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mgChan Thread
Just a mention I'm still around and haven't abandoned the site, etc.

I might do some modifications and updates as well this month.

If anyone is still around, what are some of the things that could use a bit of attention.
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How many lurkers are there still on the site, and which board (kvn, kemono) are you lurking?
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Net Neutrality
Just a post reminding about the importance of net neutrality for accessing your favorite websites.

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I apologise for making a request. Does anyone have the drawing where Jeck draws both a shiba inu and a jindo together, and compares them, and says that they're different dog breeds?

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U18 chan is down...again!
Press F to pay respect

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Surely, some of you have otaku interests, right?

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What are your bf requirements?

Have similar interests aka gaming/wow etc
Likes similar movies/tv series
Be cuddly aka not thin/ultra fit
Likes to cuddle or be emotional every now and then
Truthful and honest no matter what
Not a /pol/tard/Drumpf supporter since by definition all such people are idiots
Has a job
Is disappointed by humanity

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Why is the new page broken? It only shows two threads.

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I thought this was somewhat amusing. It kinda mocks some cheesy visual novel writing.

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Do you watch any anime movies or shows?

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What's your favorite candy? I like liquorice.

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Morenatsu is dead. Kemono/furry imageboards are nearly dead. 4chan is perhaps dying on the inside.
What do we do in life, then?

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Bad moderation on u18chan
One of the mods is forcing intersex to be allowed on boards other than /i/, and is banning people who understand that that's wrong.

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Merry Christmas /mg/chan!
I wish You all a very ~funyuu, merry and gay Christmas! I hope your husbandos become real next year and that this forum stops being just a porn dump and it returns to be a playful and fun community that it once was.

merry Christmas faggots!

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Jojo part 4 is finished
Jojo fridays no more until part 5 starts
what will i do with my life now D:

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I love you!
I know you love me
I want you!
How could I disagree?

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Enjoy the discrimination because some gays are too stupid, probably as stupid as straight and bi people

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How do you feel about ratiocucks?

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Hello, I'm beginner singer.
I recorded a couple of songs live, I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance.

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I have a computer I can run as a server 24/7 now.
Want me to set up a Morenatsu/VN FTP server?
aiw, do you have the latest patched version of Morenatsu?

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What should I fap to today?

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Make all boards have links on the front page please.
I don't want to have to type URIs manually.

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I miss bara-chan ;_;

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How is shotzo doing?

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> 4. Please try not to post file sharing links for pay visual novels or dump doujinshi materials (these have known DLsite, Digiket, alice-book, etc. paysites).
Why does this rule exist?
I just want easy links to translated Morenatsu and other VNs.

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/join #/mg/

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Handsome animals
ITT beauty

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RIP mg

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2D Husbandos > Real 3D People
Why can't furry/scalie husbandos be real, mgchan? Real 3D people are boring and not particularly attractive.

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I watched Otaku no Video yesterday, it was breddy gud.
Have you watched any good movies lately?

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>tripfagging on a site with literally only one user

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Morenatsu sequel ideas
I would love to know how could Morenatsu get a sequel. I want to make one but I am terrible with stories. Would love to hear what would you like to see.

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why haven't you killed yourself yet?
[spoiler]for me, it's because i don't have some super easy way like a firearm
i don't like being alive

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>not really feel connected with anyone
>find a friendly guy i care about as a friend
>feel sad when he is doing his own thing for a long time or doesnt talk to me instead of doing something together(Completely understandable that he has other things to do)
What is this autism i have?

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What is your relationship status mg?

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ITT: Funny, dumb or cute pictures you've found on the net.

Shiba ear flop related.

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Out of curiosity, how is the IRC channel going?

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i want to nuzzle my head between juuichi's asscheeks and have him fart on my face all day

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Who's your Evbando?

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How do you guys buy digital stuff from this site?

I mean there's a piece of kemono doujinshi action I want to get, but I can't get it due to my debit card being rejected.

I've heard that people were able to purchase digital doujinshi with no problems before, but I can't purchase any of the things on there! HELP!!

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Digimon Tri Thread
I-is anyone hyped up for the new season?

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My roommate's kinda like a bear, except for not being overweight.
University thread~?

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Thread for anon lewds?

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So, I just logged into this hookup platform and this tourist offered me 400€ + traveling fees for me to fuck him in the butt. Should I be flattered?

Should I take it?

also, amateur sloots general.

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What is your personality type /mg/?

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Are you an exclusive Top or Bottom, Or are you versatile?

And most importantly WHY?

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i shaved my pubes and feel like shit now
i am so foolish

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Do you ever go out into other neighborhoods to pet cats? I do. They're soft and friendly.
It's too hot outside now, so I haven't done it lately.

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I'm back from a five day trip to Chicago! I petted a really cute husky, and otherwise, my trip was really good. Won a nice place in the event I did.

How have your trips been lately?

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What is this hat for?

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Are /mg/ers across America taking picture of their husbandos to courthouses and getting married today?

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Always remember, a (potentially mgchan related) channel with freedom exists.

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#legbutt at rizon
Fascism is normal in our everyday lives. Banning is a part of this system. Banning serves to create special hugboxes of reduced freedom.
If you want a channel where banning doesn't occur, try #legbutt, on the same server as #/mg/

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Who can't wait to fap to this movie.
I mean watch this movie.

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Fitness Thread
Thread for fitness discussions.

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Do any of you guys make your own websites?
I just did, last night. I'm somewhat happy. It's contentless right now, but it works.
Note: the html file is on my pc, so you can only view the website while my pc is on.

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What chans have you been banned from?
I've gotten a mysterious ban from u18chan today.

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General Desktop & Wallpaper thread.

So what wallpaper do you use for your dekstop pc, tablet, smartphone etc?

I am looking to change this one but i cant find anything interesting yet, any suggestions. Must be furfaggotry

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What did you get for Valentine's day?
I got a present from my mother.

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There should be a /fur/ containment board to keep the rest of mgchan pure kemo.
Also, this is a fur thread.

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Reading general
Sup bros!

What literature do you guys recommend shoving into my new 2nd hand Kindle??

Currently reading "Star Ship Troopers"; planning on moving onwards to "1984" and "brave new world" right after.

What books, digital or other otherwise would you guys recommend? All topics and tags welcome.

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i-is barachan down for anyone else?

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Not in the dumb fursona way
Sometimes when I'm feeling really down and tired
and wish I could just be a real cat

Does anyone else know this feel?

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How are your finals going /mg/?

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Oh wow.

Someone really hates furries.

IB4 what is a furry argument. Who is furry. Ect.

Fur section is real guyz.

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What's going on over there?
http:// _(:3」∠)_

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soup guys, check this out

They've canceled the launch due to sudden wind gusts, but they'll hopefully launch this morning.


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>otter build
>hasn't seen any ottermen with said "otter build"

post pics pls

pic unrelated

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What do we do mgchan?

Where do we go from here?

What's left?

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I was thinking about buying one of these… Anyone have an opinion?

Any suggestions? Don't have a ton of money, and the toys I do have are a litte bit too girthy for my taste for as often as I want to use them. I figured that this generic aneros would do the trick.

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Thought a thread about RL frisky stories was in order.

>friend who used to look up to me because I was edgy in highschool.

>2 years ago.
>Christmas dinner reunion.
>he admits openness towards experimenting sexually.
>looks really serious when he says he wonders what it feels like (in a gay context).
>plays it off looking really sad.
>he looks up to me as some kind of alpha-type pussy magnet because of some drunk shit we pulled off at a concert a few years back
>he keeps talking about getting "Tchuchas" with his big "mambo" (black slang for tits and dick).


>he arrives late to the city, back from uni had just layed down
>say I'm in his town for coffee
>arrived late so it's okay for him to stay home and rest
>he says he needs to at least drop to give me a little kiss.
>tell him I have a thing he can kiss if he wants.
>we both laugh.
>he shows up.
>keeps refering to me as the "great" X.
>we're always with a close circle of friends.

I'd actually like to do something slightly lewd like feel each other up or something along those lines, but I don't want to push things too far. I mean, this is closet-country after all and I'm not comfortable with dicks or more general stuff yet.

it does feels great to have such innocent homo moments like that phone-call or other innuendo when catching up. It's a great mood to be in with.

Anyways, it's the only story I have. Any anon has experience to share?

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I'm a fucking slut and there's nothing you can do about it

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first post!!!!!!!!

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We can do anything.
This is OUR chan.
We're the controllers of our own fates, our own destinies.
Do you know what it's like?

So yeah we can post like porn and stuff.