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Anonymous 03/09/2017 (Thu) 01:53:12 No. 1126
Open file ( 337.23 KB 497x544 )
Surely, some of you have otaku interests, right?

Anonymous 05/19/2017 (Fri) 02:54:06 No. 1137
Open file ( 145.38 KB 1111x597 )
>mfw had a cute twink cum handsfree last night TWICE

You guys keep hugging your pillows LOL

Anonymous 05/19/2017 (Fri) 08:13:54 No. 1138
I can suck dick any time I want, and still be NEET.

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 05:07:14 No. 1139
Yeah but do you get to plow juicy twink boipucci and cute dicks? I think not.

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 20:10:19 No. 1140
Do you think the dicks I'm sucking aren't cute? I'm not into scat or anal anyway.

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 04:20:07 No. 1142
>What is douching
Enjoy day dick cheese. LMAO!

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