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Anonymous 01/02/2015 (Fri) 19:11:39 No. 114 [Reply]
Open file ( 543.01 KB 900x1350 )
Female animals count as kemono too, right?
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Anonymous 04/30/2015 (Thu) 22:55:01 No. 151
I just noticed. I almost always only check new, rather than the boards.
How odd.
I wish it bumped

Anonymous 05/01/2015 (Fri) 07:59:01 No. 152
Thank god, i just noticed too. Seems like nobody wants to see that stuff

Anonymous 05/03/2015 (Sun) 15:49:42 No. 153
The fact that these threads exist and are allowed (and have ALWAYS been, but no one's had the balls to post them) shows that people do want to see it. It being autosage'd is likely out of fear of retribution.

Anonymous 05/03/2015 (Sun) 16:27:05 No. 154
No it just shows that mods dont want to ban people for such things.

Nobody wants to see that stuff minus 1-2 people.

Why do you think it is on autosage? They might not be able to throw people out because of that but they sure wont force us to see those disgusting images on kemono everytime someone posts

Anonymous 05/03/2015 (Sun) 16:32:57 No. 155
This guy hás it right. The majority hás spoken.

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