What's the point of a purge thread when you can't force husubando wars onto it. It's not like there is any honor here, and they take their fight outside (to a diff thread). Maybe ban them from all boards except the purge board? Then they can talk trash all they want. Or use id's so we could filter them? I know I wouldn't filter out people, but others might just to remove the chaff. Idk, I don't really mind the whole situation cause they will get tired eventually.

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 20:51:14 No. 2635
Things don't, unfortunately, work the way you're suggesting.

Still, would be pretty badass if such a thing were to work too bad it won't

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 23:02:42 No. 2636
wasn't /mg in the past 80% husbando fight?

Anonymous 09/24/2014 (Wed) 23:07:12 No. 2637
reminds me of some fags irl who fall for straight guys even though they know they will never be with you and will always like women

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 02:37:25 No. 2638
tiger 1.jpg
Open file ( 61.61 KB 427x320 )
why aren't you spooning a tiger?

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 02:37:39 No. 2639
tiger 2.jpg
Open file ( 73.82 KB 427x320 )

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 03:01:04 No. 2640
Because tigers tend to not like to be spooned by things a third their weight.

and tigers dont even have a route yet

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 11:16:02 No. 2642
I wish there wasn't always the small percentage of risk of having the tiger snap and maul you. For anyone that has a large breed of dog like Saint Bernard, what's it like to cuddle with a big fuzzy animal?

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 15:51:07 No. 2643
Open file ( 807.71 KB 500x279 )
tfw tigers don't have a route so you can't even spoon them in a virtual kemofaggot game

Anonymous 09/25/2014 (Thu) 21:42:28 No. 2644
because im too busy dreaming of spooning my bf again

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 02:09:27 No. 2645
Not particularly great art stream to commemorate mgchan's slowness and probable abandonment (or actually, its just me sketching things). Requests are fine, don't expect anything great (or anything at all, I'm slow).

(VLC: "Open Network Stream", enter URL and push "Play")

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 04:08:21 No. 2646
Just wanna let you know you have a viewer, I'm drawan while i have your art stream off to the side.
What program are you using? Never seen it before.

If you dont mind me askan', how long have you been drawing?

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 04:10:57 No. 2647
Oh a viewer, I wasn't sure if anybody was watching at all. It's opencanvas.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 04:12:31 No. 2648
Nah, I'm probably not the only one, theres probably a lurker or two watching as well or who have watched at least

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 04:19:07 No. 2649
Its possible to coop draw with it as well, apart from that its pretty barren for features.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 04:28:12 No. 2650
Coop draw sounds fun, I'm up for it sometime.
I dont tend to draw much anthro stuff though, and I'm pretty bad at navigating some drawing programs since I consider myself a bit new, but whatever

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 05:03:58 No. 2651
Done with the first pic, I might try at another something later tonight (in an hour or so). I'll reopen the stream at that point. Late night drawfaggery.

Yeah would be neat to have a few people coop drawing something. Have you posted some anthros somewhere?

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 05:13:17 No. 2652
>If you dont mind me askan', how long have you been drawing?
Oh I missed that question. I used to draw a lot before high school, had a very long hiatus since and got back into it once in a while since a year ago, but haven't actually done that much in that period.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 05:14:48 No. 2653
Open file ( 6.09 KB 480x320 )
I haven't uploaded much of my art anywhere actually, I guess its just low confidence, heres a quickdraw i made to see how this thing works
Thats pretty much how I've been with my art, havent drawn in a long time.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 05:19:49 No. 2654
Open file ( 19.88 KB 640x480 )
heres something i did a while ago in paint tool sai, was probably the first artwork that i felt was finished, I've got a long ways to go from this. Oh, although I do have an unfinished Isabelle from Animal Crossing pic for anthro, and something I drew long ago with MY MOUSE

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 05:21:38 No. 2655
Open file ( 1.16 MB 550x550 )
heres that horrible mouse image thats actually related to mg so I dont go off topic

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 06:25:37 No. 2656
Back online.
Might as well try wrapping up a few bits of that previous picture (some shadowing) first.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 06:29:00 No. 2657
I like.

That's actually pretty nice as far as mouse drawings go I'd think.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 06:36:40 No. 2658
Thanks bruv, do you have a FA or tumblr or something where you upload your art?

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 06:41:30 No. 2659
Not yet so far, I always used to just post things in the generals. I have considered posting them to FA before but never got to it.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 07:00:39 No. 2660
Blank canvases ;_;

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 09:20:45 No. 2662
Done the second picture, thanks for watching (whoever was still up, that is).

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 09:34:39 No. 2663
Open file ( 277.27 KB 1288x716 )

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 09:35:19 No. 2664
Night everyone.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 10:02:31 No. 2665
Open file ( 338.75 KB 1232x690 )
I knew something was amiss.
Night everyone again.

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 21:59:49 No. 2668

Anonymous 09/26/2014 (Fri) 22:06:29 No. 2669

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 19:27:07 No. 2672
A poll:

The boards always seem to move slower on the weekends for some reason. Does everyone browse for their Juuichi fix at work or something?

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 19:39:12 No. 2673
*Don't have to post an answer to that last question, by the way. Its just interesting how weekends seem a bit slower.

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 19:43:06 No. 2674
Anybody wanting to recreate the /furry/ thread? For what its worth, someone also made one on 8chan /vg/:

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 20:59:37 No. 2675
Open file ( 118.22 KB 881x739 )
don't think this has been seen in a while so lemme change that.

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 22:27:16 No. 2677

Anonymous 09/27/2014 (Sat) 22:40:56 No. 2678
bears = big hairy muscly/fat gay men

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 00:59:10 No. 2679
I know that.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 03:07:34 No. 2680
I guess the rest fucked off to 8chan or something.

I've recently dropped down some of the settings so "your request looks automated" shouldn't be a thing that gets triggered anymore, I'm assuming nobody encountered it recently while uploading images.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 03:08:52 No. 2681
it happened only once when i upload dumping reaction images a couple days ago

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 03:31:34 No. 2682
1 out of 111's not bad I guess.

You've drawn a lot of reaction images by the way, holy crap. Love them.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 03:44:54 No. 2683
Gamma was apparently in #kemonono for a minute just now, it was brief.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 04:09:45 No. 2684
Open file ( 63.31 KB 1120x662 )

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 04:10:06 No. 2685
Open file ( 52.02 KB 1119x549 )

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 04:10:34 No. 2687
Open file ( 51.96 KB 1120x579 )

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 05:09:48 No. 2688
thank you, they are easy to make after all (takes about 5-30 minutes per without distractions), except the animated ones

i drew most of it back in 4chan though

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 07:33:36 No. 2689
Am I entitled for finding this attitude sort of pretentious?

I get that artists need to eat, but he gets gets a fanbase overseas and across the world because people take the time to translate and distribute his work in English and he's telling them to stop or he'll quit? That seems awful. The suggestion to go to an official translation group so he could still get paid for his work and people would still get it in English was also shot down, or ignored here.

I really love Gamma's art, and I want to support him, but I'll admit that I would've never found him if it weren't for the people he hates uploading his stuff- and I'm sure that goes for a lot of others who now do give him money.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 09:14:37 No. 2690
Interest in the market outside Japan seems to differ a lot from artist to artist. He didn't really take the time to read before leaving apparently. Maybe he was taken aback a bit as he apparently was told one thing going in there and encountered information he didn't know, there's been some tweets between Rou and Gamma a little later after this chat happened.

Anonymous 09/28/2014 (Sun) 23:10:17 No. 2692
Open file ( 750.05 KB 1045x1280 )

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 00:55:22 No. 2695
Open file ( 695.54 KB 1035x1200 )
Dead thread

Dead life

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 00:58:13 No. 2696
Make me less dead Anon

Bump me harder.


Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 01:00:39 No. 2697
Open file ( 144.65 KB 640x919 )
Is hiro ready for the rape train to cometh?

And why is Kenji such a perv.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 01:01:39 No. 2698
Open file ( 26.41 KB 250x242 )

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 10:54:06 No. 2701
I heard japanese people don't give a shit about outside their country, even if they would give them money

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 11:08:59 No. 2702
Open file ( 166.09 KB 422x902 )

It's weird. I feel really hurt whenever an artist I really like goes and says stuff like "I'll quit if you don't stop. No official translations, Japan only."

I would love to support him officially, if I could. But apparently I'm not good enough for them to sell stuff to? Maybe I'm being over-sensitive, but still.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 11:17:59 No. 2703
Open file ( 128.19 KB 765x1044 )
Not just posting the image…

I don't think I ever want to see that much tickling ever again. That's another fetish right up there with farting that I will never understand.

I would definitely tickle my husubando though if he asked for it, since it's more weird than gross.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 11:26:55 No. 2704
If they have this attitude I have no qualms about stealing their work. Just like when companies don't release games like mother 3 state side, if someone makes a translation patch I will play that fucker. As much as people bitch about racism online, this is a legit case of it. Don't give the Baka gaijin our smut dioujin cause they aren't from Japan. Well fuck you you filthy chink, I'll steal your shit online then. Mnnnnnaaaaaah!

I actually enjoy supporting the artist. I'm glad that some of them aren't full ok retarded and realize people want to see their art in other countries. Hell, they can outsource the translation process so they don't have to do it. I know I bought the love maintenance series after finding out that there was an official translation. Gamma should just contact someone that will translate for free, then put it up on dlsite or something. Give us an option to be legit. I would contemplate purchasing physical copies of build tiger it love maintenance if they were available.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 17:48:52 No. 2707
Open file ( 747.26 KB 1160x1280 )
Is it an uncommon fetish? Another one with a tickle machine.

Off on a tangent I learn about trout tickling from google auto-complete.
>Trout tickling is the art of rubbing the underbelly of a trout using fingers.[1] If done properly, the trout will go into a trance-like state after a minute or so[…]

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 17:53:53 No. 2708
8chan migration, y/n ?

this site is a tomb (I love whoever took the time to create it though)

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 18:13:23 No. 2709
If we did, would we create a new board, or just a thread on /furry/ or something?

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 18:14:35 No. 2710

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 19:47:56 No. 2711
You can stay there. We're fine not interacting with /pol/shit.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 19:51:42 No. 2712
What? What proppeled you in such a leap of logic, m8?

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 19:55:32 No. 2713
I would rather have this chan all to ourselves. Feels cozy. Sure, we don't have a lot of people but we could have a thread on 8chan up to bring others here. I feel as though this place is a little more intimate than 8chan would be. In the middle ground between the the irc and 4chan. And shit posting is nearly non existant. Also, it's a nice place to have threads about chariot and other little things like that under anonymity, in threads that will be around for a while. Eventually 8chan will really pick up and we will get into the scenario where we don't post fast enough to keep the thread alive.

We just need more people. More people to actually talk instead of lurking.

I know I try and post in threads here and there just to keep the conversation going.

What is the cost of running this chan verses the benefits.

(Sorry if this post is poorly worded and a jumble.)

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 19:57:08 No. 2714
I agree, if we moved somewhere else we wouldn't be able to discuss other things and what not, and I'd like to keep doing that.

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 20:06:18 No. 2715
I'll tickle YOUR trout, if you know what I'm sayin'….

Is tickling just a easy mode BSDM sort of deal? They can't deal with pain, but want something something innocuous done to them without their consent. Is it a slippery slope of eventually wanting to be bound up and beat with a paddle?

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 20:56:35 No. 2717
>I'll tickle YOUR trout, if you know what I'm sayin'….

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 23:50:01 No. 2718
What do each of the husbandos smell like?

Anonymous 09/30/2014 (Tue) 23:55:47 No. 2719
honey, sweat, wet dog, alcohol, fragrented soaps

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 00:42:39 No. 2720
Hiroyuki: Idiocy
Torahiko: Chlorine
Tatsuki: Wood shaving and beer
Juuichi: Sweat and honey
Kounosuke: Corpse plant
Kouya: Beer and hairspray
Kyouji: Roses and grass
Shun: Watermelon shampoo
Shin: Eau de Twink
Soutarou: Senpai's special Men's protein.

Mitsuhisa: Bananas? idk
Tappei: See Tatsuki, but add cum
Akira: Axe
Gaku: Pocky and sadness

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 00:43:55 No. 2721
>eau de twink
>pocky and sadness
10/10 I laughed.

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:10:49 No. 2722
clip (2014-09-30 at 08.10.00).png
Open file ( 48.49 KB 719x535 )
Do I make /mg/ proud?

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:15:00 No. 2723
W-what is that?

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:18:40 No. 2724
I don't know sport

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:19:07 No. 2725
Fantasy baseball

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:19:52 No. 2726

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 01:42:54 No. 2727
>corpse plant

That was legit funny Anon.

>Pocky and sadness

Poor Gaku… If he wasn't so creepy looking I would give him a hug

Oh you snarky devil. And no one would know the wiser.

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 14:56:28 No. 2731
Smiling Tatsu-nii.jpg
Open file ( 36.63 KB 459x433 )
Who's the best husbando, and why is it Tatsuki?

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 15:24:24 No. 2732
I don't see a point in migrating anywhere.

If we make a new board on 8chan it will be just as dead as this one and popular boards like /furry/ are too fast for us.

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 16:47:41 No. 2733
Duplicate checks is now per thread only in /hw/, as it is in /kvn/.

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 16:54:12 No. 2734

women cant play yugioh competitively, they are just useless lulz side characters so pls

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 17:11:38 No. 2736
There's a brand new board just for this.

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 19:37:48 No. 2737
Morenatsu Scents.png
Open file ( 177.03 KB 1252x980 )

Anonymous 10/01/2014 (Wed) 21:29:42 No. 2740
>shit posters responding to logic
Ain't gonna happen bro.

How do you link to a different board and thread? I know you put more >>> or something.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 03:57:42 No. 2741
help I'm a slut and I can't stop it

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 11:31:21 No. 2743
Role playing as Juuichi is specifically prohibited in this thread, as noted in the op. Please delete your comment, as it offends me.

Also, there is a thread dedicated to you being a slut. Why don't you go bump it with a few pictures of your hairy chest and belly? And some of your butt wild be nice too.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 11:34:07 No. 2744
Open file ( 128.40 KB 640x1136 )
Why is there no link to husubando wars at the top and bottom of the page?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 11:41:31 No. 2745
You guys know of the Japanese meme of making gifs of kemohomos cumming?

Are there any of the cast?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 11:48:38 No. 2746
I'm slow, added just now.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 12:12:33 No. 2747
never heard of this meme

give examples

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 13:32:58 No. 2748
Open file ( 25.45 KB 211x255 )
I don't think gifs work when I post them from my phone.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 13:35:09 No. 2750

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 14:42:31 No. 2751
Would you let your husbando kiss in [/spoiler]public[/spoiler]?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:05:36 No. 2752
Depends on the neighborhood. If it is really "diverse" and "in need of gentrification" then no. If it's somewhere where the likelyhood of being mugged is lower I would kiss him.

Please don't take that the wrong way. Not intending a shit storm, but we all know what I'm talking about.

The reason why I bring this up is that the probability of being pummeled to death for being a fag is more than likely higher in places where the people don't have class or self respect. (My bf works in a library in a bad part of town and I would never show affection around there, but outside of my apartment I hug him, pick him up, and give him a kiss when he leaves)

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:14:21 No. 2753
Open file ( 97.73 KB 720x545 )
>he wouldn't kiss his husbando in public
>he has a 3D pig-disgusting bf

You don't even love your husbando, faggot.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:20:50 No. 2754
>you in charge of reading comprehension

I would kiss him (bf or husubando) depending upon the location.

Areas where gays are socially acceptable = yes

Areas where gays are not socially acceptable = no

Also, my bf doesn't know I have a husubando. I don't know how he would react to that.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:26:55 No. 2755
Fucking normalfag scum.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:30:56 No. 2756
You can only have one, you slut.

>A perfect, ideal, and loving 2D kemo Husbando


>An ugly, flawed, pig-disgusting, real, 3D bf

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 15:35:38 No. 2757
Open file ( 52.47 KB 500x494 )
Until I get my dimensional portal to the kemo universe, I'll have the best of both worlds. Muh perfect yet physically nonexistent husubando and flawed yet warm bf.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 22:01:03 No. 2758
I almost died

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 22:56:18 No. 2759
How did it almost happen?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 22:59:06 No. 2760
Did you try to fuck a bear?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:04:03 No. 2761
2014-10-02 15.31.34.jpg
Open file ( 2.62 MB 3264x2448 )
Nothing bad.

I wish

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:26:22 No. 2762
Dudem is this your car? holy crap man, gratz on being alive and able to type shit out. Are you in a hospital bed right now?

Get well fast bro!

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:29:29 No. 2763
Yup, my car.
Nope, not in the hospital. Made it out fine with just a spot that feels like a small burn or a rash with no strands of hair on it on my left forearm.

I'm surprised it was just the car that got destroyed; my lens popped out of my glasses, but was pretty much unscathed; my phone was in the far right corner between the windshield and the dash, but it wasn't any worse than it was.

I did get to see two hairy qts though

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:43:09 No. 2764
Oh my..
Good to hear you got out of it safely anon.

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:49:34 No. 2765
2014-10-02 15.31.36.jpg
Open file ( 2.22 MB 3264x2448 )

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:51:03 No. 2766
sheit bro, what happened?

Anonymous 10/02/2014 (Thu) 23:56:34 No. 2767
I mean, you had an accident, but what specifically happened?

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:09:28 No. 2768
Carelessness; I was going ~60; the light was turning red; couldn't decide whether to slam on my brakes or floor it and run it. Shit was too late; I got rammed in my rear driver-side tire; my dad suggested I hit the curb which then caused me to roll ~6 times.

It was entirely my fault; the driver that hit me didn't get that badly wrecked.
What's weird though is that I don't think I ever saw the person driving the truck, but I saw the truck itself.

Shit feels surreal; it's like the accident never happened. Insurance is covering everything; people are saying I'm lucky to be alive, yet it's making me feel weird that I'm not grandly taking it.

I also find it funny that my friends texted me asking if I was fine, when I've told my parents what happened.

Remember to wear seat belts, not speed, and that tint can keep your window together and not in you.
And German engineering

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:18:50 No. 2769
Count your lucky stars Anon, I know I woulda died from something like that as my luck is trash.

What type of car was it?

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:20:22 No. 2770
My luck's pretty trash too; then again I kinda had a tendency to get up and walk pretty alright from something.

2013 Jetta

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:34:09 No. 2771
awww… that car was beautiful…

My uncle once crashed a Datsun deluxe and rode like 15 meters upside-down. one of his friends died because he wasn't wearing a belt.

So yeah, losing a pretty car both sucks and is prone to killing someone. I don't mean to lecture you, I trully don't. But you were really lucky!

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:35:53 No. 2772
I don't think I could live with myself if a passenger died because of my error.

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:48:32 No. 2773
>5 drunken guys.
>no designated driver.
>lots of alcohol.
>something happens.
>some farmer stores rocks next to the road.
>they crash into it.
>friend who isn't wearing a belt dies.

A lot of dumb sheit happened. You can only rationalize it and move on, I suppose.

Anyways, bro, Fuck all this sheit. If the guy behind you hit you, it's his fault- He should keep a safety distance AND speed, so as to not hit you in case of emergent need to break.

He was responsible, so feast on his insurance moneys!!!

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:49:52 No. 2774
>He was responsible
I think the person who ran the red light me is responsible

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 00:58:22 No. 2775
He hit you from the side? I suppose
>rammed in my rear driver-side tire
makes sense now.

Anon, whatever, just learn from it and don't beat yourself up over it.

Like, the dumbest part of it all (pardon my language) was hitting the curb: it seems to me that out of all that happened, that was the most dangerous shit as instead of loosing significant speed and coming to a halt, you simply kept on going and rolling forward - which fucked up your car.

The accident itself wasn't that bad bro, lift your chin up! look at the stars bro! you have eternity to look down at the maggots! hahaha

Anonymous 10/03/2014 (Fri) 15:45:17 No. 2777
Open file ( 303.58 KB 862x906 )
bark bark

Anonymous 10/04/2014 (Sat) 18:05:46 No. 2778

Truly a voice of gold.

Anonymous 10/04/2014 (Sat) 23:07:32 No. 2779
Open file ( 164.91 KB 789x1000 )
>tfw no new routes

Anonymous 10/05/2014 (Sun) 12:35:47 No. 2780
Open file ( 64.68 KB 305x360 )
>tfw the game will never have 3 normal routes and 2 joke routes per husbando

Anonymous 10/05/2014 (Sun) 18:00:45 No. 2781
How're you feeling after the few days since it happened?

Anonymous 10/05/2014 (Sun) 18:08:20 No. 2782
>You will never undergo kemotherapy

Anonymous 10/05/2014 (Sun) 21:51:09 No. 2783
>That board some of you go to has been wiped completely 3 times or so at this point.
>This chan is lucky to get 10 posts a day.
Its like you anons hate this place.

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 00:49:46 No. 2784

it's not our fault those gook faggots won't work on the remaining routes. so there's nothing to talk about

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 01:40:40 No. 2785
I mostly meant it in that it didn't seem to have occurred to anyone over there yet to use the local /kemono/ and /ck/ as backup image dumps. Not sure I care much for that idea in the first place though, new content needs to be generated locally to move out of this lull. Captcha: MUR.

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 01:42:01 No. 2786
never stop making these


Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 02:01:38 No. 2787
you cant tell me what to do

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 03:44:10 No. 2788
Still feels like it never happened at all; was only sore for a day, already have a replacement car, that burn/rash/whatever spot almost fully healed and there's hair growth already, and I'm comfortable driving a car.

Smash is eh; it still favors defensive play.

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 13:23:29 No. 2789
Well, I just hope you learned from the situation to be a little more attentive while driving. The one time I got into in accident was when some guy didn't look before pulling out from an intersection. I was going slow enough that we only barely tapped him, but the slowdown was still jarring. My neck pinches a nerve here and there still to this day because of it.

Consider yourself lucky that you could afford a nice car that protected you, you had insurance, and that you came out relatively unharmed.

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 14:23:46 No. 2790
It looks like kemonono spreadsheet is gone. I assume they didn't want more artists to find out about it. So I guess that means no more unofficial translations from them.

Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 20:48:50 No. 2791
Stairway to Heaven (Made in Heaven).jpg
Open file ( 65.61 KB 480x640 )
>You will never have Stairway to Heaven (Made in Heaven) as your Stand
>You will never use its abilities to restart the Universe and create a new one where your Morenatsu husbando is real and where you and him can be together


Anonymous 10/06/2014 (Mon) 22:33:36 No. 2792
>You will never take your husbando to 『HEAVEN』

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 05:57:48 No. 2801
I'll never understand people who keep furry pr0nz on their phone, even if it is of their ultimate husbando. I counted so many X-rated iPhone wallpapers at Anthrocon without even trying (and I thought that my FF8 background was nerdy).


Kouya > Shun > Tatsuki > Kyouji > Torahiko > Juuichi > Shin > Soutarou (lol?) > Kounosuke


Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 07:59:34 No. 2802
Dude… I could get down with that list assuming you're giving Kyouji knot privilege because he looks boring as fuck with no route.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 09:02:00 No. 2803
>Kouya the shit is the best husbando

Oh well, I guess Morenatsu really is a bad game afterall…

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 12:48:16 No. 2804
Open file ( 148.65 KB 640x1136 )
There is a flaw in your argument, in that just because I have muh husubando on my phone doesn't necessarily mean my phone's wallpaper is muh husubando.

I have pics of him on my phone cause some times you want to make sure you save a good pic before a thread dies or so you don't have to track it down later. This does lead to the conundrum of some one looking through my phones pictures.

Pro tip, here is my phone's wallpaper.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 12:53:46 No. 2805
>my opinions are better than your opinions

>Kounosuke not even on the ranking

Kouno really is a shit.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 18:43:30 No. 2810
I like all the characters except for Kouya and Kounosuke honestly

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 18:58:19 No. 2811
that's the shit ranking, right? In that Shun and Kouya are the most shit of the hasubandu?

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 19:24:09 No. 2812
Open file ( 63.63 KB 640x1136 )
Is it just my phone or is there something up with the images…

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 20:21:51 No. 2813
>le geek chic

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 21:02:02 No. 2815
Are you trying to say that only furfags that go to cons, snoop at people's phones, and try to start husubando arguments are the type of people that like Kouya? I'm glad I don't have him as my husubando and be guilty by association.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 21:25:58 No. 2816
Open file ( 97.97 KB 643x834 )
I was leaning towards typing like a shitter but that works fine.
Kouya's generic and daddy issues draws in the bad crowd.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:15:02 No. 2817
>We sonicfandom level now

At least the sister swooped in and ruined his fun. I haven't cringed that hard in a while. Why would anyone do this shit anyway? Too much anime to the brain? Lack of a loving home? Obsession with a shit husubando?

The world will never know…

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:16:45 No. 2818
Holy molly! Now, I don't mean to offend, but there's some incredibly pathetic and lunatic side to the furry fandom.

Honestly. Every cringe pic feels worse than opening your first fresh can of asticot. Ever.

And hey, at least asticot will get you a fish. Dang it, I just really don't understand this.

-10/10 : Would not open again.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:26:14 No. 2820
What in the literal fuck is asticot.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:34:19 No. 2822

but that's wrong

the biggest shitposting faggots on /mg/ are the Tatsukifags, not Kouyafags.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:44:07 No. 2823
yup! That's used as bait for small, predatory fish.

pretty nasty the first time you handle it, but the novelty wears off pretty fast.

Anyways, cringe-worthy furfag threads are literally a nastier can of worms than those.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:47:26 No. 2824
oh jesus.

Anonymous 10/08/2014 (Wed) 22:58:04 No. 2826
But anon, we're just dissin' the autistic fellow, not his husbando! - How ever debatable the autism levels of the latter might be!

Anonymous 10/09/2014 (Thu) 10:29:55 No. 2831
lol it really did cause a fight

This thread is so long it's crashing my Nexus. SOS send help

Anonymous 10/09/2014 (Thu) 21:37:44 No. 2833
Open file ( 39.70 KB 693x758 )

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 05:54:31 No. 2836
Open file ( 553.37 KB 2560x2489 )
>Tfw it's been more than a year now, and you still think about your husbando every day and wish he were real

Please don't tell me I'm the only one

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 05:59:16 No. 2837
My one year coming up in a month, still thinking about that night I got to sleep with my hasubando.

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 06:15:20 No. 2839
Open file ( 70.62 KB 530x720 )
Get on my level, I've been feeling that way for 20 years.

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 06:41:03 No. 2840
Tatsuki Midoriya.jpg
Open file ( 37.19 KB 500x375 )
Will I ever be able to cuddle with him, /mg/?

If not, why even continue living?

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 12:46:29 No. 2842
Open file ( 53.38 KB 640x498 )
I found a picture of you online Anon.

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 12:48:06 No. 2843
How old are you Anon? I thought I was old at 26 later this month.

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 14:49:38 No. 2845
Open file ( 99.22 KB 660x660 )
Every day…and i dont see a problem with that

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 15:53:44 No. 2846
>tfw no psychopathic lagomorph buddy

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 17:06:42 No. 2847
But I don't have a dildo, and it's not of Tora/BT

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 22:19:16 No. 2851
ss (2014-10-11 at 05.18.52).jpg
Open file ( 31.69 KB 669x178 )
>favorite Juu artist disappeared

Anonymous 10/11/2014 (Sat) 23:56:15 No. 2852
Hopefully you saved all his art, right?

You did, right? :/

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 01:10:23 No. 2853
Open file ( 418.02 KB 1023x819 )
Its this artist, right?

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 01:37:42 No. 2854
Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 14:56:28 No. 2857
[thinks of breakage].jpg
Open file ( 119.71 KB 900x900 )

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 17:23:10 No. 2858
this is the same expression I've in the morning…
and in afternoon

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 18:03:41 No. 2859
I did save a lot of his Juu stuff, not the qt lion and things.

Yeah him

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 19:15:27 No. 2860
What a boring day.

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 20:31:33 No. 2861
Not for me; Josh is still sperging

Anonymous 10/12/2014 (Sun) 22:36:27 No. 2862

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 13:43:43 No. 2864
Would you Option B your Morenatsu?

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 13:53:56 No. 2865
Yes. Because I know he wants it. And even if he didn't, I'd make him want it.

Juuichi is too much of a butt slut to resist.

I accidentally went too far with him my first go through and felt like shit afterwards. ;_;

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 15:25:55 No. 2867
Open file ( 48.07 KB 1024x768 )
>You will never see Shun making a cute pose, a pose that seems innocent but is in fact seductive
>He will never invite you to his room, and tease you by stripping down to his briefs
>You will never kiss his underwear clad bulge, making him moan in ecstasy, and then peel his briefs down, revealing a hard shota cock, desperate for love
>You will never suck and wank him until his dick erupts, as he squirms in orgasm
>You will never taste his milky boy juice
>You will never fuck Shun's cute butt hard, his slutty, boyish moans filling the room and furthering your pleasure, jacking him off until he cums again
>You will never blow your load onto Shun's cute face, as he savors every last drop of your cum
>You and Kouya will never spitroast Shun, filling his mouth and ass with hard cock

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 15:26:20 No. 2868
Oh what the hell, that's a weird bug.

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 17:07:57 No. 2869
>spit-roasting a shota.

I'd understand making sweet, tender love to a pure sort of character (read: shota, even tho shotas are not my thing), but all that defiling seems sorta wrong.

Just my 2 cents tho.

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 21:33:12 No. 2871
Is it happening

Anonymous 10/13/2014 (Mon) 22:27:13 No. 2873
Do tell.

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 00:13:51 No. 2874
macro falco stomps the competition.JPG
Open file ( 47.34 KB 400x240 )
Josh happened but it wasn't as fun as yesterday

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 01:00:01 No. 2875
Who is this Josh? I don't really spend any of my time on 8chan.

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 01:01:51 No. 2876
Josh was in /mg/ too

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 04:29:31 No. 2877
Open file ( 178.75 KB 462x632 )
Would you kiss him on the cheek?

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 07:02:44 No. 2878
Open file ( 199.95 KB 861x1227 )
All four, baby.

Anonymous 10/14/2014 (Tue) 21:57:36 No. 2880
Open file ( 125.89 KB 500x585 )

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 01:15:26 No. 2883
God's Honest Truth.jpg
Open file ( 100.31 KB 900x300 )
I never knew how hard it was making oc…

To someone that knows photoshop, how do I make hard lines? So they don't bleed?

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 01:59:38 No. 2884
Open file ( 88.31 KB 634x443 )
>go into the bear thread on 8chan
>some dipshit juufag is acting like a tard and making /mg/ look mentally retarded.

Which one of you faggots is this. If Juu is your husubando, at least act with some class. I'm glad you don't shit up this board like you do there. Very disappointed.

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 06:25:49 No. 2885
Why the hell are you guys still here instead of being on

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 06:32:25 No. 2886
Fuck off and die.

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 06:33:19 No. 2887
Enjoy your deadchan.

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 09:43:35 No. 2888

I can check mgchan once a day and get caught up in less than 15 mins.

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 11:10:25 No. 2889
Don't respond to the fedora tipper. You'll make him want to threaten to shoot up a university again!

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 13:17:52 No. 2890
link to the thread please

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 13:37:01 No. 2891
Be forewarned of faggotry, most of the art is top notch though.

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 14:01:18 No. 2892
The thread's really lively, I liked it!

And you're absolutely right, gorgeous art!

>tfw missing abuse-kun

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 22:16:52 No. 2893

Anonymous 10/15/2014 (Wed) 22:18:02 No. 2894
Based mods <3

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 00:29:47 No. 2895
Open file ( 198.30 KB 680x680 )
Wow, thanks!

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 01:07:57 No. 2896
I know I said this last time, but can there be a quick link at the top or bottom of the page? Thanks.

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 01:10:36 No. 2897
>le fedora yam :^)

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 01:26:04 No. 2898
Anon pls.

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 03:42:03 No. 2899
Juuichi (3).png
Open file ( 470.10 KB 950x796 )
Juuichi a total butt slut and I love him for it

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 03:46:30 No. 2900
>That awful lighting
>That cardboard-flat face
>That hideous misinterpretation of muscular structure
go back to a barn you uneducated swine

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 05:12:36 No. 2901
Open file ( 489.35 KB 950x796 )
im no expert at anatomy, but that does look really off
like that trapezium muslce is really big and looks like its over the deltoid and that penis placement and really low hanging testicles

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 11:34:20 No. 2902
Hefty nuts can hang that low.

>I go on to tumblr for "research" into this matter

>a shot like this is rare
Just trust me on this one, if I ever find a good example I'll post it.

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 16:14:02 No. 2903
I didn't draw it m8

Anonymous 10/16/2014 (Thu) 16:23:09 No. 2904
Why did you shrink all of his muscles? Your only valid point was about the trapezium going into the deltoid, and that's an easy fix that doesn't require redrawing the entire picture. You also made the left arm and shoulder slope too far downwards like it's dislocated in the redrawing. I get the feeling you just drew "this is what muscular men SHOULD look like" instead of "what would a judo master bear look like". Remember that not all body structures are the same.

Essentially, you made the perspective more appealing to the eye, at the cost of everything else.

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 00:36:17 No. 2905
Mine at times

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 17:31:25 No. 2907
But my husbando is Tatsuki

I just appreciate Juuichi for porn and his god bod

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 19:07:48 No. 2908
Then you're a slut - Tatsuki is perfect, so if you're still lusting around for other husbandos, you're in the wrong, and you don't deserve someone as pure as Tatsu-hime.



>god bod

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 19:26:16 No. 2909
Juuichi a slut.png
Open file ( 80.68 KB 197x185 )
Me and Juuichi will slut it up together then with Tatsuki. Maybe a threeway or a spitroast.

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 20:20:27 No. 2910
Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 20:50:43 No. 2911
>delusional fags thinking Juu is their's to slut with

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 21:48:22 No. 2912

>that feel when I just want to be a slut with one loving partner and do seriosly lewd things with him and only him

Just because I'm a slut doesn't mean it is with multiple people.

Anonymous 10/17/2014 (Fri) 21:53:27 No. 2913
You'd be surprised from how many people I've heard that they want the same thing. Here's hoping you find your slutmate, so you can be two devoted sluts together.

Anonymous 10/18/2014 (Sat) 20:32:12 No. 2919
How much of a slut are you?
~12GB of unique lewds shared so far

Anonymous 10/19/2014 (Sun) 21:15:18 No. 2924
Open file ( 1.18 MB 1200x1033 )

Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 02:24:41 No. 2930
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 02:40:49 No. 2931
I'm a slut that doesn't want to screw around with with other people. I want to get nasty with my hedonistic bf so we can be fuck like ranchy pig fuckers and not have to care about bad things happening. Nothing finer than lovingly rough sex with someone you care about. I could be a stupid slut and fuck around, but the sex isn't as good when it's not your man's seed that is dripping out of your bum. Also, std's. Fuck dat sheet.

Have you lost your virginity yet? As much as you spread your lewds, I'm surprised you haven't found some one that really turns you on and lives close enough to you to get yourself a slut bf to slut with monogamously.

Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 19:54:19 No. 2940
shun whut.png
Open file ( 138.44 KB 619x594 )
thred pls no die

Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:26:27 No. 2941
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:27:00 No. 2942
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:27:38 No. 2943
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:28:26 No. 2944
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:28:55 No. 2945
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:29:31 No. 2946
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:30:00 No. 2947
Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:30:47 No. 2948
Open file ( 333.29 KB 1280x1617 )
what pokemon would each husbando have?

Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 20:53:56 No. 2949
Kouno's pokemon would have to be fitting. Like Grimmer or Muk. Literal piles of dung.

Anonymous 10/21/2014 (Tue) 21:13:54 No. 2950
I like these, they're cute!

So, what kind of Pokemon do you think each husbando would have?

Anonymous 10/22/2014 (Wed) 00:28:44 No. 2951
Torahiko: Water types. Like that one art of him alongside a Buizel.
Tatsuki: Dragon types would be too easy, so Grass is a good fit for his carpentry.
Juuichi: Fighting. Non-negotiable.
Kounosuke: Poison or Dark to go with his geeky ways.
Kouya: Steel or Electric like most guitarist trainers in the games have.
Kyouji: Normal to reflect his plainness.
Shin: Psychic, or dare I say it, Fairy types.
Shun: Tough call. Perhaps Bug types, or Ghosts? Think of Nanafuse.
Soutarou: Fire types. He's practically a Pyroar anyway.

Anonymous 10/22/2014 (Wed) 00:37:27 No. 2952
Shun would be one of the endless horde of bug-catcher kids

Anonymous 10/22/2014 (Wed) 03:00:05 No. 2953
Even so, I'd see Shun collecting the more badass bug-type picks. Scizor, Heracross, Galvantula, Scolipede, etc.

Anonymous 10/23/2014 (Thu) 01:56:09 No. 2955

did and_is_notherewhenyouneedhim give a tl;dr on this? I never saw it mentioned here

Anonymous 10/23/2014 (Thu) 02:06:29 No. 2956
translation from the MTL forums:
It has been a long time since something had been written. Ruoh here.
To be frank, I'm unclear where we are with the current progress of things.
That is to say, since the software used to develop Morenatsu is apparently under maintenance
(or is the program itself changing?), nobody on staff is able to access it either.
The data has been backed up so things should be fine there, we are unable to share
any information at this time.
Yukidaruma-san is currently trying to restore it, but this may take some time.
Being kept in the dark may be distressing, but I would be happy if you
could wait worry-free.

After that its just talking about the routes that have already been released.

Anonymous 10/24/2014 (Fri) 04:35:08 No. 2957
>same thread for over a month
>no posts in over a day

It's that time again boys

Anonymous 10/24/2014 (Fri) 06:14:59 No. 2959
Eh, I think there might have already been a 8chan exodus to some degree, though many of the threads I see over there seem to be fursona stuff and image dumps. I think there's a more occasional lurk now because of the slow posts but that's probably to be expected.

I'm still sticking around though. I'll probably get back into doing morenatsu fangames soon.


FART-KUN DISCOVERED TO BE LEAST CANCEROUS OF ALL IN /MG/ Anonymous 10/25/2014 (Sat) 09:30:34 No. 2960
Sniffing farts correlated with diminished cancer, dementia risk, among others.


Anonymous 10/25/2014 (Sat) 17:21:42 No. 2961
>tfw no cave to hold extravagant orgies with drugs and hookers

Anonymous 10/25/2014 (Sat) 18:53:02 No. 2962
>tfw not a real life supervillain making husbandos

Also holy shit that guy walked right out of fucking Marvel comics

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 01:07:06 No. 2963

Someone made a cute Tora tribute! Wish there were more animations though…

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 01:14:45 No. 2964
Morenatsu anime is going to happen within our lifetime, isn't it.

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 01:26:26 No. 2965
DMMD anime happened, so why won't Morenatsu?

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 01:44:03 No. 2966
But they did remove all the romance, except some of the innuendo. I don't think Morenatsu would be Morenatsu without all the gradually falling in love, being together and being separated from a lover stuff.

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 23:01:19 No. 2968
yare yare daze.jpg
Open file ( 91.38 KB 413x611 )
Boy i LOVE accidently posting a new thread instead of a reply! :)
>try to post this picture by itself
>get this
>Error: The body was too short or empty.

Can't call him short but empty pretty much describes Gaku physically and emotionally.

Anonymous 10/26/2014 (Sun) 23:02:32 No. 2969
seems like there's one for tatsunii too

Anonymous 10/27/2014 (Mon) 00:53:57 No. 2970
Yeah, the guy really likes doing Morenatsu related stuff. He also posts fanart on his DA/FA/Pixiv/Tumblr and other sites.

Anonymous 10/27/2014 (Mon) 13:12:16 No. 2971
Goddamn. Came back to this game after 6 months or so of blissful ignorance of its existence. Replayed Kouyas route again (he was my first lel) and it got me right in the feels.

I dont understand how this kind of thing happens. After finishing the route again I've just felt… empty? I dont know. It pains me to think a fuzzy feels simulator can have such a profound impact on my mental state.

Anonymous 10/27/2014 (Mon) 15:49:29 No. 2972
I sometimes feel like going back and playing a route again, but I know I'll be struck with the same feeling of depression that I want to avoid.

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 16:27:14 No. 2973
I've happened to notice his twitter's back up again. His first tweet since that time google translates to "Truly now I of the fart smell".

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 22:18:30 No. 2974
Does Kounosuke's route make anyone feel sad/depressed?

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 23:01:18 No. 2975
Oh god, I wanted to play some of my favourite routes for a while now, but I know I'll probably get depressed if I do it.

Nah, it leaves me feeling mostly disappointed. Tatsuki's route also doesn't make me depressed, but mostly cause it's silly and has a lighter tone than some of the other ones.

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 23:13:11 No. 2976
I know that feel, the first time you see him cry… it's like you become suddenly empty

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 23:26:16 No. 2977
Kounosuke was the first route I played through and it didn't make me feel anything really.
Also I don't think anyone mentioned that Kouno's birthday was just a few days ago.

Anonymous 10/28/2014 (Tue) 23:42:39 No. 2978
You know, I'm actually sad that no one loves Kounosuke, really…

He's just fated to be forever alone. And for a video-game character in a dating sim, that's kind of sad…

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 00:29:05 No. 2979
I like Kounosuke, I just don't bring it up much since people act like giant cunts about it every time

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 01:57:05 No. 2980
I don't hate Kouno. He's super cute anyway. It's just a shame his route was kind of boring.

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 02:09:31 No. 2981
Kouno is cute, but he's an asshole. If he had character improvement, his route would be above average.

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 02:34:47 No. 2982
Even ignoring his route, his H-scenes are absolutely subpar too.

>He's a bottom and you can barely see his dick, not even any anal

>Next CG is hilariously badly drawn Hiroyuki in a kiss

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 05:53:59 No. 2983
So anybody doing anything for halloween for their husbando?

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 11:22:29 No. 2984
i have to work :/

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 12:47:20 No. 2985
Open file ( 39.30 KB 800x600 )
Anyone know the artist behind this? I love the art style.

P.S. pls dont die thread

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 20:27:45 No. 2986
Being a slut is hard work :^)

Anonymous 10/29/2014 (Wed) 23:59:33 No. 2988
Welp, hotwheels is hiding /furry/ boards and just about any other board he doesn't like.
Looks like 8chan migration won't happen.
Back to /mg/

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 00:47:14 No. 2989
Open file ( 54.21 KB 524x1839 )
Free speech, amirite guys

Also I desperately want a Morenatsu version of this image

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 01:12:17 No. 2990
A bloo blooooo

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 01:13:23 No. 2991
>no one can draw kouya correctly
>no one

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 02:04:12 No. 2992
Open file ( 66.03 KB 1000x747 )


>a single correct way of drawing something

I like the variety in art style that comes up with this kind of subject matter. It'd be boring if it were all the same

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 02:06:25 No. 2993
fucking up proportions is not a "style"

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 03:15:40 No. 2994
I dunno those Kouyas look pretty okay

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 07:13:06 No. 2995

>>2993 is right. looks like >>2987 is a cabinet that got a human head put on top of it.

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 07:15:35 No. 2996

That particular artist does it a lot

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 07:22:53 No. 2997

His tumblr has a lot more on it.

Also a lot of food pictures for some reason, but eh.

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 08:34:07 No. 2998
All that delicious food is making me so hungry…

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 08:37:33 No. 2999
Oh man, this is so cute!

What does it say?

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 14:41:03 No. 3000
Open file ( 65.69 KB 974x722 )
For the "mgchan mentioned in some random place" photo album.

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 17:15:48 No. 3001
The lesson to take from this is to fix bugs, listen to the users, try to improve things and someday people will flock away from your chan in droves and perhaps almost spell your nick right.

Anonymous 10/30/2014 (Thu) 23:04:26 No. 3002
fuck no one likes cowboys here

Anonymous 10/31/2014 (Fri) 00:50:02 No. 3003
Speak for yourself, I'd ride a cowboy

Anonymous 10/31/2014 (Fri) 02:07:31 No. 3004
Ppl bitching about 8chan pls stop bitching about that chan. I don't really care about /furry/, and this drama is the exact reason why people hate you damn furfaggots.

Anonymous 10/31/2014 (Fri) 09:06:53 No. 3005
happy halloween everyone

Anonymous 10/31/2014 (Fri) 13:20:32 No. 3006
Happy Halloween Anon.

Make sure you cosplay as your husubando!

Anonymous 10/31/2014 (Fri) 13:28:21 No. 3007

Anonymous 11/02/2014 (Sun) 00:10:37 No. 3010
Run Shin Run.png
Open file ( 1.03 MB 1280x720 )

Anonymous 11/02/2014 (Sun) 14:45:04 No. 3011
Open file ( 72.50 KB 500x380 )
What would your husbando's mecha be, /mg/?

Anonymous 11/02/2014 (Sun) 18:57:02 No. 3012
>tfw doesn't watch that many mecha shows so answer won't be that interesting.
I guess Tora can be the Gurren Lagann.

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 15:02:35 No. 3013

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 15:03:52 No. 3014

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 15:50:29 No. 3015
Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 17:34:11 No. 3016
the fuck I barely know these, what tora is watching?

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 18:03:59 No. 3017
he may not like it but I would force him to watch SD Gundam with me

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 19:46:16 No. 3018
I literally have no clue what any of those are.

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 20:00:09 No. 3019
A few updates.

☑ Auto-update and board navigation bar added to recentnew.html
☑ Added recentnew.html as [new] to board list
☑ Integrated webm settings to a proper settings panel

There's a few more interesting things coming up soon as well.

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 20:14:20 No. 3020
>what tora is watching?
Tatsuki - The legend of the blue Wolves (gay porn)
Kounosuke - Eva

Shun - Dendoh

Kouya - Macross 7

Shin - Escaflowne

Juu - Votoms

Soutaro - Daltanious

Kyouji - Raideen

Torahiko - Nadesico

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 21:16:14 No. 3021
Hah, neeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!

Anonymous 11/03/2014 (Mon) 21:17:43 No. 3022
Open file ( 1.32 MB 1111x625 )

Anonymous 11/04/2014 (Tue) 19:44:14 No. 3023
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